Friday, August 21, 2009

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Hey everybody, hope you are all enjoying what is left of the summer. Im finishing up what is left of my vacation in South Florida visiting my folks and getting ready to head back up to Tallahassee and finish my last semester of college (hey it only took me an eternity).

I just wanted to address something in regards to the requests people have been making in the widget. We (myself, Justin and Jake) do appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and requests you all have made. We do check the requests as well as the suggestions on the message board but please think about some of the releases you guys are asking for. We will not post ANYTHING that is still in print and readily available to the public. Also we will not post anything that was once released on Victory Records. A few months back, I posted a classic records post about Hatebreed "Satisfaction is the Death...". In the post was a review of the record as well as personal recollections of the record but DID NOT include a link to download it. The post was taken down by Blogger and we were "warned" about posting copy written material (even though we didnt). We are trying to avoid a repeat incident so please understand our position.

The purpose of this blog is to preserve something we see special, making something that is unavailable available again. We are not trying to take anything away from the artists, simply showing those who were not there the first time around what it was like. To make a long story short, please don't ask us to post record you know we cannot and will not post. We appreciate all the support you guys have shown us. We have lots planned and will continue to keep it going as long as you keep reading.

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Anonymous said...

That just fucking sucks since i had similar problem when i posted demo by the band i'm in and soon after the post was online, it was deleted by blogger, no really clear explanations why this happened. Copyrights for all the songs on our demo was no one else but us, the band, of course and still it got taken down.

After that, other blogs have had posts with direct link to download the demo and they haven't had any problems. That's so weird since if i can't put up the music i got copyrights, what is happening.

-Markus / Killing The Legacy