Monday, August 10, 2009

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Jeff Caudill, who fronted the very popular Southern California pop punk band Gameface throughout the ‘90s (they eventually disbanded in 2003), possesses a work ethic that would make Gene "I'll sleep when I'm dead" Simmons envious. He is currently a member of no less than 4 bands, including his own Jeff Caudill & The Goodtimes Band, and is just as active (if not more so) in the underground music scene as a married with child homeowner today as he was as a teenager in the mid/late ‘80s. Stay tuned for a detailed write-up on Your Favorite Trainwreck, Jeff’s collaboration with former Farside frontman Michael “Popeye V” Vogelsang. In the meantime, check out Jeff’s solo stuff with The Goodtimes Band (also featuring Popeye on guitar and backing vocals) as well as his other bands Floormodel and Black Rattle by clicking on the links below.