Monday, November 16, 2009

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A demo by a Swedish hardcore band from the '90s that Henrik hasn't put up on his awesome Bring Honor Or Walk Away blog, can it be true? Yes, it can.

I used to hang out on several IRC channels in the mid '90s and got to know this Swedish kid called Micke, nickname xgovx, that way. As it turned out he played bass in this vegan sXe hardcore band called Sentinel 5, and he eventually sent me their demo. Sentinel 5 from Boden in the north of Sweden started out as a vegan sXe hardcore band, but fairly quickly moved in a more rocking indie direction with no hardcore influences whatsoever, with at least some members dropping both veganism and straight edge. By that time Micke and I had also lost contact unfortunately. They ended up releasing a MCD on the now defunct Futon Records and shortly thereafter the band folded. I don't have that MCD, but from what I remember they had already strayed from their old hardcore roots by that time. This demo however, from sometime around 1996, still features the band as a vegan sXe hardcore outfit, akin to countless other vegan sXe bands at the time. Give it a chance.

Oh and btw, do check out Henrik's blog if you haven't already, it rocks hard. He needs to update it tho, for realzzz.

Sentinel 5 - First Blood demo


xbojanx said...

Seems like the destiny of most of Swedish bands from mid 90s ;))

Patrik said...

I actually went to the same school as the guys in Sentinel 5 and before they called themselves Sentinel 5 they went by the name Viewpoint. And the thing is that they released a MCD called "Forge of rebellion" and a full length CD called "Star". I remember the release of the MCD was delayed an by the time it was released the band was sick of the songs. However the songs on Forge of rebellion is still new school hardcore in the vein of Earth Crisis with songs about veganism, sXe, sexism and oppression of native tribes.

At that time the singer Rickard was vegan sXe as well as Micke the bass player. Mattias their drummer (Mike's brother)was SXe but not vegan, he was vegetarian. At least that's as far as I know. The guitarist also named Mathias was a metal guy that was drinking and if he was vegetarian or not I honestly don't know.

Later on I know the drummer dropped sXe and the vegan guys went vegetarian. And somewhere down the road they all dropped sXe.

The Star album (also on Futon) sounded more like noisecore in the vein of Breach "It's me god"- era.

Also the lyrical content wasn't message-oriented as on the demo and MCD.

In the end of their career I believe they ended up playing around with drum machines and taking influences from Atari Teenage Riot. However they did break up before releasing any songs from that period.

Nowadays I don't know what the guys do or where they live. After breaking up the guitarist joined Purusam before they also called it a day. The drummer went on to play drums in a local emo-band called Shela.


Anonymous said...

Woah, this was quite funny (and unexpected) to find! :D

Emonerd, long time no see, shoot me an email at mikjoh75(at)

/Micke the bass player