Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Burst of Silence circa 1993 with Kyle from Grade singing along.

As a follow up to the Burst of Silence interview that Chip posted last week, here are some Burst of Silence recordings. They played some excellent, chunky hardcore similar to other bands of the era like Chokehold, Canon, etc. None of these are my original rips, so I spent some time trying to clean them up, re-master them and just make the best out of their relatively low bit rate quality.

First up is their demo tape. I've heard that they may have had another demo prior to this one, but this is the only demo recording I've ever actually acquired.

Burst of Silence - Demo
[1992 (?) - Structure Records]

In 1993, Burst of Silence released their first and only 7". Only slightly more polished than the demo, it offered more of the chunky hardcore featured on the demo, but comes off sounding a bit more pissed.

Burst of Silence - Thicker Than Blood
[1993 - Stability Records]

That brings us to the Unreleased LP. I'm not 100% sure of this, but I believe that at the time they wrote and recorded this LP, Chris Logan (Chokehold / Goodfellow Records) had joined the band on second guitar. It's a true crime against hardcore that the master tapes for this recording are probably just lying around somewhere, collecting dust, instead of being released in a proper format. This recording sounds heavy, and deserves to be heard as more than the mp3 transfer from a cassette of unknown generation/origin.
I threw together a cover for this, since there never was one.

Burst of Silence - Unreleased LP
[1994 (?)]

I'm not sure about the other members of the band, but guitar player Christian McMaster has gone on to play in such bands as Left For Dead, The Swarm, Haymaker and Cursed. Chris Logan followed up Chokehold by singing for Seventy Eight Days and running Goodfellow Records.


JJ Thrash said...

I was at this show! The best part of the fest can be summed up in 2 words: Yellow Pants. Anyone remember?

Unknown said...

I played 2nd guitar in Burst Of Silence after Chris Logan left the band. He recorded on the 7" and I recoreded on the unreleased 12". I went on to play with Christian McMaster in Haymaker many moons later. Cheers Chris Ansley

Anonymous said...

I think my wife took the picture though - I'm pretty sure it's from a show that they played in Burlington at a cafe that had a scooter in the middle of it - they had a couple shows in the back room. Zac who usually played bass is actually singing there.

Ryan 73 said...

I was the singer from Burst of Silence , I still have the unreleased DAT of the full length album If anybody wants to put it out get a hold of me as long as I get some copies its yours so bring it on .......I Loved playing in B.O.S. along with Crumble, 7 INCH , and now I play drums in a band call Devils Radio glad to see that the old stuff is still important cheers Ryan..

Ryan 73 said...

Its Ryan from Burst of Silence again.....If you wanna get in touch with me rrhollywood@hotmail.com