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Teaser #1 from Matt Garland on Vimeo.


We are currently gathering images and footage of mosh pits, concerts, etc. for the film if you would like to submit any media contact us at

Also If your interested in being interviewed for the film send us an email telling us a little about yourself and why you think you would be a good subject for the topic of our documentary. For more information about the project contact the filmakers at:

Make Independent Happen!
Into the Pit stage dives right into the mosh pit and documents the history and controversy of this rapidly growing sub culture.
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Jeff J Jawk said...

I hate to be a naysayer...
but what a waste of human effort.
Of all the things that hardcore/punk rock has to offer, the least important of these would be the dancing...
I mean it's been co-opted my mainstream culture for years, I am sure people "slam" at 311 shows.
Save your money and put out a record, write a zine or make something happen, anything but promoting the most insignificant part of our culture.

Jeff J Jawk said...

AJ said...

What exactly does a Dragbody record offer that is so much more important to render this documentary a "waste"?

I'll be submitting footage. I hope this encompasses push mosh. I might actually make my own mosh documentary come to think of it.

Jeff J Jawk said...

First off -
"What exactly does a Dragbody record offer that is so much more important to render this documentary a "waste"?"
No where did I state any past endeavor of any person or band makes this a "waste". This clearly stands on its own as a bad idea...

If you were to talk to someone about what hardcore/punk rock is and what it means to those who give their lives to it, where would "moshing" fit into the conversation? Would it be mentioned before basketball jersey's and after krishna beads? Is moshing a requirement to be "core"?

If your argument is that music is just as important as moshing , or rather documentaries about moshing, then we are not on the same page.

Let's say after "hardcore" dies and we are at the estate sale you can have all the documentaries on dancing and hardcore fashion and I will take all the music.

In 2019 when I am 46, I will still be listening to Dragbody as well as most all of the hardcore/punk rock that I love and have loved, I'll still be vegan. I'll still be straightedge, and I can guarantee that I will give even less of a shit about dancing...

AJ said...

Well, good for you.

I like Dragbody. I own the record you put out. Its not much different than this documentary though. Its just something that someone wanted to put some time into creating. At the end of the day its just some silly product that has varying levels of worth to different people.

Sorry that you're not better than anyone else.

Jeff J Jawk said...

ZING. You sure got me.
I love the way you keep making it personal.

Records and zines can express ideas, ideas that stick with people. I think most hardcore/punk kids find meaning and message in songs.
Moshing however has the same level of self expression as a fucking haircut.

That being said, Dragbody didn't really have a discernible message. But I would much rather read someone's lyrics than hear some kid tell tales of his killer windmills at some Bury Your Dead show in '04.

"At the end of the day its just some silly product that has varying levels of worth to different people."

You are correct, they are products, as are a DRUG FREE belt buckle and a MINOR THREAT 7", they don't carry the same weight in my book...

Anonymous said...

The fact that you are so against something like this being made is ridiculous. Every element of hardcore/punk should be documented, not just stuff that you deem important. And that you are shunning someone actually doing something valuable and leaving comments on what he should be doing instead is idiotic. you could be doing your own documentary on what you think is important not complaining.

i completely support this.

Jeff J Jawk said...

God forbid someone have an opinion in an open forum.

" Every element of hardcore/punk should be documented, not just stuff that you deem important."
I agree -I am just awaiting a logical argument that says "moshing" is an important part of hardcore to anyone...and that argument be specific to hardcore and not applicable to kids at a slayer or insane clown posse show.

Anderson said...

This thing really is disappointing...i feel like its made for the same mouth breathers who just could never handle they never did anything of recognition other than be a total fuckwad at a show.
Dance/live footage is fun in the moment but what is there to say about it? Is this something that needs commentary?
File this in with girls gone wild, bumfights, and car chases.
Exploitive, irresponsible dribble.

Anonymous said...

"Is this something that needs commentary? "

Yes it is. There are tons of Documentaries about everyone other form of dance out there. Why not see one about slam dancing? There isn't any other form of dance out there quite like slam dancing so I think it could be interesting. Also if you look into the the psychological/sociological motivations behind this it could be interesting. I don't think this will be as tasteless as bumfights and girls gone wild.

poopjackhimsteppagescum said...

I just like to watch people beat the crap out of eachother haha

Unknown said...

I'm big into the hardcore/punk music and life style and in the groups of friends i have when i go to the concerts,i meet most of them in the pit, it gave me confidence being able to hold my own and i think it's amazing that you can nail someone on the had look at the guy out girl and they'll be laughing giving you a highfive, the pit is the only thing i do when i go to a show, it's fun, it's a without, and it's one of the few dance styles that isn't discriminate,i see no need not to make a documentary, go for it guys!