Monday, May 2, 2011

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A Better Hope Foundation
w/ Aspire
8/02 - San Diego, CA (record release show - click here for more info)
8/03 - Garden Grove, CA
8/04 - Fresno, CA
8/05 - Grass Valley, CA
8/06 - Reno, NV
8/07 - Twin Falls, ID
8/08 - Boise, ID
8/12 - San Francisco, CA
8/13 - Santa Cruz, CA
8/14 - Santa Barbara, CA

A Better Hope Foundation
w/ Olde Ghost and Cowardice
8/09 - Seattle, WA
8/10 - Tacoma, WA
8/11 - Portland, OR

ABHF's new 7" EP, You Can Never Go Home Again, will be released on 8/2/11 via True & Through Records. Also, after two years gone, guitarist Michelle Kunze has rejoined ABHF.

In other news, ABHF guitarist Wes Sisk is the new singer for Outspoken and will be fronting the band at their upcoming shows with, among others, Youth Of Today and Mouthpiece. ABHF bassist Matt Lynch will also be playing bass with Outspoken at these shows.


xHardcorexGuyx said...

What happened to the Chris from 7 Generations? Wasn't he supposed to sing for Outspoken?