Sunday, May 8, 2011

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Orange County metalcore throwbacks Mournsingside A.D. are in a bit of a bind.
The band was sharing a practice space with a few other bands. Recently, it was decided that the space was going to be vacated, and every member of the bands needed to remove their equipment. When it came time for Mourningside to remove their drums, they were nowhere to be found.
The other bands have been asked if they know anything, and nobody seems to have an answer.
If you have any information to the drums' whereabouts, please contact

The future of the band hinges on the retrieval of the drums. Without them, the band will not carry on.


Head2Wall said...

I caught them with Backtrack, Rotting Out and Not Sorry when I was out west. I really hope they find their drums. This band is amazing and it would be a loss to the scene as a whole if they were to end over something like this.

Anonymous said...

Could this be anymore vague? Maybe the city, drum kit info and more? This says nothing.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with anon. Post some details!

Unknown said...

the lockout we had was in irvine and we shared it with bleeding through. I've been trying since october to recover them and they claim to not have them. the drum set is a 4 piece forest green mapex custom. I also had 14' zildjin z custom hihats, a 19' zcustom medium crash, a 21' A sweet ride, and 18' oriental china. Also had a DW 500 double bass pedal and all the hardware that held the cymbols. if anyone can help the band and i out it would be much appreciated.