Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Even though he's technically an '80s hardcore guy, it's damn near impossible to envision the '90s hardcore scene without the indelible influence of singer/frontman Dave Smalley and his work in '80s hardcore staples DYS and Dag Nasty. As a fan of Mr. Smalley for a quarter of a century this year, I couldn't be happier that the man has recently made his triumphant return to the stage with DYS reunion shows as well as upcoming shows with ALL and his longtime band Down By Law. Additionally, according to the video below, it appears that there might be another Dag Nasty record on the horizon as well! I encourage all of you to "like" the Dave Smalley and Punk Rock Days pages on Facebook to be kept up to speed on all of these and many other upcoming Smalley happenings.



great news.never will forget covering dbl no equalizer abou 10 years ago with my first band.

love daves work