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Outrage from the north of Belgium (not to be confused with the numerous other bands with the same name) was a socio-political hardcore band. They were heavily into the DIY philosophy and released their 7"s themselves and distributed them thru their own distro, Day One. These are also the only records of theirs that I'm aware of. The first one, 'Between Brackets', was released in 1996 and the catalog number is 'OUT #001'. The second, 'To Terrorize Ear And Mind', was released in 1997 and the catalog number is 'RAGE #001'. The only other record they self-released that I know of, is the Vuur/Seein' Red split 7", Vuur being a band formed by members of Outrage (and various other bands), and Seein' Red being a Dutch hardcore, also politically very outspoken (and still around). I've not seen this band a lot live, but I did play a show with them with my old band (in Oirschot, the Netherlands, organized by a friend of mine who now lives in Malaysia) and they were damn good live, intense and passionate. Lyrically they tackled various issues ranging from vegetarianism/animal cruelty to hypocritical attitudes within their local scene to the responsibilities of being a parent. Their 7"s also come with explanations for the lyrics, something which I can always appreciate. Members went on to bands such as Vuur and Crimson Falls. Anyways, this band was great and definitely deserves more attention. So check out these 7"s, both are awesome. The 'Between Brackets' 7" also comes with a few flyers, so I've scanned those in as well.

Outrage - Between Brackets 7"
Outrage - To Terrorize Ear And Mind 7"


thuglifebaldwin said...

hell yea! ive been looking for these records for years! thanks!

do you have any upset "7s to post?

Anonymous said...

Nico (bass) was the guy who ran Day One recs. Friends of mine; we were in the 'Newland' collective (zine & concerts) together
He still plays (with ex-Vuur, ex-Rubbish Heap guys) in King Terror...