Friday, May 13, 2011

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Limited Pressing has launched a second site that is based solely around auctions and collections, and here's what they had to say.

Limited Pressing is very proud to announce the launch of The Old LP! []
It was extremely tough for us to keep this project quiet. You don't know how hard it was to answer questions about why we removed the full list of auctions, and not say that we needed to separate the two concepts of Stores and Collecting into different sites. A lot of people bad mouthed us because of the answers we gave them. We really felt terrible about that, but we had no idea how long it would take to build. We didn't want to get everyone all excited for something that could take months and months. I hope everyone can forgive us for that.
Help Us Pay For This Thing... please?
To keep really cool sites like this alive a lot of people make t-shirts and records, and mugs and frisbees and who knows what else. Unfortunately we don't have time for all that. So we decided to do a Donate For Bonus Features addition to the site. The price? A minimum donation of 5 bucks for the year. Here's what you'll get:
1. Buy it Nows! Yes, you read that correctly. 30 day limit BINs. I know a lot of people have wanted this feature for a long time. Well here it is. Many will ask, "Won't this fragment your already popular Store service from Limited Pressing?" Too which we will respond with, "eh, whatever."
2. Alerts! Yes, you read that correctly!! We will let you save any keyword(s) you want, and when someone lists something with that word in it, like an Auction, or Trade/$Offer or a Buy it Now, we will email you. Roll your tongue back up!
3. Vanity URLs! What the hell is a Vanity URL? You may have noticed that our user IDs are getting pretty big these days. Some people are in the 20 thousands. That's no fun at all. So we'll give you as a link to your profile. You'll also get username/selling which will go to all your auctions and buy it nows. And username/collection and... you get the point.
4. Finally we will give you early access to any features we're testing, going to release at some point, or about to release. Basically you will be cool kid on the block... if you're not already. If you listen to the Gorilla Biscuits, you probably are.
Another thing we're going to do to try and pay for this absurd hosting bill is an ad in the footer of each page. This ad is attached to a self serve ad system. You'll be able to buy impressions (pageviews) and upload a banner ad, and then manage your ads in your dashboard. You'll never even have to talk to us! The ad size is 468x60 and if you don't have one of these ads you could email Righteous Indignation ( and they will design one for you for a great price. The dudes who run this company are Wells Tipley (Traffic Violation Recs/86d Records and Fanzine) and Jason Lubrano (singer of Iron Chic). They're real good friends of ours and they will take care of you.
So, without further ado, we present The Old LP!
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