Monday, May 16, 2011

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South Florida Hardcore is alive and well. After living in Tallahassee for 3 years, I lost touch with what was happening in Miami with the exception what I picked up through the message boards. After moving back a year ago, I reacquainted myself with the scene I grew up with and still love. I had spoken to drummer Darien on several occasions and on many of these, he told me about his band Harbinger. I saw them play once as a four piece and I thought they definitely had potential but just weren't quite there yet. Fast forward about 6 months, a second guitar player was added and the band started to gel. Darien slipped me a copy of their record and I have to say I was pretty impressed. The band play a good mixture of Merauder influenced hardcore with a touch of that NYHC feel....its tough but not tough if that makes any sense, more on the metal tip than hard. I even felt a little Anthrax influence at times. The record has 8 songs and speeds by quickly without much time for lag. The mix is clean and the levels are all about even without anything overpowering. The band released the album themselves and is going about it the right way: booking their own tours, playing shows regularly and coming out and supporting their scene. I'm expecting big things from them after seeing them this past week.
You can order their album "Slumgullion" by clicking here: Harbinger Big Cartel