Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Among the photo sets included here are the first live shots of Outspoken with Wes Sisk on vocals, Mike Hartsfield on guitar, Colin Duckmanton on drums, Matt Lynch on bass and Nicholas James on guitar. Which brings me to a subject that I'd like to discuss for a bit.

Ever since Outspoken officially announced their intentions to reunite last year, there's been a great deal of very positive as well as very negative reaction to it. And now that the most current Outspoken lineup consists of only one original member, Hartsfield, there seems to be quite a bit more negative than positive.

My (Andrew Jacobs) two cents on the matter is this - the more Outspoken, the better. First and foremost, it's about the music, not the people who perform it. There is very clearly a demand for Outspoken and many other '90s hardcore bands right now. If the bands are capable of supplying it in a manner that isn't completely ridiculous (and I'm of the opinion that Outspoken most certainly is), then I'm 100% in favor of it.

Enjoy the photos.


itow said...

I watched OUTSPOKEN tonight and no one cared. But I am sure if that was Coyle on the mic kids would have gone crazy. Including myself. If there was such a demand for them people would have showed more interest.
In a lot of ways it is about the people who perform the music. Imagine if YOT played with just Porcell and some other guys. Not the same at all.
Anyone who supports this is wrong in my eyes. Cause it is basically a band covering one of their member whole set list. I know most of the original OUTSPOKEN members are very unhappy that this is going on. Coyle wrote a piece on the B9 board against it.
It was so embarrassing to watch I left after two songs.

jav said...

yeah, Jake you are basically saying "its all about the music", when one of the points of hardcore is that it is NOT just about the music. who gives a fuck if there is a "demand" for 90s hardcore when most of the reunions are just a sick joke?
i say more cover bands. makes everyone happier.