Monday, May 23, 2011

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As many of you know, Earth Crisis is releasing a new record on July 12 through Century Media. The record is called "Neutralize The Threat" and has a great write up on the record including a track-listing and the cover art. You can read that write up as well as view the cover art: Earth Crisis on
Our good friends at First World Problems just released their newest Podcast and interview Scott Crouse, guitarist for Earth Crisis about the history of the band and the current on goings of the band as well as preview a clip of a new song around the 1 hour 12 minute mark. Pre-orders should be announced soon for the new record.


Shaun K. said...

The thing I've always loved about the photo of this guy is his carefully plucked girly eyebrows. A good counterbalance to his super hard head tattoos, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Now what did that moron go and do to his face? Or is that a girl?

Anonymous said...

This is propaganda gone wild. Your face is more important than a band. If you try to cover your face with propaganda, you just lie to yourself and those who love you. It'll take years of therapy to find your true self again after this train wreck of art gone awry.