Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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When Unrestrained played Spokane, WA a few weeks ago, Ron Brotherhood gave me a handful of tapes for conversion.  Among the stack were a few Brotherhood recordings that have never been heard by the public at large.

First up is a soundboard recording from 4/1/89 in Spokane at 123 Arts.  I'm not sure of all the band that the show consisted of, but Ron does mention Christ On A Crutch, so it had to be a banger!

Brotherhood - 4/1/89 Spokane, WA

Next up are two rehearsal recordings from 1988.  They are listed as rehearsals numbers 9 and 10, and judging by the date on another Brotherhood rehearsal tape that I have, this should place them around November or December of 1988.
Both rehearsals are in one download, but they extract to two separate folders.

Brotherhood - 1988 Rehearsals
#9 / #10



Anonymous said...

Hard fucking Core motherfucker!!

Unknown said...

Damn good memories. Even if I weren't a local - but at least I got the Brotherhood 7" before my friends in Crucial Response got ahold...

Stormy said...

Thanks for this great post. LOVE me some Brotherhood.
Keep up the great work. This blog is still killing it!