Monday, April 8, 2013

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Straight from the band announcement:

We (Unrestrained) have traditionally held full time jobs to fund our passion filled pursuit of recording hardcore records since we were teenagers, but it's 2013 and that shit is for the birds, so now we're going to crowdsource all future endeavors.

Please watch this video detailing our first Kickstarter campaign while we continue to get everything lined up on their site.


joeyPig said...

every band out there needs to do this..

1, it'll allow a band the needed time to work on their material.

2, the band can focus on their art and not worry so much about the money needed to release a record and maybe use anything left over to tour and in my opinion touring is more important for the band and the fans who haven't had the chance to see them because they're to far away!

and 3, the most important part, it'll allow the people to let a band know exactly where a band stands.

i love Unrestrained and will most definitely contribute and for anyone reading this i urge you to follow suit because this is the future.

downloading has all but killed record companies so weather you need funds for a new release or planning a tour kickstarter IS NOT a "hand-out" so do not think this is something to feel any shame about.. Do It Now!!

an up-side to doing this is it'll stop poser bands forcing garbage into the world!

Unrestrained.. thanks for doing this because maybe you'll start something that's been need for a long time now and i hope to see you guy's play anywhere near pennsylvania soon!!