Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Well, what is there really to say about Lifeless? One of the most infamous bands to come from the 90s SLC straight edge scene. Everyone knows about their much sought after  7", but here is a nice little treat for those who just aren't satisfied with those 3 songs. These 2 unreleased songs were recorded a few months after the 7" for a compilation that was never released. Iwas even told these songs were supposed to be included on the cdversion of the Lifeless 7" that Life Sentence Records was supposed to be doing, but that also never saw the light of day. These songs sound rough, but capture the band perfectly (if I do say so myself). Two more thick, brutal, monstrous sounding songs from these SLC madmen. 

Also, here are pictures of the extremely rare Lifeless t-shirt. From what i've been told, there were only 24 ever made