Friday, April 19, 2013

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 Alright so the word "classic" is a little bit of a stretch when it comes to the Doughnuts but this layout is as classic as they come. For years I had heard about the "naked straight edge kid" layout for their debut release "Equalize Nature", originally released by Desperate Fight Records. I had only owned a copy of the re-release by Victory Distribution but a few years back I picked up a copy from our old friend xYosefx. No additional songs but the layout...well it's something alright. The CD was released in a cardboard sleeve (thanks again for that 90's hardcore) so I did scans of the entire thing. Not sure where they were going with this idea for the layout but it's sight to behold.What's the story with the kid on the front? Anyone know him? The layout makes no mention of who it is.


SteveF said...

Rumour has it that it is Dennis from Refused but that could just be a rumour.