Monday, April 29, 2013

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Over the years, I've heard lots of people inquire as to what the full discography for Watermark Records was. With 22 releases scheduled over the course of 12 years, the label was quite varied sonically, but it's a testament to some of their chosen releases given that some people are still talking and asking about the label a good 10 years since their last release.

So, I hit up the Jordan brothers to see what the full discography of Watermark was, and here's what came back to me.  Note that no one could seem to remember what release #15 was, but there is a hunch that it might have been an Emory Swank release.

WM-01  Lincoln - Union   7"
WM-02  Flagman - Restraint     7"
WM-03   One - Remain  12" / CD EP
WM-04  Worlds Collide - All Hope Abandon 12" / CD
WM-05  Conviction - Self Titled     7"
WM-06  Threadbare - Ignition     7"
WM-07  Rain Still Falls - Sometimes Something CD
WM-08  Various Artists - Land of Greed World of Need 12" / CD
WM-09  Beltaine - Self Titled     7"
WM-10   Black Beans - Indeed  CD
WM-11  Contagen - Diorama CD
WM-12  Rain Still Falls - Fence b/w Satisfactory Free Idea Cassette Single
WM-13  Harriet Savant - Cassette Single
WM-14  Emory Swank - Self Titled   7"
WM-15   -  ???
WM-16  Rain Still Falls - Beginner Swimmer b/w Relax  7"
WM-17   A Don Piper Situation - Self Titled  7"
WM-18   Various Artists - Syracuse Hardcore  CD
WM-19   Various Artists - The First Four (Redemption)     CD   *yet to be released*
WM-20 - Tennis - Pure Evil     7"
WM-21   Kill It - Self Titled  EP   *yet to be released*
WM-22   Tennis - Laundromat    CD


Steev Hyooz said...

Did Emory Swank even release anything else aside from the 7"?