Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Here's a full, unedited interview with Project X from early August of 1988.  It's long, but some of the banter before the actual interview starts was just too ridiculous and funny to edit out.  This is Sammy and Porcell being interviewed by Greg Anderson, and a pre-Brotherhood Ron Guardipee just prior to taking over vocal duties for Brotherhood.

Here's some extra info that was also given to me by Ron Guardipee:
The interview took place at a RAX restaurant in Lynnwood, Washington. Youth Of Today stayed in Seattle at Greg's house for a few days before continuing the We're Not... Tour down the coast. Walter had broke his leg in Tri-Cities a couple days before, so when they played with the John White version of Brotherhood in Oak Harbor, WA, Ray played bass and roadie Steve Reddy (later of Equal Vision) sang.  They rehearsed at the Brotherhood practice space the day before the show.  It was awesome. Me, Greg, Sammy & Porcell went to see DieHard the day after the show and had dinner at the RAX before the film.  RAX had a raging all you can eat salad bar then.

An edited version of the interview ended up in issue #3 of John White's zine, Open Your Eyes.  John has mentioned possibly compiling all of the old issues of Open Your Eyes and reissuing them in a collected form.  Hopefully that will see the light of day.

Here is a download of the interview in mp3 format:

And here it is on youtube for convenient listening: