Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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For Record Store Day 2013, Irish Voodoo Records will be selling a limited version of the Forced Down - Rise 7".  I'm a pretty big fan of this idea, as I feel Forced Down has been too overlooked over the years.  if all goes well, hopefully a remixed/remastered discography will see the light of day.

Back when I was a teen, Forced Down was one of my favorite hardcore bands from the late 80′s to early 90′s. Seeing them live was amazing, and I would drive over a hour to San Diego to see them. Forced Down didn’t sound like any other band at that time, and when I think of San Diego hardcore I think of Forced Down. Fast forward to 2013, who thought I would even be doing a label, let alone meeting Mike Down years ago and doing this little project. It might not be a big deal to others, but it’s a big deal to me. This is not a special repress on some crazy colored vinyl, or remixed and mastered, this is the original record with original labels from over 20 years ago. I'm going to do 4 different covers, with the same pic, but different words from each song on the cover/poster/insert.

The 7" will be for sale on the Irish Voodoo website on Record Store Day - 4/20.