Monday, April 15, 2013

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Left For Dead has posted a new track from one of their 4 upcoming 7"s that will be released as a series.

Below is more info from the band's blog

Ebay Shitbirds Rejoice.

This weekend in Hamilton we finished recording the first of the 4X7" series we're doing. 8 songs, including Rival Leaders (the Exploited cover we were playing at the January shows) and a redux of Standing By. They'll be limited to 400 (in honour of 400 Upper Sherman, a pivotal Steel City hardcore house of our youth). We're putting them out ourselves, they'll be available via subscription through A389, and they'll have all kinds of extra shit in them - stickers and patches and a poster that all 4 covers will make up. There'll be no digital version other than previews like below, just records and tapes. And if you miss out on the 7"es, when all 4 are done it's going to be an LP, also on A389. 

Here's a new track called 1946 (about Evelyn Dick) which will also be on a Hamilton-themed Schizophrenic LP comp. Recorded by Jesse Bartkiewicz:
There's not a lot of shows and there won't be, but we're trying to swing what we can. We're playing Chaos in Tejas with Infest, Final Conflict and Hoax (plus a secret 2nd show). We're also playing Sound and Fury in July with Tragedy for you west coast mofos, and with Citizen's Arrest in Montreal in August.


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