Friday, April 30, 2010

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Another request, and another Moo Cow Records release, this time a 7" they released together with Fistheldhigh Records, back in 1998. Atlas Shrugged was an amazing hardcore band out of New York who had a pretty distinct sound, altho one can definitely hear influences of bands such as Burn. Rocking & grooving hardcore with the passionate spoken/screamed vocals of Chris Weinblad, who also did, and still does, Trip Machine Laboratories. Ever since I first heard this band on their split 7" with New Day Rising, I loved em. I've gotten pretty much all of their releases, at least the ones I know of, and I can recommend them all. This was their final release/7" before their demise in 1998. They did record a few more songs in 1998 tho, however they never got released at the time. Trip Machine Laboratories released those recordings in a limited run as the 'Vigilante Songs' CD-r a couple of years ago, and has also been planning an Atlas Shrugged discography for a while now, hopefully that will happen soon, this band needs more recognition.

Atlas Shrugged - 'Old Familiar Face' 7"
Atlas Shrugged myspace



AMAZING BAND. So underrated it kills me. The discography is supposed to happen (sooner than later, I believe), and I for one can't fucking wait!

thuglifebaldwin said...

thanks dude!!!!

with this record i think ive got all their stuff!

e normous said...

this is good. good vocals, too. thanks.