Thursday, April 8, 2010

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I haven't been able to find this for download anywhere, so I figured I'd shell out a penny (plus $2.98 for shipping) and get a used copy of it on Amazon to up and post on here. Enjoy.

Salad Bowl Theory compilation [1996 - Fullified Records]

1. Gameface - "Reasons" (1991 demo)
2. Floodgate - "New Start"
3. Janitors Against Apartheid - "Moon Patrol"
4. Remain - "Shattered"
5. Soonest Mended - "Lesson In Trust"
6. Pee - "Stratford Landing"
7. Emery - "Filter Factor"
8. Casper Spook - "Civilized"
9. The Suppression Swing - "Come Join Friend"
10. Shoeface - "Look In My Eyes"
11. Mealticket - "Bust Of Instinct"
12. Unbroken - "Blanket"
13. Process - "Can't Cry No More"
14. Far - "Man O' The Year"
15. Gameface - "The Easy Way"
16. Turkey Mallet - "Braang"
17. Bureau Of The Glorious - "You Glow"
18. Parades End - "Love"
19. Simon Says - "Glimpse"
20. Nuzzle - "The Sorting That Evens Things Out"
21. ICE - "To All My Friends"



I have this in the garage somewhere. Isn't this a California Comp. Have you posted any of Drift Again's music.....from the New Age comp or their first 7"?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a California comp. I'll try to get Drift Again up soon.

Karsten said...

This comp is great. Espacially Remain, SupSwing and Process (of course Unbroken, too)

Anonymous said...

i was wondering, since there is a remain song on here i've never heard before... are there more remain songs out there besides the 7"/mcd and the song on the bringing it back comp? anyone?