Friday, April 30, 2010

And yet another Moo Cow Records request. If anything, this should give you a good idea of how great a record label it was during the 90's. And Jim's still releasing records every now and again. Anyways, released in 1998, this split 7" featured Cameran out of Austria and Bastard In Love out of Brazil. 2 Quite different bands, but nonetheless a sweet split. Cameran formed out of the ashes of Racial Abuse, but went in a different direction. Cameran went for a more technical metallic hardcore approach with highly political lyrics. After this split 7" they did a few EP's and a full-length, none of which I've ever seen unfortunately. They also relocated to the UK and are still around apparently. Good stuff for sure tho. Bastard In Love was one of the bands of the owner of Teenager In A Box Records, who also did time in Personal Choice, a legendary old Brazilian sXe hardcore band. Bastard In Love had a more melodic edge to them tho. As far as I know they did some demo's and also appeared on some compilations but no proper releases of their own. Either way, check it out.

Cameran / Bastard In Love split 7"

Cameran myspace


Anonymous said...

Many thanks >>Kola<<

jim fucking winters said...

Cameran ruled! I did Despair's first Euro tour in '96 and it was with their old band Racial Abuse. The guitarist and drummer (who was around 12) were brothers and their father drove the van for them. A few years later Turmoil played a show with Cameran in Austria and they are still one of the best band we played with. They were onto some other shit back then! Definitely a band need to be remembered beyond this post.

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