Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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One of our readers (thanks Raykard!) was kind enough to rip and send this 7" to me. This was one of the VERY prolific Ken Olden's (Battery, Damnation A.D., Better Than A Thousand, When Tigers Fight, Worlds Collide, Fort Knox, etc. - yes, I wiki'd him) first bands. Enjoy.

Far Cry - Much Time Spent Waiting 7" [1990 - TPOS Productions]



xJonx said...

nice. i didnt even know about this. I have another far cry 7inch. good for what (and when) it is.

jxw said...

Shit! saw these dudes way back with Even Score, Fury with Brian Mcternan and...wait Integrity cancelled.

Damn, Whatever happened to Kyle "Mesk" who originally sang for Far Cry?

Raykard said...

BTW, this 7" was recorded exactly 20 years ago!!! On the 26th of april 1990 ... long time ago!!! Enjoy the tunes, cheers!!!

Anonymous said...