Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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As of 6 AM tomorrow morning, I will be making my second trip to beautiful Tokyo, Japan. Because of this, my participation will be minimal if at all for the next two weeks. As was the case last year, I will be scouring the record stores in Tokyo to find the best hardcore I can. Joining me on my mission will be Dobek Ohashi, author of CrucialxTimes. While there, Im also going to be hanging out with the dudes from Crystal Lake and Loyal to the Grave as well as catching Shai Hulud and Endzweck in Shibuya. Ill have plenty of pictures so be on the look out for that. Hope everyone has a great two weeks.

Chip XXX


Wedge said...

i don't know you, but could you tell kentaro from crystal lake, uchuu and the rest of the guys in endzweck that wedge says "hi".

keep up the good work with the blog. its nice to be able to re-acquire some old records and be able to put them on my itunes, especially the earthmover and empathy records.