Friday, April 9, 2010

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We made a post some months ago about a newer band named Frontier(s) that features some members from rather notable bands of the past:

Chris Higdon /// Elliot + Falling Forward
Matt Wieder /// Mouthpiece + Automatic + The Enkindels
Eagle Barber /// Stay Gold + Hardesty + Eighty Eight (don't kill me Eagle haha)

If you're a fan of Seaweed / early Elliot / Jawbox, you could probably dig what Frontier(s) are doing right now.

They now have a couple of releases lined up. First is a 7" titled The Plains that will be coming out on No Sleep Records on June 29th. Following that will be a full length titled "There Will Be No Miracles Here" on Arena Rock Recording Co. to be released around mid-August.

On a related note, Eagle also runs his own design and screen printing company down there in Louisville called Dire Design Needs. I've known Eagle for many years, and he's a solid dude, so if you need some design work or screen printing done, you should check out his website.