Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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As requested on the xStuck In The Forumx messageboard, here's the Execute 'Time Between The Fanfare' 7". This 7" was released in 1997 on the almighty Moo Cow Records. Execute hailed from Vermont and played pretty solid mid-tempo metallic hardcore. This 7" was recorded shortly after the band had played their final show, as explained in the insert. Apart from a couple of demos, I have no idea what this band did in terms of recordings before this 7". Drummer Todd Hennig also drummed for bands such as Seven Years War, Heckle, Death By Stereo and currently drums for Nations Afire. I have no idea what bands the other members have been in.

There's a noticable skip in 'In The Name Of The Damned', sorry about that, my 7" isn't the in best of shapes unfortunately. Watch this space for more requested records tho.

Execute - Time Between The Fanfare 7"


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