Sunday, May 22, 2011

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One of my favorite compilations is the Guilty By Association comp on Indecision Records. It's a great snapshot of a memorable time in hardcore for me.
There's a couple of weird things on that comp, like Frown(who had grown from the Christian hardcore band Resist and who's singer would eventually go on to play keyboards in The Locust), Within A Lie who had members of Mean Season, and Caste.
Caste was Isaac Golub and Regis Guerin from A Chorus Of Disapproval, or XCHORUSX as they are lovingly referred to, on vocals and bass, Jason Hampton on guitar, and PT Pugh on drums. Apparently Dave Mandel was the original singer. THAT would have been awesome.
I saw them play a couple times, probably their only shows. The band seemed to be a natural progression of the "hard" style of Chorus into the mid to late 90s chugga realm, without resorting to the near-neanderthal riffage of the vegan m0sh bands.

The Caste song on the comp is one of the songs on the demo. The demo cover is very simple, with a very clear message that the band would have an upcoming release on Indecision Records, a 12" record. That 12" would never come out. The band played only a couple of shows, only had songs on the comp and demo, and then vanished.
Hampton, who had played bass in Outspoken, would go on to sing for The Suppression Swing, and eventually play alongside Mike Vallely in Mike V and the Rats and Revolution Mother.
Isaac kept at it for a few years with Amendment 18.
PT played drums for The Suppression Swing and the Killing Flame.

This is the two songs off the demo, ripped straight from cassette.


meanxmike said...

has there ever been a 7"???

Emil said...

This is great, thanks for posting! Too bad they didn't release anything else. Had no idea this was Isaac. For a rather unspectacular reason I actually have 3 copies of Guilty By Association.....