Thursday, September 17, 2009


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

fucking hell.

all these years later, and it's the same logical fallacy-laden shit like 'it's this or smoking dust!' 'it's edge or being in jail!' 'it's sxe or drunk drivers!' 'it's lifelong!' closed-minded, illogical extremism.


the biggest problem with sxe is that it's only difference from someone who simply doesn't smoke/drink/etc is a needless limitation of a "forever" commitment. i always figured it was common sense, but i guess all these years later... and it's still not.

but i guess that's why far too many sxe people have to resort to pulling shit from their ass to justify it, as if it holds some greater purpose... instead of simply stating it's what they want.

(initally posted under a dead-linked google account. didn't even know that could happen...)

Anonymous said...

response to Robmafia...
so you think it's stupid when people try to improve themselves, personally, politically, etc? Alcohol and tobacco companies represent the most fucked up, destructive, greedy corporations in the world. "There is a trail of misery from S.America and Afghanistan to bring drugs here as well as lives that get ruined [from use] (Brent Decker). Fact is, people who are intoxicated commit the overwhelming majority of murders, stabbings, spousal abuse, and other acts of aggression. It is important for many people to that a stance and completely remove themselves from the entire fucked up drugged out lifestyle most people submit to and who are you to judge that? "At least I'm fuckin' trying, What the fuck have you done?" (Ian MacKaye)

Anonymous said...

moron, READ my comment again.

i am NOT sxe. i also don't do drugs, smoke, etc. i'll MAYBE have a drink once a year.

if i WAS sxe, would i be any "better?" hell, no.

sxe doesn't DO anything. it doesn't better anyone. it's a fucking label. and it's often used as a crutch, like religion...

fuck tobacco companies. fuck big corporations. and fuck sxe, if it's still the same short-sighted, closed-minded bullshit.

as for politically? wtf does that have to do with sxe? hahahaha.

but congrats! thanks for using the SAME FAILED LOGICAL FALLACIES I JUST POINTED OUT as your support for sxe. hahahahaha.

genius - the VAST MAJORITY of people are neither sxe, nor addicts. the vast majority of people aren't getting drunk/high/whatever and killing, stabbing, abusing, etc. it's retard logic.

xredmenacex said...


Justifications given for straightedge may often be illogical but sxe itself is not illogical! To me it does two things. 1) While I acknowledge that the majority of people are able to drink responsibly there is no doubt that the presence of alcohol and drugs in our society brings into or exacerbates countless problems and even death. Being straightedge means that you are boycotting these products. You are simply not supporting their existence and are therefore not a part of the problem. That's not illogical. 2) It turns something inherently negative, the act of NOT doing something, into a positive, BEING something. That makes it easier for people who do not wish to partake in drugs or alcohol to avoid those things, because their feelings are reinforced by being a part of something larger than themselves.

Anonymous said...

your 1) is a HUGE logical fallacy. hate to break it to you, but "drugs/alcohol" are not inherently bad. they're neutral. and their usage can be bad, neutral, or even good.

ie: light alcohol intake is beneficial to those with heart problems. smoking pot seems to help many with joint problems, adhd, and etc.

besides, "drugs" includes many things that sxe people intake. it's already picking and choosing which "drugs" are bad... which gets rather contradictory, at worst, and grey area'd, at best.

your 2) is an even BIGGER logical fallacy. it doesn't DO anything. it's nothing but a mindset, a label. there is no action.

and sxe itself IS actually illogical - there is NO logical reason to claim sxe. most people who do abstain from drugs/alcohol are not sxe.

and there's no logic behind a lifetime limitation.

ERIC SXE said...

The bottom line're down with SXE or you're not. If you don't like it leave it alone. Nobody's forcing you to see this movie or be SXE. It means something to a lot of us. I've never cared if it was trendy or popular. I don't care if people feel the need to attack it and try to break it down. I've been SXE for 20 years, I'll still be SXE 20 years from now.

Anonymous said...

not really. i have no problem with sxe.

but i have a problem with ignorance and people (mis)using sxe as a crutch. just like religion/gangs/etc. if someone wants to be sxe - good for them. but if they feel the need to publicly justify/proclaim it with logical fallacies and ignorant bullshit... well, then expect criticism.

the issue i have with what was shown in the movie is... well, it was largely bullshit. the same, tired, illogical, wrong justifications that have been clearly debunked for years. ie: it's better than being a drunken junkie! ...huh? that makes zero sense, given that they're aren't two choices - junkie or sxe... and the vast majority of non-sxe aren't drunks/junkies.

and obviously, no one's being forced to see the movie or be sxe. but if it's going to be posted, and look that ridiculous, expect feedback saying so. isn't that common sense/logic 101?