Thursday, September 10, 2009

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |

Ive heard quite a few people asking when the new Turmoil record would finally be released. I too was wondering so I got in touch with John Wylie, owner of Eulogy Recordings, and heres what he had to say regarding the record

"Does anyone really think that eulogy would have the record finished and in hand and not release it? Apparently people actually think this. I can promise everyone that as soon as we have it in our hand we will get it out. We are waiting for the record to be delivered by the band. We have heard most of it and have been told that it's close to being finished. That's all the information we have at this point."

Hey its a start. I hope this record comes out and fulfills peoples expectations for what a Turmoil record is even if Jon Gula is no longer in the band. In the meantime, head on over to the Eulogy Webstore and check out the Turmoil merch.


jxw said...

well, in my most recent estimations this thing may unfortunately never see the light of day.
who knows, they may pull something together but...