Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Another great record that's not all that easy to find on the web. Process was an early '90s Southern California melodic hardcore band featuring Shawn Connell (Pillsbury Hardcore, Pissed Happy Children, End To End) on guitar and Erik "Egg" Egan (End To End, CAMPAIgN) on vocals. VERY underrated in their day. Enjoy.

Process - World Of Fire LP [1992 - Conversion Records]


dangerclose said...
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dangerclose said...

thanks for posting this---is it a rip or does it include the 7"?

Anonymous said...

It's a rip of just the LP.

jav said...

"steel jaws" was one of my first 7"s ever.

Jason "the Reverend" Welsher (owner of To Die For clothing) played drums in this band, im not sure if it was on this record or not.

Campaign > Process