Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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So here it is...after years of waiting, here is the collected odds and ends of the Disembodied discography. Many of these songs have been long out of print while some have never been available on CD before. The fine gentlemen at Prime Directive Records have a done a great job in putting this together and making these great songs widely available. So where do we start? First off, the CD is packaged in a beautiful digipak with full color artwork. The CD collects the following: their track from the Goodfellow Records compilation "The Difference Between Us", the 2 songs from the "Bootleg" 7 inch which had never actually been given names on their release (also never before available on CD), a demo version of Burning Cupid, the "Confession" 7 inch, the original Existence in Suicide EP, and their cover of Metallica's "Creeping Death". Alright so you might be saying, I already own all these releases (if you do, good for you) but heres the real clincher: the entire release has been REMIXED and REMASTERED!!!!! This thing sounds monstrous, as if the entire record was recorded recently. Im not kidding..."Enochian Prayer" is the perfect start to this CD. Long thought to be their best song (according to one Scott Pesek among others), this new mix just crushes. Its also nice to actually have names to the "Bootleg" 7 inch which had been circulating for some time. The rumor was that the band released it themselves...truth? No idea but that's what I heard.
The debut EP "Existence in Suicide" which was released in limited quantities is represented well here and shows the band's beginnings. The best addition to this compilation is the addition of the Metallica cover they recorded for Undecided Records "Metallica Tribute" compilation which never saw the light of day in the late 90s. The song did see a release on a compilation that Undecided released called "The Old, The New, The Unreleased" which also contains a few other Metallica covers as well. The remix gives the song whole new life. Its also nice to hear a band tackle the solo. This is something that many bands tend to skip and write a mosh part in place of. Not the care here...they learned the solo and performed it so well that even Kirk Hammett would be proud.
Someone on a message board asked why the songs from the Brother's Keeper split were not included and the answer is, the release is still readily available. Trustkill is apparently out of stock right now but check
All in all, this is the perfect start to phase 2 of Disembodied's resurrected career. I for one am extremely excited to see what they have in store for the upcoming year and this CD is the perfect way to tide you over until we find out some new info. Disembodied is, in my opinion, the heaviest band to ever walk the Earth and this CD continues to solidify that claim. My final verdict: 2 thumbs way up for a beautiful release and also for Chase and Jav for making this available for a whole new generation of kids who may have missed it the first time around. Lastly, check out Hellfish who have printed up a bunch of merch for Disembodied as well as a monthly limited tshirt design which will continue until September of next year.

You can order directly from Chase and Prime Directive through Paypal for $10 ppd.


Cash: Prime Directive Records, PO Box 571, Balboa, CA 92661


xjustinx said...

The tracks from the bootleg 7" were originally intended to be a split 7" with Groundwork, but before they could even record, Groundwork broke up. Supposedly the guy that was going to put the record out is the one that eventually put the Disembodied tracks out as a bootleg 7" a couple of years later.


already ordered cant wait for this!how is the bk split?are the disembodied tracks any good?

jav said...

i talked to Tara once about the bootleg, and all she really said was that the band never authorized it, and that they were pissed that it came out.
i have heard that Mike Genz, the mastermind behind King Of The Monsters Records was behind the whole thing.
im pretty sure every one of those records is different. ive tried to get all information possible about it, but everyone is either tight lipped or just doesnt know.
i feel so fortunate to be involved in putting this cd together. chase is really the one to thank for DOING it, but ill have to admit that if it wasnt for my superfanism that this cd wouldnt have been put together at all. ive basically had this cd for like 5 years, just from putting all the songs on one cd. almost even in this order, but with the live songs too.
im also glad that Justin and Chip have been so into releasing news about the record. big ups.

xjustinx said...

The story I posted as to the origins of the bootleg is also what I was told by Tara.

jxw said...

how timely!
first a post about Turmoil and now this!
Turmoil (while i was in the band)was actually supposed to be on a Metallica tribute.
never happened of course.
Trapped Under Ice was to be the cover.