Monday, September 28, 2009

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Heres a scan of the original layout for the True Love (The Promise) demo that was recorded in 2001 would later see a proper release through Deathwish Inc. Another Victim played their final show at Hellfest 2001 and they opened with these 2 songs. They had a small amount of these demos and were handing them out after their set. I got one later and was seriously blown away. Please note: THE SONGS ARE NOT POSTED TO DOWNLOAD. You can still order the 2 song EP from Deathwish Inc. Click here to purchase.
You can also purchase their only full length, Believer, from Indecision Records. Click here to purchase

Buske just let me know that he found a box of "Believer" CD and is selling them for only $5 plus shipping. Click here to get more info.


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