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Bloodlet is in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. This 7" makes me wish I was watching them again.
I don't remember when i first got this bootleg, but the copy that i recorded is not my original copy. That was a second press copy, with the cover colored in orange. I got this first press copy on ebay about 2 weeks after i sent my copy to Justin to be recorded. I was so stoked to find the first press copy on red that i told Justin to keep the one i sent him.
The only real difference between the pressings is the coloring on the cover and the color of the vinyl You can tell that coloring was done by hand, probably with a highlighter. Both pressings say there were 500 made, and the pressing is indicated on the back cover.
I don't know who pressed it, and frankly i don't want to know, but it DID come out around the same time as the bootleg Burn and Born Against live 7"s.
the layout is sparse, with a photo of a person falling out of a burning building with some bible quotes around it.
The matrix is etched
a: "i pray to heal your wounds"
b: but i bleed myself
I ripped this at 320kps, but I'm warning you, it still doesn't really sound good. It is NOT a soundboard recording, and what you hear on the mp3 is pretty much the way you hear it on a stereo, blown out. BUT, if you love Bloodlet and love live recordings (like I do), you will love this.

Bloodlet- live at CBGB 8.7.95

i also have some Bloodlet photos on my Flickr
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Ripped and uploaded by request. This compilation was released by Pin Drop Records in 1995. The label was run by one of the guys in Holdstrong, the 1st band on here, other bands on the label include Die My Will and Grimlock, you can't ask for much better references than that! The other bands on here are Brother's Keeper, Cross Current and Hatebreed. The Hatebreed track is one of their first proper recordings. Their track on here, 'Mark My Words', would later be re-recorded for their classic 'Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire' album. But this version is just as crushing. Hell, all tracks on here are pretty damn solid as far as I'm concerned. Holdstrong would do a bunch of releases on Pin Drop, the amazing Brother's Keeper would release stuff on various labels, Cross Current did a 7" on Pin Drop and Hatebreed, well, they sorta drifted into obscurity I guess. Great compilation. Enjoy.

Together As One... compilation 7"

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There really isnt a lot of content on it yet because we just made it but add us so we can keep everyone even more up to date.

Stuck In The Past on Myspace

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Lately, I've been noticing some confusion and debate on the internet over whether Indecision was a straight edge band or not. I always thought it was common knowledge that weren't a straight edge band, but that they simply contained a couple of members that didn't shy away from being vocal about being straight edge.
The confusion stretches back as far as Indecision's first 7", which contained a straight edge song called "Loyal". Not only that, but the confusion goes a layer deeper with a flyer ad that was floating around for the 7" in which the band was labeled as "vegan moshcore".

Indecision was not a vegan band. Only two of the four tracks from that first 7" made it onto the "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" cd that compiled Indecision's early releases, so I went ahead and ripped the entire 7".

Indecision - s/t
[Released Power Productions - 1994]

Later, some confusion also could have arisen from the A side center label, which was a picture of someone in a straight edge letterman's jacket.

The vinyl version of Unorthodox featured two live songs that never got released anywhere else, so I've also ripped and uploaded them. They were recorded at the cd release show for Unorthodox on January 12th, 1997 at The Joint in Staten Island where they played with Silent Majority, Milhouse, and CR.

Indecision - Unorthodox [bonus tracks]
[Exit Records - 1997]

I also went ahead and asked Indecision's singer, Tom Sheehan, a few questions about this whole matter.
SITP: Which members of Indecision were actually straight edge?
Tom: Me and Justin.
SITP: Did the other members ever object to the few songs that were about straight edge?
Tom: Not at all. They didn't really have anything to do with it.
SITP: Since a lot of people will take a band's lyrics to be representative of every member in the band, there was never a concern on their part that they would be considered straight edge even though they weren't?
Tom: Not really. We didn't have many overtly straight edge songs.
SITP: It almost seemed like the A/B side center labels of Unorthodox could be representative of both sides of the band (the straight edge letterman jacket/Sid & Nancy), but it seems like a lot of people simply took the A side label and ran with the idea of you guys as a straight edge band.
Tom: Yeah, I never realized that. I don't think it was done intentionally.
SITP: This just seems like one of those things where it wasn't a big deal to you guys at all, but as usual, hardcore kids have taken it and made it a question/concern.
Tom: Absolutely. We were just a bunch of friends from high school that started a band together. Some were edge, some weren't. It wasn't a big deal to us at all.
SITP: Do you think you guys added to the confusion at all by dedicating the first MPB record to the straight edge?
Tom: At that point we were 4/5ths edge. Just Rachel wasn't. Me, Justin, Matt, and Sean were all edge then.
SITP: Vegan moshcore?
Tom: I have no idea where that came from.

Hopefully this can end the confusion over Indecision being a straight edge band or not. On an endnote, Tom Sheehan - still straight edge. Good dude, backed hard.

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Buy any CD from the website, and pick 2 free ones. Yep, that’s three for the price of one! Get something for yourself and grab a couple for gifts or whatever. Full length, physical CDs only (not downloads). Starting now until the end of the year. Here’s what you do: Go here. Place your order for a CD. Then, include in the optional message area or send a separate email (at the time of your order) and let us know which 2 FREE CDs you want. Some CDs are limited and may run out. We’ll let you know. If you have everything, CDs still make great gifts (or drink coasters). You can also choose digital files of “Every Last Song” for one of your free CDs if you like. I’m easy. Easy like a Sunday morning.

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For fans of One Step Ahead, 411 and Verbal Assault. Damn good stuff.

Remission - Accept LP [2009 - Amendment Records]

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Recently, Ive noticed more and more foreign bands (foreign to the US) releases are becoming harder to acquire in the US. Unfortunately, most people don't want to pay the foreign postage to get these releases and most bands end up going unnoticed. To fill this void, Ive been toying with the idea of starting a distro to sell foreign bands releases in the US. If you are in a band outside of the US or run a label based outside of the US, shoot me an email and talk to me about wholesale pricing. Im sick of seeing so many great bands going unnoticed and have decided to do something about it. Also US bands I have left you out...get in touch and lets see what we can work out.

Email me at:

Also, Im in Miami until the Sunday so very little posting from me but I hope everyone has a great holiday.

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On August 26th, 1994, one of my favorite bands in the whole world played their last show. Little did i know that a few years later they would be playing again, but that's neither here nor there.
Outspoken's moniker was fitting. Their music and lyrics embodied an emotional side of hardcore that is rarely seen. I can't imagine where they would have done had they stayed together, but as they say "all good things must come to an end."
Good thing i wasn't asked to write an epitaph for a band at 7am.
Anyway, the members of the band and a few other scene heavyweights wrote up this little zine as a way to say goodbye, and i could only hope that someday, something i created would have such an impact on people to inspire words like these.

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Dan Rawe's Flickr photo set -

Walter Schreifels at Alex's Bar, 11/22/09

Walter Schreifels at Alex's Bar, 11/22/09

Jonah Matranga at Alex's Bar, 11/22/09

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Ive heard rumors of a possible Abhinanda reunion early next year in Japan. Ive emailed Jose to find out if these rumors are true, but this has seriously gotten my attention. Ive also heard that Taken is playing this fest...Ive also gotten in touch with Hiro (Loyal to the Grave, ex-Statecraft) to find out more info. Keep checking back and Ill get all the info I can. Is it bad that Im seriously considering going back to Japan for this (not that I need a reason to want to go back to Japan)?

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I apologize for my lack of posting and material lately but I had family in visiting as well as term papers due for school. Basically, Ive been incredibly busy. Tonight, I bring you an interview with the UK's Slavearc from Abstraction Zine #3. The year was not given but Im assuming its around 1998 as there is an interview with Another Victim where they talk about their first upcoming EP. Great band...Im in the process of acquiring both Slavearc CDs so if I do, expect high quality uploads as well as scans of the layouts. Until then, enjoy the interview
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My first knowledge of Motive came with the release of their "Doctrine of Scripted Torture" 7 inch that came out on Exit Records in 1997, and I never really gave much thought to what could have come before that. Nick from Limited Pressing recently sent me two releases that came out before that 7" that introduced me to the band. Since I don't know anything about the band prior to that release, Nick gave me a little write up as well:
When people think of Motive, they normally think of a 90s metal hardcore band from Long Island, and after 1997, they'd be correct. But before 1997, it's a whole different story. When Motive assembled their 4 piece in 1995 they weren't anything even close to a metal band, they were in fact a Vegan Straight Edge band! Those values lasted through a 4 song demo, and an extremely rare 4 song 7" called Underneath the Principleless Terrain. Atif was on bass, and Al Carter was on the mic. Al was a pretty well known guy in the scene back in the 90s. Not only was he the singer for a great band, but he was also a tattoo artist who did almost everyone in the scene's work. And he'd still be doing work, if he didn't die of an overdose a few years back. Underneath the Principleless Terrain is one of the greatest records I've ever owned in my life. That's pretty amazing considering I'm straight edge and they were a straight edge band who sold out. I think that's probably the greatest compliment I can give Al.

Motive - Demo

Motive - Underneath the Principleless Terrain
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As I was leaving school today, I decided to put on Glasseater, a band I hadn't heard in quite some time. My old band, Destro, shared members with them and were extremely good friends for quite some time until we had a falling out (one which will not be explained so please don't even ask). When they started out, they had a sound somewhat in the vein of New Day Rising with the whole singing/screaming melodic with breakdowns sound. They really blew up in South Florida in 1999 and to be honest, their shows were great. Jason is still one of my favorite frontmen ever in a hardcore band and that still holds up to this day. They released their first record on Matt Fox's "Ides of March Records", followed by a signing to Eulogy Recordings. One record released through Eulogy, they signed to Fearless who re-released their Eulogy debut. After that, they signed to Victory and then the band ran its course. I have many fond memories of seeing them play Club Q in Davie, FL. to hundreds of kids going nuts singing along and spin kicking as well as a memory of myself accidentally spin kicking Dennis Pace of Forever And A Day square in the face (oh the days when I used to "mosh"). After Jason was kicked out/asked to leave, the band just wasnt the same for me. Julio, the drummer turned singer, did a great job as he had/has a great singing as well as screaming voice but Jason had the stage presence. Anyway, heres what I have uploaded for you today...first is the EP turned full length "Miles Ahead of Where We Left Off" originally released on Ides of March Records then re-released on Dead Droid Records out of Detroit with 2 additional tracks, at the time a new song "Weekend Sellout" and an acoustic version of "Words To Make Up" that was originally released on "7 Years Bad Luck". Make sure to check out the song "24 For Life" which is at the end of the song "Breakaway". It was a grindcore song that they wrote under the name "GlassSuck" (a play on Glasseater and Assuck). This record has been out of print for at least 6 years and it really is a shame. Next we have the original demo which featured the songs "Rosewater", Smartboy" and "Princess". The original version of Rosewater has a sample from the movie "Sleepers" which was omitted from the re-recording for the "Miles..." records. Lastly, we have a demo track for the song "Face to the Floor" which was recorded at Miami Dade Community College in 1999 for the bass player Anthony's sound recording class. It was written for a comp that Lovitt Records was releasing dedicated to Ric Flair. They didnt make the cut to be on the record but I prefer this version to the re-recorded one on "Miles...". Jason was still learning how to sing but he knew how to scream his head off and it shows. The song is also played faster. I hope you enjoy this as much I did...nice to go back and revisit the past. Also if anyone has any old Glasseater shirts they'd be interested in selling (especially the Glasseater Kids design), please get in touch.

Glasseater - Miles Ahead of Where We Left Off (reissue)

Glasseater - Demo

Glasseater - Demo 2
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I found this via a Google search and downloaded, listened to and dug it, so I decided to post it on here. Everything below was originally posted by Fritzler (via Wikipedia) on his now defunct blog Sounds Like Sunday.

Evergreen was a Southern California underground post-punk band from the early-to-mid 1990s.

They had several releases over their lifespan, including two 7"s, a split 7" with Los Angeles hardcore/screamo band Still Life, and a much sought 12", most of which was released on Anomaly Records. They still have a 7" out on San Diego's Gravity Records. They are notorious amongst record collectors due to the rarity of the "7 Songs" LP (Anomaly Records).

Band members include Aaron Calvert (cousin of Todd Calvert, drummer/percussionist of Gertie Fox) on guitar (now in Winfred E. Eye), Andy Ward on bass (also of Antioch Arrow), and Jason Boesel on drums (now in Rilo Kiley[1]).

Self Titled 12" (1993) · 01. A Couple Curled Up Pictures [02:23]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 02. Making Fun Of Your First Love [02:28]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 03. Moustache [02:51]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 04. Eric And The Digger [04:07]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 05. This Letter To Kim [02:35]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 06. ...Home, So Possibly, Home [02:03]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 07. Laugh At Every Question [03:33]
Self Titled 7" (1993) · 08. Trudy Pushpin [04:10]
Self Titled 7" (1993) · 09. The Water Song [02:18]
Self Titled 7" (1993) · 10. Shoulder [03:30]
These Last Days 7" (1996) · 11. Freight Trains And Windsongs [03:08]
These Last Days 7" (1996) · 12. Glad Hand [02:19]
These Last Days 7" (1996) · 13. Prainer The VIII [05:07]
Evergreen / Still Life (Split 7") (1993) · 14. 250 Dollar Loser [03:11]
Evergreen / Still Life (Split 7") (1993) · 15. Bullyrag [02:50]
Emergency Broadcast Systems Vol. 3 7" (1993) · 16. Forced Fed Ed [03:15]
In Memory of Jason 12" (1996) · 17. My Irish Lady [02:54]
KSPC Basement Tapes 12" (1995) · 18. Untitled [03:55]

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A demo by a Swedish hardcore band from the '90s that Henrik hasn't put up on his awesome Bring Honor Or Walk Away blog, can it be true? Yes, it can.

I used to hang out on several IRC channels in the mid '90s and got to know this Swedish kid called Micke, nickname xgovx, that way. As it turned out he played bass in this vegan sXe hardcore band called Sentinel 5, and he eventually sent me their demo. Sentinel 5 from Boden in the north of Sweden started out as a vegan sXe hardcore band, but fairly quickly moved in a more rocking indie direction with no hardcore influences whatsoever, with at least some members dropping both veganism and straight edge. By that time Micke and I had also lost contact unfortunately. They ended up releasing a MCD on the now defunct Futon Records and shortly thereafter the band folded. I don't have that MCD, but from what I remember they had already strayed from their old hardcore roots by that time. This demo however, from sometime around 1996, still features the band as a vegan sXe hardcore outfit, akin to countless other vegan sXe bands at the time. Give it a chance.

Oh and btw, do check out Henrik's blog if you haven't already, it rocks hard. He needs to update it tho, for realzzz.

Sentinel 5 - First Blood demo

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Edwin has been a strong supporter of the blog since the inception and we couldnt be happier to have him on board to help us out. He still runs One Path and will continue to do so while helping us out.
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Marktheshark asked me to post this a while back and I just kept forgetting. What can I say? I have a bad memory...either way, here's the demo for Anthem Boy. To be quite honest, I don't know really know much about the band except they featured members of Birthright. With a name like Anthem Boy (taken from the first track on Split Lip's "For The Love Of The Wounded" record), you might expect some sort of emo-core but these 3 songs sound more like Birthright than Split Lip. Screamed vocals with some serious 90s chug. Did they record anything else? Did they tour? Who was in the band? I havent got the slightest idea but I think I got this in 2000. The demo was professionally pressed (not a CD-R) and the recording is quite good for a demo. I recently re-ripped this at a higher VBR bit rate so it sounds great and scanned the insert which includes the lyrics. If anyone has more info, please pass it along...again, Mark sorry for the delay.

Anthem Boy - Demonstration

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Shoot me an email whenever you have a chance

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Here we have an interview with Cleveland's Integrity. This was originally printed in Holiday Fanzine #7. No date was given but given the content of the interview we can assume its from 1994 or 95. This took place prior to the release of "Systems Overload" and also touches on the falling out between the band and Victory Records.

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Crisis Records' (Rev imprint) recording artist Autumn is reuniting for it's first show in 11 years at the Kung Fu Knecktie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 12/7/09. According to, "Mix 108 with emo-core and you'll come up with this Pennsylvania outfit's moving sounds." Sounds good to me.

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In the mid 90's, the Southern California hardcore scene was dominated by baggy jeans, basketball jerseys, open E chugs, and lots and lots of boys.
Then, PALEFIRE popped out of nowhere and helped meld the chug of hardcore with the beauty of the "emo" scene. Equal parts Dahlia Seed, Snapcase, and Copper, Palefire was something different in a scene full of cookie-cutter/cookie-monster bands.
The band was just as comfortable playing at Koo's Arts cafe with bands like Whirlpool and Far as they were playing at Showcase Theater with 1134 and Earth Crisis. Seeming not to fit in anywhere, they actually fit in everywhere.
In their time they released a demo cassette, played on KUCI radio show, and a cdep on Ammunition Records. The ep was supposedly pressed onto a 7", but that never saw the light of day. They also had one song on the Indecision Records compilation Guilty By Association.
The band folded around 1996, playing a last show at Zed Records. Members went on to be in various bands... Sean Brummel and Dan Sena went on to play in Stickfigurecarousel. Dan also played in the last incarnation of Adamantium, before riding Steve Aoki's coat tails to become the "Dim Mak bassline destroyer".

Brett Cutts played in the punk band FM Bats and released some beautiful solo music before tragically dying in 2006. He was an amazing person, and his impact is still felt to this day by the people who's lives he touched. R.I.P.
Christine Doan can now be seen fronting the Misfits/ Danzig tribute band Dirty Black Summer. Members of Death By Stereo and Mean Season round out this awesome tribute.
Justin transferred my copy of the demo, and its presented here digitally for the first time ever.

Palefire- demo

also check out

EDIT: It was brought to our attention that Palefire's EP "Last Breath" is still available through RevHQ. I have taken it down as a request so please check this link to order the records.

Palefire at RevHQ

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Our good friends at Hellfish just posted the next installment in their year long Disembodied limited designs and its a good one. The 1968 classic, "Night of the Living Dead" immortalized on a tshirt. Head over to their site and check out merch from some other great bands including Seven Generations, Creatures, Foundation, Integrity and more.

Hellfish Family Merch Online Store
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I just went through the settings, and noticed that I could import posts from another blog, so I imported all the posts from my old x43x blog. Everything is now integrated into the timeline here on Stuck In The Past, and should be able to find. This includes posts about Backside Disaster, Chokehold, fortydaysrain, Despair, and tons more.

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Anything from Umea in the 90s...Abhinanda, Doughnuts (Victory designs as well), Refused, Shield, Desperate Fight me at

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I stumbled across this on A Reasonable Guide to Horrible Noise blog while searching around. All credit goes to them as well as the upload link being theirs as well. The demo that helped get them signed to Victory Records and begin the legend that would become Snapcase.

Snapcase - Solid State Demo
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There are currently a couple of great 90's hardcore test presses up on ebay.

First, there's a test press of the first Throwdown 7" that's up here:

And there's also a test press of the Falling Down (Day of Suffering) - Life Before Machine 7" that's up here:

I'm sure that both of these will go for money far outside of my range, so you should feel free to check them out, and make some bids.

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Exit Records released a slew of incredible records in the mid-late 90s, and Sons Of Abraham's "Termites In His Smile" is surely no exception. The double bass and crazy lead guitar work always made me want to lose my shit. To top it off, this was an all Jewish band, as can be heard in lyrics like "no presents for Christmas...". Throughout their brief time together, Sons Of Abraham only recorded a demo, a split 7" with Indecision, and this LP. I've never come across the demo (if you have one, please get at me!), but the track on the split 7" was re-recorded for Termites. They were scheduled to do a split 7" with Morning Again on Immigrant Sun, but they broke up before ever recording, and that resulted in Morning Again's "To Die A Bitter Death" 7" coming out on its own. Some of you may also be interested to know that Sons Of Abraham contained some members of Glassjaw, but it's rather inconsequential, because Sons Of Abraham were a thousand times better.
I also own a copy of this on a great looking blue marble vinyl. However, I was too lazy to take a photo of it, so I just stole the following image from Limited Pressing. His obsession with mid 90s vinyl outdoes even my own, and I'm thoroughly jealous of his Sons Of Abraham and Indecision collections.
He also figured out that the marbling actually never should have happened, and is the result of not switching plates after they pressed the Milhouse "Obscenity In The Milk" record on white. A large portion of the SOA records should be on more of a see through blue/green. He even made a short video about it, and you can check it out here: Termites explained.

Sons Of Abraham - Termites In His Smile
[Exit Records - 1997]
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A message from At Both Ends:

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that the At Both Ends magazine / 2x7” package is up for preorder. I’m really excited with how this has turned out and can’t wait for people to get this in their hands. In about 3 weeks or so it will be shipping so the fastest way to get your hands on a copy is by heading over to and following the instructions there. Any questions about this should be directed to

Here’s what’s in the package:

One 148-page magazine/book that compiles two new issues worth of At Both Ends Magazine and two 7” records with new, exclusive songs from Bane, Grade, Unrestrained (ex-Pulling Teeth/Desperate Measures) and Between Earth And Sky (ex-Trial, Catharsis, By A Thread, Walls Of Jericho). The Bane songs are NOT found on any of the 7”s in the Dublin/Boston/LA/etc. series.

Included in the magazine are articles and interviews with Bane, Sick of it All, Verse, Shook Ones, Bill Stevenson, Sparkmarker, Anchor, Shai Hulud, Greg Bennick, Devotion, Wait In Vain, To Kill and way more. This is about as packed as a zine can get. The magazine is perfect bound with glossy pages and colour covers. Printing is similar to a book and is higher quality than pretty much any commercial magazine you will find in a store. All-in-all this is a really beautiful package.

All the other info can be found at Thanks for your support.

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My buddy Carlos scanned and sent this to me a few weeks ago and Im just now getting around to posting it. Here have an interview with Mouthpiece from Maximum Rock N Roll August 1994.

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A limited webstore version of the Screaming For A Life Worth Living 7" is now available in the Surprise Attack store. It's on red vinyl with a special cover limited to 59 copies or you can order it in a package deal with the black vinyl!

Limited Red Vinyl with a Special Cover

Package Deal on Black Vinyl

Unrestrained on Myspace