Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Unrestrained have debuted a video for 'Ethel Mertz', the opening track on their forthcoming Forward Onto Death LP that will be out on Trip Machine Laboratories in May.

Pre-order info is coming soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Escapist Records has just announced that they will be reissuing Turmoil - The Process Of in an expanded edition for its 15th anniversary.

Here's more from the label:

Those Who Fear Tomorrow, Life. Love. Regret., Destroy The Machines. These albums helped define an era of hardcore. Nestled amongst these albums of the initial wave of 90’s metallic hardcore and the explosion of metalcore that followed sits Turmoil’s The Process Of.

Formed in 1992 outside of Philadelphia, PA, Turmoil was born out of the hardcore scene that surrounded them. Rather than recycle what had been done before them, the band reached to define their own sound. Whether it was through drawing influence from outside of their scene - noise, death metal, prog - or experimenting with unique song structures, Turmoil continued to push the boundaries of what hardcore could be until their untimely breakup. During their time together Turmoil released two full-length recordings and four EP’s, not to mention making numerous compilation appearances.

Today, fifteen years after its initial release, Escapist Records is pleased to announce the impending release of a 15th Anniversary Edition of Turmoil’s The Process Of, originally released by Century Media Records. The anniversary edition will be comprised of two different pieces of vinyl. The first is a one-time pressing of the 1999 release on 12” vinyl, limited to 500 copies on two exclusive color-ways. In addition to the iconic album artwork, the release will feature expanded liner notes containing testimonials from various peers, publications, and those influenced by the record, including Damnation AD, Surprise Attack Fanzine, Set Your Goals, Trustkill Records, Stuck in the Past: 90’s Hardcore Webzine, and more. Accompanying the 12” will be a limited edition 7” containing three songs never before released on vinyl. The songs were recorded in 2005 with producer Ted Young (Lamb Of God, Clutch, Andrew WK) and were only previously available on a retrospective CD released that same year. These songs mark the final recordings of the band’s classic lineup. The 7” will be limited to 100 copies and feature a hand-numbered silk-screened cover.

Two songs from the 15th Anniversary Edition of The Process Of are currently available for streaming online. “Playing Dead” from the 12” recording and “Commander and Thief” from the limited 7” can be heard online.

Monday, March 17, 2014

In 1996, Life Sentence Records had a showcase for the label at Showcase Theater in Corona, CA.  I transferred everything that was on a VHS that I have, but some of the sets are definitely incomplete.  If anyone out there has video of the full sets, please get in touch.


Eighteen Visions

Focal Point


Excessive Force

Sunday, March 16, 2014

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Ochre weren't around for an incredibly long time, but they left some killer releases in their wake.  There was the divedowndeepnine 7" and the split 7" with Left For Dead; both of which were on bass player Mike Mowery's label, Phyte Records.  Pre-dating both of those 7"s, though, was this demo tape from 1995.  With eight tracks, and a raw production, the demo was a great sign of what was to come down the pipeline from Ochre within the next two years.

Ochre - Demo 1995

Thursday, March 13, 2014

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So give me the formalities...who's in the band?
Scott Glazer - Guitar, Scott Dorey - Guitar, Ron Taylor - Bass, Keith Deblasi - Drums.
You guys took some time off during the late 90s and early 2000s...what were you doing during that time? Was the band just on an indefinite hiatus?
Yeah. Our last show was in 98. I think life just happened. It kind of faded. I always wanted to record our last couple of songs but never got around to it. We always stayed in touch but it never happened.
Do you feel like maybe just getting older left less time to play music?
Getting older does suck. But I always have the desire to play. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it's in my heart. I listen to music everyday and can't live without it. I feel that hardcore helped make me the man I am today.
I totally get that, I feel like as I’ve gotten older, I find less and less time to play the music I love. I want to try and get something going but then life just gets in the way no matter how hard I try
I agree. Unfortunately when you are young and living with your parents, you don't have anything to worry about. But now it's providing for your family so it takes a back seat.
It's really unfortunate because there are a lot bands that really ended too soon because that sort of thing happens
So how are you guys making the band work? Scott still lives down here (South Florida) right?
Scott is pretty much on his own, lol. But we are in constant contact and with the technology today, it's not so hard to pull off. The hardest part is playing shows.

What's the writing process like? Will he just write riffs and then send them up to you through email?

Yeah. When we were writing and recording, he would get on the phone and work it out. Then I would write the lyrics.

I feel like this is a great alternative if you want to make it work. It's really become kind of the norm amongst a lot of bands.
Yeah it definitely works. Like I said before, life takes over so you have to come up with ways to make things work.
Okay let's jump back a little did the band form?
Through the “East Cost Rocker”, a weekly music paper. I put in an ad and Scott answered. I met him the day Desert Storm started. It took us awhile to find the rest of the band. We met some characters along that journey. We thought we were never going to find anyone.
Did you just end up meeting the rest of the guys through going to shows?
No. The original line up was through the paper. Then we met Scott D., Ron, and Keith through the scene.
How long were you guys a band before you were asked to release a record?
Within a year, I think. When we finally got the band together, we started to write and we recorded a demo. Then we started to shop it around and New Start wanted to put out a 7 inch.
How pumped were you guys? I mean I remember the first time something I was a part of was released and I was able to hold it in my was such an amazing feeling
Yeah, we were pumped!!!! It was a great feeling having a record that you played on and seeing it in the record stores next to the bands you looked up to.
You guys released a couple of records and then you released a record with Conquer The World Records, a label that many of the bands ended up not being too happy with. How was your experience working with the label?
From what I remember it was fine. Jon handled all the particulars. I think CTW ended up folding.

Well that's good to hear. Some of the former bands have expressed negativity about it...I've spoken to Mike (label owner) and gave him a forum to express his side. But it's nice to hear that you guys don’t have anything negative to say
Yeah. It's hardcore. A lot of the labels are kids that do not have a lot of money.
Agreed. Who were some of the bands you remember playing with?
CroMags, KillingTime, Outspoken, Leeway, Shelter, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Ignite, Confront, FaceValue, Shift, Trial, Death by Stereo, Guilt, Despair, Bloodlet, Chokehold, Deadguy, Dayspring, 108
That’s a heck of line up. You guys really got to play with a good variety of bands 
Pete Gonzalez
Yeah. We played over 300 shows.
Who played the last show in 1998?
Scott d, Ron, Keith, and Justin Fullum. He used play in the Judas Factor.
What other bands were on the show?
I don't even remember. It was some VFW show.
I always liked playing those. They never really seemed to catch on down here in South Florida
This was the last show we played in 06.
Okay now to the present day. You guys have a new record coming out...can you tell me about that?
Ok. It took over two years to complete, lol. But it consists of a couple of older songs and new ones. We are very happy with the release. I think it's a good record.

How did you get hooked up with Eulogy to release the record?
Scott G. played with John Wylie in Where Fear and Weapons Meet. He sent him the recording and he liked it. He is a real cool guy and treated us awesome.
Do you guys have any expectations about playing some shows?
I don't know what to expect. It's a new generation of kids out there. We are playing 2 shows in April.
That's awesome that you guys are making it you have anything else you would like to add?
It's been a long road, lol. But seriously.....PMA is a definite to keep things going. I also want to say thanks for doing this interview.

You can stream the whole record by click here: Backlash - Where's The Pride

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I still have a stack of fliers I saved, somehow unscathed, mostly from the late 90's. Here's a few for your viewing pleasure...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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I could go on and on about how influential Ian MacKaye is and has been but you all already know. Check out this group interview that Chris Grosso conducted along with some help with from Nate Newton (Converge) and a bunch of other people that have grown up in the hardcore/punk scene.  CLICK RIGHT HERE

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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Sworn Vengeance have debuted yet another track from their upcoming LP, And With This Hammer Of Vengeance.

Titled DMH, it can be streamed via soundcloud here

Pre-orders have now launched via Escapist Records at the link below.
Two versions are available from the label, and one will be exclusive to the band.

Also, a CD version of the release is currently available from Goodlife Recordings.
And With This Hammer Of Vengeance CD
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You may have heard that Die Young recently got back together, and entered the studio to record tracks for a few upcoming releases.  One of them is now seeing the light of day as a split 7" with Confronto on Headfirst Records.

The record can be pre-ordered from Headfirst here:
Die Young / Confronto

They also have a Die Young 7" titled Chosen Path that can be pre-ordered

Die Young - Chosen Path