Friday, January 30, 2009

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If there is one thing that gets me pumped in regards to band merch, its a live shot of the band. The image just gives off this mental picture of the band going off while they are playing and having fun. This is starting to come back again, thankfully.

Strife - To The Surace, Victory design

Ignite - Past Our Means

Earth Crisis - To The X Im Crucified

Battery - Until The End, Conversion design

Birthright - Ascension, Catalyst design

Damnation AD - Misericordia Tour 96
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Warcry - Systems Under Anguish
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Awesome vegan straight edge metal hardcore (big emphasis on the metal) from the Carolinas.

Undying - This Day All Gods Die
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This comp features bands writing songs about the Simpsons. This comp is worth checking out just for Milhouse's cover of Firestorm Springfield. Think Earth Crisis "Firestorm" but with lyrics about how the Simpsons wasnt good after season 10 (I think it was). Great idea and great comp

This Is Springfield, Not Shelbyville - Compilation
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The original version of the Ceremony Of Fire comp released on Militant Records. I think this is the first recording from Hatebreed as well


Stones To Mark A Fire - Compilation
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The first offering from Belgium's Arkangel. Not as clean as Dead Man Walking but still effective. Great release.

Arkangel - Prayers Upon Deaf Ears
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Continuing with my post from yesterday, here's part 2 of the mock designs. Snapcase was big on this in the 90s as were many other bands. Culture did a mock of the Judge crossed hammers design, actually they did 2. More or less the same design but the lettering is much bigger on the second design. Stay tuned for part 3.

Culture "Judge Mock". Done by Toybox Records in preparation for "Mike Warden Can Suck It"

Culture "Judge Mock, part 2". Much bigger lettering and hammers.
Snapcase "Iron Maiden" design

Snapcase "Subway" design

Snapcase "Snapple" design. This was also printed with blue ink.
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I started getting stuck last night as I was updating and I didnt know what to post. What do you guys wanna see posted? Gimme bands that you want to see posted, gimme ideas. The only catch is it has to be out of print so bear that in mind. Does everyone like the tshirt associations Ive done (Star Wars, Band Mock designs)? Im enjoying the process of getting this thing going again so leave comments and let me know. Thanks to everyone who has left comments with feedback.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

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A reoccuring trend you may have noticed even today is that bands tend to "borrow" an idea from another band or film and put their own spin on it. Ive always loved this idea and love that other bands have fun with it. Heres a few...I have a bunch so Ill do a part 2 tomorrow.

Shai Hulud - Krull design

Earth Crisis - Outspoken ripoff of their "Straight Edge isnt cool anymore" design

Bane "Exorcist" design

Buried Alive "Zero Tolerance" ripoff

Walls of Jericho "Slayer" ripoff
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Is it safe to say this is one of the best damn comps ever released? This thing was worth buying when it was released for the Earth Crisis song "The Order That Shall Be" which in my opinion is in the top 3 best ExC songs ever written. Great lineup, this comp was 0riginally released as "Stones To Mark A Fire". It was re-released, some old band were dropped, some new ones added. To be honest I dont think this is in print, so if it is let me know and Ill take it down. Bands featured are Earth Crisis, Birthright, Culture, Tension. Statement, and more

Ceremony of Fire - A Tribute to Rod Coronado
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I love By The Grace of God. Members of Endpoint? Um yes, sign me up. This is a collection of their last EP as well as a Black Sabbath cover, demos, and some other stuff. It was released on Initial Records which as since gone under unfortunately.


By The Grace of God - Three Steps To A Better Democracy
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Whats this? Oh its Josh Trustkills band...unlike most people I actually like this record. Midwest Emo-core with Josh on the mic. I also included their cover of Side By Side's "Backfire" (listen for "Campfire...In Your Face") as a separate download.

Campfire - ST

Campfire - Backfire (Side By Side cover)
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Empathy - Under The Lost Smile
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If Morning Again were from Spain, they would have been called Shorebreak.

Shorebreak - Path Of Survival
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To be completely honest, I don't know much about Dead Eyes Under. They were from Connecticut (if I remember correctly) and were originally called Fleshold (thanks Justin). This record was released on Andy Dempz "+/- Records" and was also pressed as a 10 inch.


Dead Eyes Under - Cursed Be The Deceiver
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Life Sentence Records delivers again.


Lifeless - Self Titled 7 Inch

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Metal hardcore from Europe

Congress - Blackened Persistance
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Their last release, on +/- Records. Heavy, heavy with some Path of Resistance worship

Triephine - ST
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One of my all time favorite records...I didnt say hardcore records, I said all time favorite records. Dave Walker sounds like someone is cutting his feet off real slowly when he screams, the guitar sound is incredibly heavy...I LOVE THIS RECORD!!!!

Harvest - Living With A God Complex
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From the South Florida Music Scene blog

"So here it is...Night of Broken Glass. This was John Wylie's (of Morning Again) emo-core band. Before you jump up and down and lose your mind about the word "emo", before these bands you see on MTV with their tight pants and eyeliner singing about some girl who "broke their heart", emo meant EMOTIONAL HARDCORE!! The midwest in the 90s was huge on this stuff and of those my favorite was Split Lip who became Chamberlain. NOBG must have sat down and listened to "For the Love Of the Wounded" a few times because these songs would have fit nicely on there. This demo unfortunately only contains 2 songs but 6 were recorded. A friend from Miami says he has them but isnt quite sure where they are so Ill keep you posted on the status of those. The band was a super group of sorts in South Florida feature Eric Laetner (Jordan's brother) on vocals, John and Kevin from Morning Again on guitars, Bundee from Mehkago NT on bass and long time showgoer Edwin on drums. Eventually they would go through lineup changes and I was never able to see them play. I heard the tape for the first time in about 10 years and it still sounds fresh. Again, Ill keep trying to find the other songs but until then, enjoy the demo "Best Friend Material". I was also able to scan the lyric sheet so thats an added bonus. Members went on to and previously played in Culture, Morning Again, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Until the End, Trust No One, Waking Kills the Dream, Dead Blue Sky, Mehkago NT, A Jealousy Issue and Crestfallen."

Night Of Broken Glass - Demo

Monday, January 26, 2009

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Dan Gump's band after Excessive Force. Angry? Yup. Straight edge? Yes sir. Metal? Oh hell yes. Released by Life Sentence Records.


Decontaminate - Cleanse And Burn
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What a combination. I heard that Jim "Stormtrooper" Grimes was the one who started the Star Wars association. Not sure if its true but coming from a 30 year old man who was raised on Star Wars, all I can say is 15 years later it still rules. Heres a few examples

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All the animals come out at night. Whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies. Sick, venal.
Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.
(Link and image borrowed from EMS and Coregasm)
1. Behind the Mask
2. Forced To Kill
3. Firestorm
4. Ecocide
5. Forged in the Flames / The Order
6. Goddess of Death
7. Knight of Justice
8. In a Time of Strife

Earth Crisis "Firestorm Demo"
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One of the best comps ever put together...yeah I said it. Quicksand, Strife, Farside, 108, Snapcase, Chamberlain, Garden Variety...its a damn shame this thing isnt in print right now.

UPDATE: I've re-upped this one after the link went down. 

Anti-Matter Compilation
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Angry straight edge hardcore Germany. I love the dudes voice on hard and pissed off. Some serious Earth Crisis worship here

Lifeforce - Self Titled
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Honestly, don't know a whole lot about the band except they were from England, straight edge, and Im almost certain vegan. Heavy stuff in the vein of Chokehold. This came out sometime in the early 90s

Lifer - Shroud
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So my brother from another mother, xJustinx, sent me a care package with some new stuff from his band Unrestrained. This was one of the shirts contained inside said package. He had told me about it but I hadnt seen the design yet and I almost lost it. Great design, great band...if you dig bands like Undertow check them out. Big thanks again to him

Unrestrained on Myspace