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Interview with Mr. Ransom coming soon!

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Ray Harkins of First World Problems: The Podcast fame returns with 100 Word Or Less: The Podcast, which focuses primarily on interviews with, among others, hardcore notables.  All 25 episodes of First World Problems: The Podcast can also be downloaded at the iTunes link above.

Monday, June 18, 2012

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Deathbed have a new EP titled "Reduced To Nothing" that is coming out on Catalyst Records, and we have the exclusive stream of it here at Stuck In The Past.  Give it a listen and then check out the pre-order information below.

"Reduced To Nothing" 7 inch along with shirt packages can be pre-ordered from Catalyst Records here.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Though Inside Out's only release came out in 1990, the record sounded nothing like any of the bands the members had previously been in during the late 1980s. This record (along with Judge's "Bringin' It Down" amongst others) was one of the truly influential records on what the 90s hardcore sound would become: much more in the metal vein. While the layout of Inside Out's record wasn't a huge difference when they switched formats to CD, there were some changes.

Both versions featured the same live photo of Zack on the front but original version on vinyl featured a blue logo as opposed to the CDs red. When the CD was first pressed, it also had a blue logo (with no border) but was eventually changed to red. There was also a blue border and tint to the photo would also be dropped for the CD version.

Vinyl                                                                                                                                                     CD

The back was more or less the same minus a color change or two. The CD version had more songs than the 7 inch so the additional song titles were added as well as the change of address for the label (the label relocated to Huntington Beach from New Haven).

Vinyl                                                                                                                                                      CD

Now here's where the big difference comes in. The vinyl version featured a full size live photo of Vic jumping and four additional photos of each band member. The photo of Vic was also used on the back of a shirt. The CD version features the famous photo of Zack and Vic that was also used on a tshirt by Revelation. There was no text on the vinyl insert while there was on the CD as you can see.

Vinyl                                                                                                                                                      CD

Lastly, the lyric insert was relatively the same minus the fact that the CD version had additional songs so the lyrics were included. Also, the vinyl version included the names of the band members. That was really the only difference.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this feature and if you'd like to see a specific layout given the complete rundown, let us know.
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A new pressing of the Quicksand 7" on green vinyl is now available for purchase at where?  That's right folks,

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Since Jake posted the flyer earlier, here's a little more info.

Sept. 14-16, 2012

Blindspot/Strong Reaction Booking in collaboration with iconic visual effects artist and Hardcore enthusiast Evan Jacobs is pleased to announce that the documentary Orange County Hardcore Scenester, written produced, and directed by Evan himself, will have an official screening in Miami on September 15, 2012 in conjunction with the release of the DVD! In order to capture the essence of Evan's film, which documents the California Hardcore scene from '90-'97 by way of his first-hand accounts and includes footage of such bands as Insted, Carry Nation, Mean Season, and Inside Out to name a few we will also be having an exhibition of many noteworthy flyers, fanzines, distro lists, and other memoribilia from this important period in the history of Hardcore.

However, no screening or art exhibition which is striving to capture a period in Hardcore in it's truest form will succeed without a roster of seminal bands from that era! What we have arranged here is not your everyday list of bands who "reform" every two weeks, yet swear they are broken up. Many of these are one time deals for the first time in 20-25 years! 

Culture (reunion)
Damnation A.D.
Powerhouse (FL / New Age Records, reunion)
Strung Out
+  Many More TBA Soon!!!!!!!

Tickets on sale Sunday July 15th, 1-3 day passes will be available, stay tuned for prices and link!

For inquiries or to submit relevant items for the exhibition please e-mail Mark:

Checkout the Orange County Hardcore Scenester page on Facebook:

Preview the film:
Grand Central:

(photo from

Stuck In The Past will be handling the museum portion of the show so if you have any questions or would like to contribute, email me at
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For lots more photos and videos from all 4 nights of the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary shows, check out the Livewire Records message board.

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The Stuff You Will Hate podcast has grown by leaps and bounds (there are 16 episodes as of this writing) since my previous post about it, so I figured that I'd do another post for it. LOTS of interviews with hardcore heavyweights to be heard. Check it out.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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After an incredibly long hiatus, Rumpshaker zine is back in action and has a new issue coming out.

Rumpshaker Fanzine #6 – Fall 2011 - Winter 2012
Mike Judge
Sick of it All
Fucked Up
Limp Wrist
Tim Barry
Bridge 9 Records
Shirts for a Cure
A Doctor... and a Cro-Mag on Veganism (featuring John Joseph)
Doing It For the Kids with:
Dan Yemin of Paint it Black,
Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits and
Chuck D of Public Enemy

and their mothers.

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