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Ive been going through the bag of zines that Mr. Kyle Score sent me and there's some quality stuff in here. Im getting the interviews scanned as quickly as possible so heres something to get us going. Here's an interview with Taylor Steele of Four Walls Falling from Monkey #2, Fall 1995.

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The guys over at Grudge City Activities just posted a great "Salt Lake Hardcore 101" history lesson about the influential 90s band, Lifeless. You can check it out over at GCA along with all of the other various updates posted by those solid dudes on a daily basis.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Rorschach in Manhattan, NY (9/25/09) -

Rorschach "secret show" in Brooklyn, NY (9/25/09) -

Rorschach in Boston, MA (9/26/09) -
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Here we go, filling a request. This is a collection of 7 inches and comp tracks from the mighty Indecision, released by Belgian label, Released Power Productions, in 1998 and is long out of print. This was ripped at 320 kbps and another regular (Cory I think, sorry if Im wrong) sent me the scans of the layout. The insert gives a detailed run down of which tracks appeared on which release. A great look at Indecision's beginning.


Indecision - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall 

Monday, September 28, 2009

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Heres a scan of the original layout for the True Love (The Promise) demo that was recorded in 2001 would later see a proper release through Deathwish Inc. Another Victim played their final show at Hellfest 2001 and they opened with these 2 songs. They had a small amount of these demos and were handing them out after their set. I got one later and was seriously blown away. Please note: THE SONGS ARE NOT POSTED TO DOWNLOAD. You can still order the 2 song EP from Deathwish Inc. Click here to purchase.
You can also purchase their only full length, Believer, from Indecision Records. Click here to purchase

Buske just let me know that he found a box of "Believer" CD and is selling them for only $5 plus shipping. Click here to get more info.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

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After arriving home from a great weekend on the Oregon coast with my wife, I got some of the worst possible news I could hear. Last night, Brian Redman died in a car crash in Tacoma. Brian was one of the first people that I met when I started regularly driving up to shows in Seattle with my friend Conrad. At the time, he was playing bass in a band called Left With Nothing. In 1999, and the reunion shows, he played bass for Trial. There was also a two year period where he was playing bass for 3 Inches of Blood a few years back. He was truly an amazing person that had the ability to make you laugh in the most absurd ways possible, but could then turn around and have a deep, meaningful conversation with you all in the stretch of an hour. Throughout the last couple of hours that I've been home, so many memories of Brian from the last 12+ years have been on rotation in my head. While there doesn't seem to be a legitimate news story online, there a small write up here. I know that he met many, many people over the years, and that he always left a lasting impression with them all. The Northwest, and the world as a whole, has lost an incredibly great person, and my gut still feels torn apart from this news. RIP Brian. I will miss you greatly.
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Another great record that's not all that easy to find on the web. Process was an early '90s Southern California melodic hardcore band featuring Shawn Connell (Pillsbury Hardcore, Pissed Happy Children, End To End) on guitar and Erik "Egg" Egan (End To End, CAMPAIgN) on vocals. VERY underrated in their day. Enjoy.

Process - World Of Fire LP [1992 - Conversion Records]

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My dear friend, Mr. Kyle Score of Even the Score Records and Zine, sent me a package the other day full of old zines to scan. Well I got started on it and heres a gem out of Syracuse circa 1992-1993ish written and illutrated by Shane Durgee of Framework, Gatekeeper, etc. It claims to be the first straight edge it? I dont know. But its still cool to see. Its funny how he props out his band, Gatekeeper, in the comic. I scanned the whole thing and have made it into a zip file so you can just download it and read it at you leisure. If anyone has anymore info on this, please leave a comment. Check it out

One Path, The First Straight Edge Comic

Thursday, September 24, 2009

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I spoke to my friend Kyle, sometimes author of Even the Score zine and owner of Even the Score Records, and he passed on the info that at the Day of Suffering reunion this weekend, he will have a limited reunion 7 inch. This 7 inch will have special covers and are hand numbered out of 50. There is anticipation that it will sell out at the show but if it doesnt, shoot him an email and you can buy it directly from him. It will be on sale at the show for $5 and $7-8 ppd afterwards, if there are any left over. Check out the pictures for a peek at what its going to look like. You can contact Kyle here:

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Well, it’s been a few months but here is an interview that I did with hardcore hero Dave Smalley, the singer/frontman of Down By Law, Dag Nasty, DYS and ALL. Taking a cue from the fine gentlemen over at Double Cross, I have decided to break this interview up into parts, this being part 1. A big part of the reason for that is because as of right now, I have only listened to the first DBL album and I wanted to wait until I’ve listened to their entire catalog before discussing that band with Smalley. For now though, enjoy our discussion on his first 3 bands. – Andrew Jacobs

Although xStuck In The Pastx is a ‘90s hardcore webzine, I believe that your invaluable contributions to the ‘80s hardcore scene as the frontman for both DYS and Dag Nasty are too important not to ask you about, so let’s discuss those two bands first. First of all, as the person who coined the phrase “true ‘til death” with regard to straight edge, are you, in fact, still straight edge? Why or why not?

You know, I am still a huge proponent of, and defender of, straight edge. I will always love straight edge, and value what it has done for me. I firmly believe that if I had not been straight edge over such a long period of my life, I would possibly be dead right now, or at the very least, would not have been able to do some of the things I’ve been blessed enough to do, both in music and in life in general. And, the Boston Crew, as well as the D.C. scene, would never have been what they were without the core shared conviction that kids didn’t need to get wasted in order to have a good time. Personally, I don’t like it when former straight edge people start dissing or dismissing it – that’s pretty weak – at the very least, one should never spit on one’s past. Having said that, I will drink now and again, though on a non-GG Allin level – a glass of wine with dinner or beer when out with friends. But the value of straight edge and the lessons have really remained important to me. I think one of the things straight edge helped me with is that I drink when/if I want to, never because I feel pressured. Straight edge helped give me the confidence to do what I want or think is right – so if I’m out with friends and just want a Coke (not Pepsi) or water or whatever, I have no problem being the only one there who doesn’t drink. I’ve been the designated driver for so long now, I’m pretty used to it. On the other hand, if my Irish is up and I want a Guinness, I’ll order one and enjoy it. So the value of the message stays with you, if you let it.

What are your thoughts on the various directions that the straight edge movement has taken in the ‘80s, the ‘90s and the 2000s?

I don’t really know the directions, honestly. I do know that I had some problems with the later idea that one had to be vegan, for instance, to be considered “pure.” That’s never what straight edge was all about. Straight edge was about not conforming to society’s false expectations, and it was about being true to yourself and reaching your potential, and letting that potential show. It was about turning away from rock star excess of the 1960s and ‘70s. It was about not becoming that kid we all had as a friend in high school who was really a good, funny person but who turned into a total burnout and waste, and it was about encouraging others to know they didn’t have to kill themselves in order to prove themselves. Vegetables were never part of the discussion.

I personally maintain that had you only ever done the DYS – Brotherhood album or the Dag Nasty – Can I Say album, you’d STILL be a hardcore legend today. In other words, each of those albums are classic enough on their own to insure legendary status for each of it’s participants. Do you agree or disagree with that assessment?

Thank you so much – sincerely appreciated. Although when people say “legend” at this point in my life, I think that pretty much confirms that I’m ancient. You know, I’ve been fortunate to be in some bands with some really amazing musicians, and we’ve made some records that mean a lot to a lot of people. That’s a blessing, pure and simple. I believe in hardcore, and all that it did for me and for thousands of other kids. And is still doing, both for new kids just discovering it, and for adults whose lives have been shaped by it all.

While I’m on the subject of Dag Nasty (and to bring this discussion into the ‘90s for a bit), I’ve been of the opinion since it’s release in 1992 that Four On The Floor is an excellent punk/hardcore album. What are your thoughts on that album, especially as it compares to Can I Say? Also, do you think that the immense popularity and influence of Can I Say made the lukewarm at best response to Four On The Floor an unfortunate forgone conclusion? Why or why not?

Thanks. You’ll hear different thoughts on this from different folks. It’s got some songs I really like – particularly “Million Days” and “SFS”. But Four on the Floor was really more of a reflection of where all the band members were musically at that time. It’s a snapshot of four different musicians who got together in a relatively hurried way, almost a project band, really, but whose musical chemistry together has, remarkably, always been there. That chemistry is what saved the record. That and the way the guys played their butts off, really great performances as always by Colin, Roger and Brian. Is it a worthy Dag record? Yeah, I think so, but I will definitely say we rushed it in terms of songwriting, recording, etc. I don’t know, maybe that rushed spirit was captured in the recording and added to it all – I’ll leave that to others to determine. There’s no right or wrong in musical tastes; it’s all individual choice. And sometimes opinions change over time too – there are some records I’ve found really grow on me with time, and other less so. As far as comparing it to Can I Say, I suppose everything will be compared to that record, and because of the unique moment in time and space, the heartfelt explosion and energy, Can I Say will always be a special record. But I think Minority of One, on Revelation, actually matched Can I Say, maybe even surpassed it, in intensity and focused fury, though there again, comparing is inevitably flawed. At the very least, one can say that Four on the Floor was the engine warming up in a really cool car after that car hadn’t been used for a long time – but Minority of One was going out on the highway in the car and hitting 95 mph with AC/DC blasting in the speakers.

Back to the ‘80s again – you were the original singer for the pop punk mainstay ALL. Did you have any idea back in the late ‘80s when you joined ALL that you’d be fronting yet another hugely popular and legendary band?

No – I just knew that I really liked Bill Stevenson as a person – we’d met each other when he was in Black Flag and I was in DYS, and also, when he was in Descendents and I was in Dag Nasty. And I really liked him as a drummer, and I really liked the Descendents. And he really liked DYS and Dag. Bill and I chatted a lot when I was in my first year of grad school, after I’d quit Dag and was studying in Israel . I think he told me his phone bills were over $1,000! ALL was Bill’s vision, and it was and is a dang good vision. I think we both hoped we’d be able to do something unique and that sort of fused some of what we both loved from the Descendents and Dag Nasty – and I think to a large degree, it worked. I’ve never seen so many smiles in a show before or since. That band really does mean a lot to people, and that’s a tribute to Bill and his persistence and his vision of going for all.

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Here we have the Voice of the Voiceless compilation that was released in 1991 by Smorgasbord Records and later released on CD by Doghouse Records. While nowadays, compilations seem to be a thing of the past, this was a good one when it came out (no I didnt get it when it came out). Great lineup of bands including Split Lip, Endpoint, Youth of Today, Shelter, Worlds Collide, and more singing songs about vegetarianism and veganism. Also notable that Rob R. Rock is featured on here...he was a straight edge rapper from North Carolina. There was a whole big story about him but I don't remember the details so hopefully someone will fill in the holes. I also included scans of the layout. Enjoy


Voice Of The Voiceless Compilation
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Someone requested some live Culture so here we are. This was recorded on their last European tour and includes a never before released song "Pimping the Revolution". The sound quality is pretty good but the first track cuts off the first 2 minutes of the song. That was how I downloaded it so if anyone has the entire song, let me know.

Culture - Live in Berlin, Germany 1998

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For those of you who know me, know a few things about musically...I love all things Morrissey, straight edge and Syracuse Hardcore. Well when I heard the Path of Resistance record when it came out in 1996, I was blown away. The record still destroys every other band that tries to pull off the 3 singer attack and even 13 years later, the record still holds its ground. Anyway, as I got older and the internet became a great way to find out information about bands, I started to search out demos from these bands that I loved. The first one I heard about was the Earth Crisis "Firestorm" demo with the Taxi Driver intro...we did a post for it, it rules, end of story. Then I heard there was a Path demo. Only problem was that no one I knew had ever actually seen it let alone heard it. I snooped around and sure enough there was a demo. I finally found one on Ebay recently and was able to win it. It showed up yesterday and it promptly went into my cassette deck. Well, I dont know if I was duped or if it was real but the 4 tracks were the same as the full length recording. It just sounds like it was maybe there isnt actually an actual demo recording, maybe there is. I don't know...its definitely cool to have. I scanned the insert that came with it (there was no cover) which shows the lyrics to four songs including "Followers" which would later be retitled "In Honors Name" and "Falling Prey" which would be changed to "Fallen Prey". Also notice at the top corner of the insert, the members of the band are handwritten. If anyone has anymore info on this tape, please let me know so I can put to rest whether or not I should continue my search.
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Add yet another CD to the already HUGE stack of CDs released by former Gamefacer and current Goodtimeser & Your Favorite Trainwrecker Jeff Caudill. This new CD is an excellent collection of demos, home recordings, covers and "neglected tracks". Among the many bands covered: Sense Field, Big Drill Car, Jawbreaker, Bad Religion and (Chip'll like this) Morrissey. Acoustic and demo versions of songs by all of Jeff's bands are also included, making this 18 song CD a must for the Caudill fanatic as well as a great starting point for the newbie. This CD is currently only available from the man himself, so if you're interested in obtaining a copy, please send a PayPal payment of $8 (includes shipping) to and be sure to let him know that it's for the Every Last Song CD.

Below are links to 3 of the cover songs from the CD. Enjoy.

Building (Sense Field)

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (Postal Service)

Ache (Jawbreaker)

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I tried poking around the interwebs for extra information about this Breakout Records compilation from 1999, and I came up with nothing. So, I'll just have to give a play-by-play from memory about the comp and the bands.

1. ABOVE THIS WORLD was fronted by Mikey Hood. Old style "cali hardcore"
2. ADAMANTIUM this recording of the song "virus" was from a different session than the one that ended up on When it Rains..., and I honestly like this version better EXCEPT for the singing part. The guitar into is different and the song just has a grittier, more raw feel.
3. SHUTDOWN this track was also on the album Few And Far Between
4. BUILT TO LAST was from the San Diego area, and always reminded me of Sick Of It All. Good dudes.
5. ANOTHER VICTIM this track was also on A Portrayal Of Vengeance, and is another stand-out track from this comp.
6. THROWDOWN this recording of "go the distance" is also different from the album version. The song would eventually be known as just "family"
7. BROTHERS KEEPER contributes a track from Sweet Revenge
8. RELY was fronted by this awesome kid named RJ who has been AFI's roadie forever. Very Nor-Cal style hardcore from this little-known band.
9. 18 VISIONS used the first track from the first full length Yesterday Is Time Killed, with arguably one of the best ways to start a song ever.
10. RACE TRAITOR's song "curse" was a great way to start their album as well. A funny review of that album can be found HERE
11. SWORN VENGEANCE was another Nor-Cal hardcore band. They put out records on Westcoast Worldwide and Back Ta Basics, so that might describe their sound.
12. BURDEN was the first sxe band from Vancouver, Canada. Members went on to be in Blue Monday and Carry On, and Aram from Champion filled in on guitar.
13. xCLEARx was one of the first and best sXe bands from Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't even need to get into SLC SXE in the 90s...
14. SHOW OF HANDS used the last song from their Smorgasbord Record's 7". Good, So-Cal hardcore.
15. TRIAL's song appeared on Through The Darkest Days, my favorite release from the band. I believe this song was also on the demo.

All in all, not a whole lot of exclusive tracks here, but a good representation of Straight Edge hardcore at the time. Worth it for the Adamantium track alone.


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Information courtesy of Lambgoat:

Poison The Well had their van and trailer (including all of their gear) stolen in Detroit following the first show of their tour with Billy Talent. The band does indeed have insurance, and they will resume the tour in a day or two. Here's a statement from the group:

"So this morning we woke up at our delightful Marriot Courtyard hotel (Priceline, get into it) and walked outside to get in the van to head to Chicago for our second show of the tour. Only problem, it isn't there. Either someone is pulling some Merlin shit on us and just waiting for the perfect moment to unveil it and calm our shot nerves, or a talented scumbag stole our van and trailer with literally everything we own inside. Needless to say, we're crushed. Our most beloved instruments are gone, and trust me, we're gear nerds.

"After a great deal of scrambling and deliberation, we found a way to stay on tour, after a few days off to get some gear and a rental van together. Having something like this happen is the worst thing that can happen to any band short of someone dying, and we're incredibly stoked to finish this tour with Billy Talent and play every night doing what we love.

"Our most sincere thanks to everyone who offered to help us in any way, our friends mean the world to us and everyone who has reached out today is absolutely mind blowing. Huge huge ups to Adam, Dave, and Jackie at Yeah!, the entire Ferret Records Family (Carl cause hes got the cash and Rick cause he calls the shots), Issac and the entire Indie Merch and Jakprints family, Tour Dog Leasing and Rental (thanks for driving to detroit to come get us), Jimmy and First Act Guitars, Russel Blair and Orange Amps, Derek at Ernie Ball, Tyme Rogers and Tech 21, Evan Obrien and Korg, Scott Uchida and Jim Dunlop, Jon "Shabba on the spot" Linton, John 'Badge' Chidley. Some of these people have always helped us out and are further making our lives better. Some of these people barely know us and have helped us this with this shit time.

"If you want to help out, we'll have a limited edition shirt online sometime soon that makes fun of our situation and is awesome, and all proceeds from that will go to wiping away our tears and some new tumbleweeds for the insides of our wallets."
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Today I bring you the original layout for Poison The Well's "Distance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" which was originally released on Goodlife Recordings. This record was later re-released on Undecided Records with a new layout and 2 bonus live tracks. A few interesting notes about the layout include a mistake in the members department. Andrew Abramowitz who would later play in the band The Distance played bass, not Jeronimo Gomez. Also if you look at the insert pictures you can a bunch of South Florida mainstays including Dennis Pace (who played drums early on in Poison The Well), Chad Gilbert and Adam Reeb (vocals for One Day Away). The layout is very typical late 90s and has a bunch of biblical images which was very much the norm for Goodlife.
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Todd D. Trout, guitarist and co-founder of the ‘90s Southern California pop punk mainstay Gameface, is back with New Liars Club and he has brought along former Gameface members Steve Sanderson (drums) and The Tank's Guy Julian (bass) for the ride. Guitarist Kevin Chen, formerly of The Supertones, and The Tank singer Ken Conte round out the lineup. The result is catchy as hell power pop for the 21st century. Damn good stuff.

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Manny Mares posted this on Bridge 9 and I thought it was pretty funny. Figured Id share...heres the timeline of what member did what in Throwdown and the years they were a part of the band.
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For my first official post as a member of the team, I wanted to write about a band that was important to me in the 90's, and that was/ is relatively unknown.

Remain IS 90s hardcore. Emotional music, thought provoking lyrics, mid-tempo hardcore that is full of passion and is not pretentious or forced. Musically, it sounds like Ashes, later Outspoken, even later Turning Point. Lots of octaves, melody, no real "break downs" per se. This was the time before modern "dancing" had evolved, and the mosh was very ungraceful and barbaric, and the tempo of the music went along with that. There's even a couple of awesome dive bomb's hidden in there. Lyrically, touching on subjects that were VERY big in the 90s, like indigenous people's struggles, wondering why people abuse substances, and fires burning about something or other. Vocally, kind of a rough singing and very emotional delivery, like the singer could have been literally crying on stage because a tribal land is disappearing.

This CD was recorded in 1994 at For The Record in Orange, CA. Many OC bands recorded there in the 90s and early 2000s, such as Farside, Enewetak and Adamantium to name a few. I saw Remain many times in the 90s and I was initially drawn to them because some of the members weren't white. That may sound weird, but growing up brown in white-as-fuck Newport Beach, and realizing that Hardcore was (and to an extent still is) a white/male dominated genre, I appreciated the diversity.

Orlando Sanchez went on to form Parade's End with Leonardno and ex-Mean Season member Jae Hansel. After that, he resurfaced in the punk bands IM GONNA STAB YOU and FM Bats. Interestingly, many members of the Long Beach punk scene that spawned Le Shok, etc., were originally in and around the Hardcore scene.
Butch Bowen sang for the awesomely under-appreciated The Q-Factor, who had a 7" and appeared on a comp or two. He also sang for a band called New Day which played Outspoken's first last show, and they were amazing as well. He also played in Former Members Of Alfonsin (a great post about them can be found on WHAT WE WANT WE MUST CREATE)
Leonardo was in Parade's End and I'm Gonna Stab You.
John was in Parade's End.

A year or so ago, a few copies apparently "resurfaced" and were available from the Revelation distro, as the record was put out by Igby (who works there). You may still be able to pick on up if you're lucky. if not, enjoy this.

Remain- Die Alone
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m0nster posted this after I made the original post on Bridge 9 regarding ATC. Heres an early catalog from 1995. They sure don't make em like they used to

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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In honor of the "Straight Edge Means I Have No Friends" tshirt I have coming in the mail, I thought it would fun to take a look back at the old Andrew Thomas Company catalog. Unfortunately, I lost mine many years ago when I had 3 bags full of zines accidentally thrown out. Fortunately, Bridge 9 user Evan D answered my call and scanned in the images for me and sent it as a download. I still have a few of the designs but this seriously takes me back. For now, check out the scans...expect a full post on 90s hardcore clothing companies soon. Again, big thanks to Evan D for scanning this.
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He who has been a good friend to Stuck in the Past has joined us as regular contributor. Please welcome Jav Van Huss to fold. He's coming on to shoulder some of the load we carry and we could'nt be happier to have him on board. Make sure also to check out Jav's column on the Hellfish website for a round of "Ask Jav". Again, we are very excited to have him come on and help us out so be on the lookout for his updates. In the next few days, we will be adding another member to our team but more on that later.

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Heres some info regarding the upcoming Rorschach reunion shows. If you've never heard Rorschach, check out their Myspace.

"Here's the final list of dates for the RORSCHACH tour:

9/23 Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz w/ Pulling Teeth, Forensics

9/24 Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes w/ The Black Kites, Torchbearer

9/25 New York, NY @ Santos Party House w/ Celebrity Murders, The Degenerics

9/26 Boston, MA @ The ICC w/ Doomriders, Raw Radar War

9/27 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ 1.6 Band, Halo of Snakes

Both of their Lps have been re-mixed and re-mastered and will be available as a double Lp set (with a dropcard to get it digitally).
There will be 5 distinct colors, each limited to 150 copies. Only one color will be sold at each show.

They also have the remixed/remastered Lps available as an 8 panel digipack cd. This is also limited and numbered.

They're screening their old shirt designs again and a new four color design by Brent from Magic Bullet ( I think 4 in total)."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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I heard Ghost Ship actually for the first time today and was definitely into it. For me, its getting harder and harder to find current bands that I enjoy, especially in the vocal department. But Ghost Ship made a believer out of me. They've just recorded a demo/EP and will be releasing that soon. Just prior to recording, they recruited ex-Another Victim drummer Tony Tornabene to round out the lineup. The quality of the demo is perfect, everything seems to be mixed at just the right level. My favorite track so far is "My Oath", a blatant straight edge anthem. Its nice to see a band who is proud to be straight edge and not afraid to be vocal about it. For a band that has been around for a short period of time, they seem like they really have their shit together. You can download their 2009 EP "X Marks The Spot" below. I spoke to their vocalist, Curtis, and asked him to give us some info on the band and here's what he had to say:

Syracuse has an amazing hardcore scene, and we wanted to strengthen the straight edge here with our new band GHOSTxSHIP. We are lucky enough to share a town with great straight edge bands like Earth Crisis, Path of Resistance, Black SS, and more.

GHOSTxSHIP started as a side project for us from our other bands.
Steve Port, the drummer from Another Breath is the driving force behind writing our songs. He plays guitar for us, not drums. But because we went through some drummer issues Steve kept this band going with his multi-talented ability to play and write both guitar and drum parts. We got to play a few shows this summer before we parted with our drummer, including an off date with Bane on their 10 for 10 tour, and a s
how with Foundation & Title Fight, which was great for us.

At the time, we only had a rough copy of "My Oath" so we decided that we should go into the studio with our good friend Gabe Solomon in Auburn, NY. This was about the time when we lost our previous drummer, so Steve pushed forward recording guitars, bass, and drums while I took care of the vocals. We had our friend Alan French (If Hope Dies, Christ Crusher) do guest vocals on "Enough" and I think that it turned out awesome in my opinion. Needless to say, we're pretty proud of what we accomplished this past month with Gabe. I guess we are a little impatient and want to share it with everyone now rather than waste time trying to get our money back selling burned copies. Plus, we'd rather get kids pumped instead of waiting around for pressed copies. We will be pressing them sometime this fall (artwork and $$$ pending) but until then, we'll let people pass it around on the internet. It's tentatively titled "X Marks The Spot" So please, if you like it... burn it for your buddies or email it to your friends, we don't care.

Now that we have our
mastered songs, we're practicing and getting our material tight with our new drummer Tony Tornabene (Night Owls, ex-Another Victim) for fall shows. We'd like to write another song or two before the fall is over with him, but right now we're just concentrating on playing some killer shows. Anyone who is interested in booking us, we'll be available for weekend shows in the Northeast starting in mid-October.

or just message us on our myspace page.

2009 EP "X Marks The Spot" -

Thanks for the support!