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A few years ago our buddy at Pins & Needles Zine started a band called killtraitors with their main influences being Harvest and Torn Apart. They recorded two demos that have just been sitting around so they were kind enough to send them our way. Hopefully there will be some more news of an album in the future. 
Here are the links to their 5 song demos:

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Bane will be releasing their final album on May 13th and from the looks of the trailer they posted last month, it sounds like it's going to be a good one. Today, the band posted the first song from the record and it's a banger. Noisey posted it earlier today so head over there to check it out. You can hear the song by clicking here:
Bane "All The Way Through"

You can still preorder their new album, "Don't Wait Up", by clicking here:
Bane "Don't Wait Up" 

The band will be heading out on a US tour to support the album this summer and it may very well be your last chance to see them. Click the link below to see if they will be heading your way:
Tour Dates

Saturday, April 26, 2014

411 was a band  that was a slice of a little something different in the early 90's. During their brief existence, they spit out a equally brief 7" and an incredible 12". With the impending 411 discography release, I asked singer Dan O'Mahoney if he'd mind cluing us in on how the band formed and how their great debut 7" came to be. He agreed and I couldn't be happier with all the stuff he provided for the piece. Dan currently fronts Done Dying, who head out on their first European tour later this week. Photos provided were taken by Dave Sine.
"With the upcoming 411 discography looming in the very near future I've taken up SITP's kind offer to let me tell the tale of how it all began.
As I remember it 411 sprang from two different pools. The first being an attempt by neighborhood friend Josh Stanton and I to finally do some music together, the second being a generous offer from Al Quint of Suburban voice to let me contribute to the series of 7"s he was featuring in the 'zine.
At the time NFAA had gone to it's grave and while Carry Nation was fun and promising it certainly wasn't a departure from what we'd done previously. I was in the mood to explore.
The Suburban voice thing seemed like an opportunity to combine forces with a Boston legend whom CN had been doing shows with during his first run in Down by Law. Dave Smalley had committed what I still think might be the best lps worth of vocals in hc history via Dag Nasty's Can I Say lp and I wanted to work with him.
The doing a band with Josh thing was quickly morphing into a band with fellow Workshed musician Kevin Murphy from head first, but prior to the SV idea the sound had been more Neurosis than Dischord and Vaudim Rubin of Half Off had been playing drums.
 During that time I asked Kevin how he would feel about writing a few Dag type songs that Dave and I could record for the zine. What he gave me was more than I expected... two songs that I found more exciting than anything else I'd worked on to that point. I wanted them for myself and I wanted my next band to have that sound.
The O'Mahony/Smalley side project pretty much died right there although Dave did contribute via some duet time in 'Say It' and 411 did eventually contribute a live offering on a Suburban Voice 7".
The final piece in the puzzle and the point at which the band became something to really be proud of was the addition of Mario Rubalcaba. This pro skater, mountain of dreads, and force of nature on the drums remains the most amazing musician I've ever played with. I'd met him through Chuck Treece during Voicebox and had made the mental note that someday I had to play with the guy. Mission accomplished.
Things came together quick and in the ultimate cherry on top moment we were able to nail down Brett Gurewitz from Bad Religion to record and engineer the e.p. The band was the tightest I've ever been in, the guys some of the most talented, and the recording one of the best I've been privileged to be a part of... and none of it was as it was supposed to be at the start"

411- Say It Thoughts That Feed The Fire 7" 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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S.O.B. first took shape in 1983, and were known for being one of the premiere bands for bringing the speed of thrash to hardcore.  They gained extra notoriety in 1990 when they did a split 7" with Napalm Death.  The influence that the two bands had on one another can be easily heard on both band's albums during the early 90s.

A while back, I bought a bunch of tapes from a friend, and in that lot was this S.O.B. - Studio Session '92 tape.  I've been unable to find any information about it on the internet, except for a couple of listings that claim in should have been from 1990, but those don't even have a picture of the cover.  My friend got his copy off of Ryuji from BattleOfDisarm in the early 90s, and the insert lists a recording date of July 14th, 1992 at Studio 246, so I'm leaning towards it being an authentic original, but one can still never know for sure.

That being said, here's the S.O.B. studio session from 1992.

S.O.B. - Studio Session '92

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Slowly but surely, we are fixing the links that have gone down. Some we will not be re-upping as they have become available for purchase (Trial's catalog) but if you do see a link that have gone down, let us know and we will get it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. See below for a few new updated links:

EDIT: Apparently some of the links were mixed up. They should be good now.

Decontaminate - Cleanse And Burn

Lifeless - Self Titled 7 Inch

Sevin - Heaven's Deception

Amenity - Forward, Into The Past

Boiling Point - Conquered By Ignorance

Paid In Blood - Demo
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The dudes at Black N Blue hit us up to let us know that the official trailer for this year's BNB is up. Every year, this fest has gotten better and better and this year is no exception. I can't make it but I'm pumped they were able to get Beyond to play. So awesome...the show will take place at:
The Well
272 Meserole Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Tickets are $36 ADV, $42 DOS, $65 2-Day Pass
Doors @ 1:00 PM (both days).

The lineups for both days are as follows:

Sat, May 17th, 2014
Agnostic Front
(only appearance “Cause For Alarm” line-up)
All Out War
Minus 1
Darkside NYC
Sworn Enemy
Brick By Brick
Brain Slug
Friend Or Foe

Sun, May 18th, 2014
Agnostic Front
(only appearance “Cause For Alarm” line-up)
7 Seconds
Take Offense
Beyond (reunion)
Suburban Scum
Power Trip
Against The Grain NYHC (reunion)
Criminal Instinct
Heavy Chains
Caught In A Trap

To watch the trailer, click here: BNB 2014 Trailer

For more information, go to Black N Blue Productions

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Envy were a great mid 90's straight edge band from Buffalo, NY. I had the pleasure of being friends with some of the guys, played with them(with Halfmast and No Reason) as well as booking them a few times. I always loved their pre-LP demo and recalled that it was initially going to be a second 7" on a west coast label. I couldn't remember the specifics, so I reached out to Larry Ransom, who sang for Envy, and he took the time to write a little something. Check it out and the great info from Larry (that's him as a youngster on the cover).
 "Hello everyone. Jeremy asked me to chime in on this demo tape so I thought I'd write out all that I can remember.
Going back a bit before this tape, I had released two 7"s on my label, New Direction Records. The first being an awesome and pretty much unknown 7" from the Buffalo band, Against All Hope (go seek it out) and the second being the self-titled 7" from my band, Envy. One of the distributors for my releases at that time was Network Sound (New Age and Conversion Records) in California. Their buyer at the time, who would call me when they needed to order a restock was this kid Jason. He was cool and easy to deal with and would always make sure that Network Sound would get me paid on time. He was friendly on the phone and we would often just end up shooting the shit about hardcore and filling each other in on cool new records we had purchased and what was going on in our local scenes.
At one point he was starting up his own label that was going to be an inprint under the Network Sound umbrella and he asked Envy if we would like to release a 7" with him. I talked it over with the band and we decided to do it as we had a grip of new songs we wanted to release and we thought the Network Sound distribution would be a big help in getting the record out into the world.
He named his record label X-hibition Records. The first release for his label was going to be an album from the New Jersey band, Strength 691. He had linked up with Strength 691 through a recommendation from Joe D Foster from Ignite. The Envy 7" was going to be the second release.
We booked studio time with Doug White at Watchmen Studios. We had recorded our original demo with Doug when the studio was still in his parents basement.  But now we would be the first band to record at his new studio on Snyder Rd at the corner of Robinson Rd. We were the guinea pigs of sorts for Doug's new studio so he cut us a great deal on studio time. I think he may have only charged us $100.
I don't recall too many specifics about being in the studio. I think we had done our best, performance wise, in the studio compared to our previous recording experiences and as always, Joe drove Doug crazy by trying to get the best sound and mix we could. At the end of the recording session we all signed and dated a dollar bill for Doug and it's still hanging in his studio as we were the first customers. I think next year will be the 20th anniversary of that day and recording. Scary to think!
Joe did the layout for the 7" and CDEP and we sent the layout and master recording to the label for the manufacturing etc. I know things started to go into production as test pressing were made and he sent us 4 of them so each member could have one and he sent us a CD of the mastered recording for CD version of the release. Things seemed to be fine at this point. We had even made flyers and started promoting the release at our shows.
 Things started to slow down after that and he was beginning to be hard to get ahold of and eventually he got fired from Network Sound. Things were starting to remind me of the all too familiar "Hardcore records take forever to come out" scenario like what happened to local bands that had come before us... The No Joke 7", The Slugfest 7" and the Fadeaway split 7". Records that took years to come out after they were recorded. Except ours got worse. It never came out! 
Finally I got ahold of the guy and he admitted he wouldn't be able to continue with the label. The Strength 691 album didn't come out either and I think the guy basically disappeared from HC all togother. We were excited to get that recording out so we pressed up a quick 100 copies as a demo to sell at an upcoming show we had with Mouthpiece in the summer of 1996. We had the tapes professionally dubbed at this place ESP and had the shells printed which was cool and we just made photocopy covers. We sold all 100 copies at that show. We didn't give that tape a bigger pressing or distribution as we had already written a bunch more songs by that point so we thought we would re-record those songs along with all our new ones for an album, which we did do.
So that's pretty much the story on that tape. It's probably the recording that turned out the best for us and the one that people tell me they like the best.
Thanks Jeremy.

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Finally found the time to update some links that have gone down. Sorry it takes so long sometimes but we do what we can when we can. Anyway, see below for direct links to the original posts with the updated links:

108 - Songs Of Separation Zine

Arson - Words Written In Blood

State Craft - Embracing Serene Memories In This Nocturnal Snowlight Garden of Eden

Stones To Mark A Fire

Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

 While waiting in line at a local thrash/ death metal show in the winter on 1990, I bought a 7” by local Buffalo, NY hardcore band Against All Hope. I thought it was pretty cool and listened to it quite a bit over the coming months. The following summer of '91, I finally was able to catch them live and they were WAY better than that 7”. The line up I saw at that show had Jay Galvin on bass and Scott Vogel on drums, both of whom were also in Slugfest. Over the next few years, I saw them many, many more times and once their line up solidified they got even better.

In 1993 Against All Hope released my favorite material by them, their Self Titled cassette; they were on the more speedy, melodic side of hardcore, especially for Buffalo, mixing in some Dag Nasty style to their brand of 'core. Long gone were Jay and Scott, but oddly enough both Flipowitz and Tim Patterson from AAH also went on to be in Slugfest. This is a really great demo and includes a cover of Once I Cry by Uniform Choice. 

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I follow Dischord on Tumblr and they post some great stuff from their archives featuring a lot of great bands.  These flyers are just the tip of the iceberg. See more right here.

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I was just going to update the original post but I figured why not just start over? This would be Earthmover's final offering to us before they decided to call it quits following a European tour. I had a buddy who grew up in Detroit and went to college at the University of Miami. who was friends with them. We went to pick them up at the airport after they came back from Belgium...that was the closest I ever got to seeing them. Bummer...all the videos I ever saw of the band were bonkers. By now, you've probably heard this record and you know it's a rager, probably their best material. Solid from start to finish. "We're not about money, we're not about money".

Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word

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Here's a 2 page interview with Day Of Suffering from Abstraction Zine #3. I couldn't find the year that this was released but it seems to be after the release of their CD "The Eternal Jihad". Nice read into what the band was about. They start to discuss their "new" record but unfortunately the release never happened. Pretty sure I got this scan from Rob Mafia (thanks for your help again Rob). Enjoy.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Caught somewhere between early 90's "Buffalo stye" hardcore and Turning Point, Fadeaway's Blindsight is one of the absolute best demos to ever come out of the Buffalo, NY hardcore scene. The song writing and pedigree (3 members went on to Despair and another to Snapcase) on Blindsight is top notch, combining songs from 3 different recording sessions; all of which were recorded at Watchmen studios. Though two of the songs (Perfect Blood and Gone) appear on the band's previous demo, they work better in the context of this release. 21 years later, it still sounds current and vital.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Blasphemour Records has just put up pre-orders for the Chaos Order / Werewolf Congress split 7", titled Order Of The Wolf.  There are a few options to choose from, and orders are expected to start going out at the end of May.

Here's a video for "Through Humanity's Venom" off of the Chaos Order side of the 7".

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As many of you have probably seen, posted the lineup for this year's installment of This Is Hardcore. The fest has become THE fest to play year after year and this year's lineup is pretty solid. Some old 90s favorites will be making an appearance including Turmoil, Fury Of Five, Ringworm, Culture, Civ and more. Weekend tickets will be on sale April 12th.