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I remember first hearing of Throwdown thanks to my friend Nicky (Left With Nothing) having their demo tape. If I recall correctly, they may have played a show together while LWN was on tour. As silly as it is, "Box Your Face In" was definitely my favorite track on that demo, but I never got my hands on a copy for myself. Fast forward just a month or so, and I got a very random instant message from Chase Corum, who had found me simply through AOL member searches, because I had Adamantium listed in my profile. I had previously ordered the Adamantium 7" from him, and he proceeded to tell me that he was releasing a 7" for Throwdown, so I didn't hesitate to order two copies (oh how I miss the days of AOL hardcore chat and actually sending money orders/checks to receive records in the mail).

Throwdown's first show @ Van Beek Rockatorium. Keith wore a robe and boxing gloves.

Chase was kind enough to recall some memories from those early Throwdown days, and share them with us:
"Throwdown recorded the demo and s/t 7" in the same session during the Summer of '98. Javier VanHuss (who had replaced original guitarist Jake Sahagen) was supposed to record but quit the band in order to attend the Sunny Day Real Estate reunion in Seattle with a bunch of us. They replaced Jav with Brandon Schieppati who took part in the recording.

The session produced 8 songs. 4 would go on a demo and 4 on a 7". I told them I would release the 7" with one stipulation -- that "Decay" be included. I think they chose the other songs based on the seriousness of the lyrical content -- songs like "Box Your Face" and "Get Sick" were both pretty ridiculous so they ended up on the demo. (On a side note, the lyrics to "Get Sick Motherfuckers" were thought up one day at the beach in Balboa by our friend Austin "Sven" Ahlgren while brainstorming ridiculous things for Keith to say onstage in order to incite 'the mosh').

Paul Miner recorded it and did the layout. The front cover photo is actually 2 pictures combined into one. If you look behind Schieppati you can see Rosey (Adamantium bassist) looking towards the drum riser and standing next to himself filming.

Other notable photos include the picture of Keith from PCH Club where Jav is playing guitar wearing a SOIA wifebeater and an eye-patch (!). This was one of the rare live Jav appearances, along with a show at Koo's where he wore a rasta-dread hat. I actually just watched video of this show.

The pic of Schieppati is from the infamous "Crime Scene" show at Aaron Stone's house where one Gorman brother went through a sliding glass door and another physically threw Dom's girlfriend off the roof, resulting in the presence of authorities. I just watched this video, too. Hopefully I can get both on YouTube soon.

The 7" was released at "The Newport Takeover 2" at Showcase Theater in October '98. I believe this show was the debut of the Throwdown Dance Team shirts, a ridiculous concept that, like any great idea, was both loved and hated.

Pressing info:

Test Pressing -- 15 on black (all with different covers)
"Too Crushed" cover -- 134
Clear Vinyl -- 100
Red Vinyl -- 300
Black Vinyl -- 600
White Vinyl -- 1000
Orange Vinyl -- Approx. 40. I was going to do a MarcIE tribute pressing (because he loves the color orange), but he was out of the band before I got around to it. They now sit in a box somewhere.

Thanks for letting me take this trip down memory lane.

Chip recently acquired a copy of the demo, and sent it to me for conversion.

Throwdown - Demo [1998]

Throwdown - self titled 7"
[Prime Directive Records - 1998]

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When I first heard of Abandon, Justin told me there was a video of them covering Morning Again's "Stones". Obviously, I was extremely excited. I watched the video and was impressed. I later found out the band was relatively young (their ages) and that they could actually play their instruments. It was refreshing to hear a group of young people who fell in love with the 90s hardcore sound and were able to put a fresh take on it. I ordered the demo directly from the band which took some time to show but it was worth it.I messaged the band to tell them that I was into it and that I would do a review for it. Fast forward 7-8 months and I received an email from Francisco asking if I'd like to review the full length. Of course, I said yes.
The record opens with "Walls" which has some serious Unbroken worship (Life.Love.Regret era) with its chugging riffs as well as some Seven Generations influence. I like that bands draw influence from their contemporaries and 7 Gen had a big influence on the current scene. "To Defy" opens with a choral march. It sounds like something you would have heard during it? Possibly but I dont have the liner notes. The chorus is swallowed up by a tribal beat and chugging riff followed by a slower, half time feel. When the band does play fast, Im glad the drummer knows how the play the fast beat correctly. To me, there is a right way and a wrong way and he pulls it off quite well.
2 of the songs are re-recorded from their demo and they greatly benefit from the top notch production. Everything is leveled perfectly and nothing seems to overpower. Being a guitar player, I have always noticed guitar tone (and the tone on this record is great) but the bass tone is what gets me. SO HEAVY. It reminds me a lot of how Buske's tone on the Santa Sangre record sounds. Lyrically, I was given a copy of the lyric sheet but to be honest, as Im getting older, Im finding it harder and harder to pick up the subtleties and hidden meanings in songs. The lyrics are well written and thought out though dealing with personal issues as well as straight edge and veganism.
Overall, Im extremely happy with the record. I preordered it through Catalyst Records and am anxiously awaiting it to come in the mail. Pick this and go see this band if they play near you. One to watch in 2010.

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If you don't know or have any interest in Xessive ForceX, then i suggest you stop reading this right now, because you just won't get it.

Yes, E-Force is more revered now than when they were around. They WERE "popular" at the time, it's true, but they weren't held in the same regard that they are now. I'm by no means saying that they were an IMPORTANT band, per se, but ask anyone who reads this blog or posts on it's forum, and they will tell you that they can't get enough of the chug.

Well, before Dan Gump went away to serve his country, before he started Life Sentence records (which did indeed put out seminal 90's hardcore records, and continued to until 2005?) he sang for a band called Full Contact. This was when he introduced himself to people as "Skinhead Dan from Chicago". Full Contact recorded a demo, which has been featured on BRING HONOUR OR WALK AWAY, but the quality of that demo makes it almost utterly forgettable.

Marc Jackson sent me a few more tracks, which were transferred to digital by Keith Divel (who was a member of E-Force and Giveuntilgone). Marc was recruited to play drums by Gump after the first incarnation of Full Contact imploded. Marc described the recording debacle of recording these songs to me
"Dan told me I could use Billy Hayes' drums and cymbals, he was the drummer for DEAD WAIT. So we go to his place first thing in the morning, wake his as up and Dan tells him "hey, we need to use your shit, Marc doesn't have his drums", so that was awkward. Luckily I knew Billy and he knew Dan, and knew Dan was a liar 98% of the time.
After the recording I wasn't allowed a copy because I didn't pitch in. Then that fucker went to japan for the marines, and I quit to join REFUGE full time. He told everyone I got kicked out, and then started E Force.
Also, he gave all the dudes in that band our recording and told them to use one of the songs, which I'm pretty sure made it on to the full length."

The songs "intro/ Shallow Graves" and "Backtrack" were from this recording session. These, along with "hate", "misguided" and "last time" were never officially released.

The original bass player of Full Contact has created a MySpace page, which has pretty good versions of the recordings of the other songs, and they first demo? He is also disgruntled from Dan Gump, so don't bring it up. The page has tons of cool pictures and flyers.
Full Contact on MySpace

Full Contact lost recordings

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Tickets for the Endpoint reunion show/benefit for Jason Noble will go on sale this Friday (2/26/2010) at 10AM. Get down to Ear X-Tacy or jump on Ticketweb while you can. As Headliner’s has been settled on, this will almost definitely sell out. Tickets are reportedly $16 advance, $18 day of show, but I’ll be shocked if you can get ‘em that day. As Mr. Bailey points out the Ear X tickets will be cash only, but you’ll save $6-$8 on ticket “convenience” fees by paying cash.

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Once again, another xStuck In The Pastx exclusive for y'all! Here is The Killing Flame song "Back To Ash" from their vinyl only Back To Ash EP released in 2000 on Coretex/Grapes Of Wrath (click here to order the vinyl). BIG thanks to Aaron over at ZENWHISPER MEDIA & RECORDINGS for providing me with this!

The Killing Flame - "Back To Ash" from the Back To Ash EP [2000 - Coretex/Grapes Of Wrath]

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Process - Regeneration EP [1994 - Conversion Records]

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Here is a cool compilation documenting the French hardcore scene in the late '90s. It was released in 1998 as the first release on Overcome Records, the label done by David of Stormcore, who are also on this double CD compilation. It features an overview of the (harder side of the) French hardcore scene at the time. The bands featured on this compilation are: A.W.O.L., Kickback, Underground Society, Right For Life, Drowning, Children, Headway, Trapped In Life, Primal Age, Seekers Of The Truth, Hang Up and Stormcore. Except Headway, all bands have 2 songs on here, and a lot of the songs on here are previously unreleased.

This is a great compilation for the most part, but some bands do stand out. I've already written all I wanted about A.W.O.L. here and here. Can't recommend this band enough. Best band to come out of France ever, IMHO. I also wrote about Trapped In Life here. The Drowning tracks are still in their old, tough NYHC meets death metal style mixed with the old singer (Jean-Marc, who also did Inner Rage Records), great stuff. Kickback doing a cover of Breakdown's 'Kickback', gotta love it. I'm also planning a post on Children, who did a superb full-length after this compilation, very creative band.

Anyways, check it out.

V/A - The Nightmare Remains... In This Other Land CD 1
V/A - The Nightmare Remains... In This Other Land CD 2
V/A - The Nightmare Remains... In This Other Land scans

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Along with Inside Out, Burn was one of the first great hardcore bands of the 90s. Displaying a variety of styles, Burn only released one record during their short existence (this would change but lets stick with the first time they were together) but left a lasting impression on thousands of hardcore kids. For those of us not living in NYC or the surrounding areas, the band seemed shrouded in a bit of mystery. No photos in the insert, very minimal information on the band...I don't believe this was intentional but when this sort of thing happens, I feel like the band is letting the music speak for itself and allowing the listener to form their own image. The cover looks like someone watched a video of a live show, paused the VCR and took a picture of it. Nice and bright, it looks like complete mayhem.
I remember reading an interview with guitarist Gavin Van Vlack and he said how he was criticized because his new band (Burn) had an African-American singer just like his previous band, Absolution. He seemed angry about the criticism but I like the fact that he went a different route instead of asking someone who had previously been in a well-known band. Chaka Malik is the quintessential frontman.
The record begins with "...Shall Be Judged", a fast track that speaks on the idea of vegetarianism. Chaka ends the track with the now famous "We have killed and shall be judged" while the music slows down and goes in a more post-hardcore direction. My favorite track is "Godhead" featuring a slow jazz midsection which is then swallowed up by a midpaced singalong. Chaka screams "Hear Me, Im calling out. I stand by the edge". The song deals with religion as a cult (at least that what I get out of it). "Out Of Time" has been covered by so many bands that I've lost count but Death Threat definitely has done the best version.
My only real gripe with the record is I wish the guitars were louder. Everything sounds great but it just feels like the guitars could be louder. I know, I'm nitpicking but I'm just being honest. I really wish Rev would release an official discography with a remix/remaster job. The band has a bunch of unreleased songs from practices and rehearsals that I love to see get an official release. My friend Vin who runs Blogged and Quartered took the time to clean up, correctly name and number, and post the Live At CBGBs bootleg CD that came out some years ago. He also included some rehearsal tracks as well. You can check that out by clicking here. Are you reading this Revelation? Give the people what they want.
All in all, the self titled Burn record is one of the best. The band got back together in the early 2000's and recorded a new EP, "Cleanse", and the release of "Last Great Sea" (a demo that was recorded for Roadrunner if I remember correctly). They played some shows with Vic from 108 on guitar but then called it quits. I'd love to see them get together one more time...I'd fly. Bottom line, if you don't own this, get it.

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It's Quicksand (and Rage Against The Machine). It's Joe Nelson. It's Double Cross. What else do you need to know?

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Monster sent me some info to pass along.

Austrian label Burning Season Records is going to reissue Purification’s masterpiece “Banging the drums of war” (previously released by Uprising Records), the new version of the cd will include 2 brand new tracks that the band is going to record in the upcoming weeks.

Former guitar player and main composer of Purification, Andrea "Monster" Campanelli, had the following to say about the deal with Burning Season Records:

"As a veteran of the scene myself (i'm 36 yo) i'm honoured and very proud to work with Pat, owner of BSR,because he always managed buisness with ethics, releasing lot of bands with a positive message and never following the "next big thing" or the new trends in hxc.

I'm looking forward to a great partnership btw Purification and Burning Seasons Records, we feel like we found the best home possible for the band right now!"

Purification’s Reunion tour is scheduled for july/august 2010 and will see the band appearing at some of the most important hxc summer festivals.

More infos coming soon as well as the complete tour schedule!

Also included was some footage of the band preparing to start tracking in the studio

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I decided to switch the webstore over from Big Cartel to the fine gentlemen at Limited Pressing. Big Cartel was good but with Limited Pressing, Im not longer limited in how many items I can add. I'm expecting more music in the mail so be on the look out for that and check the new store out when you have a chance.

Chip XXX

Stuck In The Past Distro on Limited Pressing

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One of our readers, xMartenx, was nice enough to send me links to footage from last months Abhinanda reunion in Stockholm. The band played a show in Sweden before heading to Japan to play Pump Up The Jam fest. Im hoping more footage surfaces but this is a good way to tide me over. 2 of the videos are from Youtube but the others are hosted on other sites. Click the links to see an interview with Dennis Lyxzen from Refused (unfortunately its in Swedish) talking about the reunion as well the band covering "Start Today" by Gorilla Biscuits. If anyone has more footage from the show or pics of the merch, shoot me an email and Ill get it posted.

Abhinanda covering "Start Today" can be seen here

Dennis Lyxzen discussing the Abhinanda reunion can seen here

More footage from the show can be seen here

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If you've been following us here, you've probably learned that my love for Morning Again is unparalleled (with the exception of Earth Crisis maybe). Either way, Morning Again is my favorite band to come out of Florida and in my top 5 hardcore bands ever. I saw them countless times while they were together and saw the reunion with Damien in 2001 or 2002, I can't remember exactly. Their shows had this energy...its just something thats hard to describe without having witnessed it. You could tell they believed in every word they sung. I've been friends with John for a good 12 years and he was always someone I admired musically. I played in a few bands with him after Morning Again broke up and while he did write some great music after, nothing will ever compare to Morning Again for me. When I went down to visit my folks for the holidays, I called him up since I hadnt seen him in a while. We ended up having lunch and I explained that Id like to do a Morning Again interview for the blog and this is what came out of that. I hope you enjoy this...I really don't consider myself the greatest interviewer but I did my best. If you've never heard them, check the Morning Again Myspace Tribute to hear some tracks. Enjoy...
Chip XXX

Stuck In The Past: Okay, let's start at the were playing in Culture with Damien, then you left. What happened?

John W: i actually left culture when mark was singing. I left because I wasn't really happy with the actions of certain people in the band. I didn't feel that they reflected the message of the band so I quit.

Stuck In The Past:
And you decided to start a band with the messages you felt strongly about?

John W: Well at first Morning Again was really intending to have a direct message. We wanted everyone to be sxe and at least vegetarian but we didn't want to directly sing about it. There aren't really many direct references to either on the cleanest war or hand of hope 7"…maybe a few but not many.

Stuck In The Past:
Who was in the original lineup?

John W: Louie, Damien, me, Mike, Eric I believe

Stuck In The Past:
Did Mike CTW contact you guys about releasing the EP after you guys started?

John W: I don't remember if we contacted him or he contacted us. It came down to him or Uprising though and uprising wasn't 100% sold on it from what I can remember. There weren't many options back then.

Stuck In The Past:
But you had been on good terms since Mike CTW released the Culture full length?

John W: No we weren't really on good terms but there weren't many options and people knew his label at the time

Stuck In The Past: Right, since he had released that Chokehold record.

John W: Yes.

Stuck In The Past:
Damien was asked to "leave" the band while one tour from what I did that happen and why?

John W: Damien was very outspoken on stage. Sometimes we felt like he went overboard and it looked bad on the band as a whole and the other members. This happened often and finally we decided this was the best thing. I don't regret the decision at all. I will say that Damien is an amazing person not just on a talent level but also as a human being. He is a good friend and I'm happy we experienced so much together. I wish we wouldn't have taken ourselves so seriously, honestly.

Stuck In The Past:
Yeah I remember him not taking it well.

John W: We might have had more time to experience that lineup musically and on tour. But everything happens for a reason and Damien is the type of person you only meet once in a lifetime.

Stuck In The Past:
Very true. My experiences with him have always been good. How did you guys end up releasing records through Goodlife Recordings?

John W: He (Edward) contacted us and said that people were into the band. He wanted to put something out over there so we could go on tour.

Stuck In The Past:
And who are you to say no to going on tour in Europe?

John W: At the time it was a dream come true. I was very excited. The whole band was.

Stuck In The Past:
Was this around the time the band became vegan?

John W: I actually think everyone in the band was vegan at that time we started to actually call ourselves sxe around this time probably as a band

Stuck In The Past:
Was that when the log0 (the 3 X's logo) was used?

John W: Yes. I think the first time was for the Hand of Hope CD.

Stuck In The Past:
How did you guys find Kevin to take over on vocals?

John W: We met him when we were on tour in ohio. He was in a band called outcast. He played bass.

Stuck In The Past:
The music really shifter at that point. If you listen to Hand of Hope and then listen to the split with Shoulder, it really showed the direction you guys were heading musically.

John W:
I agree.

Stuck In The Past: Having Kevin in the band, did that help?

John W:
Honestly it was all because of our drummers. It had nothing to do with vocals. Vocals were always added after the music was written. Once we had a more diverse drummer, I was able to write different types of music. Something more towards what I wanted.

Stuck In The Past:
I meant his influence, not so much his vocal style.

John W:
No. The singer had nothing to do with the music.

Stuck In The Past:
So you guys had the record out in Europe. How did you hook up with Sean and Immigrant Sun?

John W:
Honestly I don't remember. I think he contacted us to release a record with him.

Stuck In The Past:
He always did such a great job on his releases. The layouts were always amazing.

John W:
He is a great guy. We became really good friends and he helped me a lot with Eulogy art at the beginning of the label. He was the main person I hired for layouts/etc

Stuck In The Past:
I just liked that he really thought outside the box in terms of what the traditional hardcore layout was supposed to look like.

John W:
Yeah that was his personality

Stuck In The Past:
The band always seemed to have revolving members. Did people just lose interest or were there personal clashes?

John W: A variety of reasons. It was usually us kicking people out. It was hard to get people that could tour and pay their bills while they were out. We weren't making money off the band really until later on so we had to save up money for tour. A lot of times that's a lot for people to deal with but each member change had its own story and there were many different reasons

Stuck In The Past:
What about the Culture trade? Steve and Joe.

John W:
Honestly we just didn't get along with Steve on tour. Once we asked him to leave, I think Joe was leaving Culture around the same time. It wasn't intentional honestly. This all happened a long time ago as well and I can't really remember every detail

Stuck In The Past: Haha it was like they were free agents.

John W: Ya, plus everyone in Culture and Morning Again were friends so people were always talking to each other. It wasn't necessarily something I orchestrated.

Stuck In The Past:
Jumping ahead a little, you guys ended up signing with Revelation Records but you had been courted by other labels as well.

John W:
Yes. We talked to different labels but Revelation was Revelation. At the time it was the essence of what hardcore was

Stuck In The Past:
Yeah they were on the come up again having put out the Battery, In My Eyes, and Damnation AD records.

John W:
Yep.and they were diverse at the time

Stuck In The Past:
Do you remember any of the other labels you guys talked to?

John W:
I talked to Victory briefly. Of course Goodlife. It all happened really fast. There really wasn't much time to talk to other labels. There wasn't really much thought about if we wanted to be on revelation

Stuck In The Past: I've heard some negativity from bands who had been signed to Rev. Did you guys feel any of that? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

John W:
I definitely did. I wasn't happy with it from the start. But it turned out it wasn't because Revelation was trying to be shady

Stuck In The Past:

John W:
We just had a horrible A & R guy that twisted things around and didn't tell us the whole truth. It was never really Jordan Cooper's fault but it still happened. I'm on good terms with Jordan now. Revelation distributes Eulogy outside of North America.

Stuck In The Past:
Do you remember anything specific from the recording of the full length? I remember hearing that Kevin was real sick when he recorded vocals.

John W: I don’t' remember that at all. It's very possible

Stuck In The Past:
Ehhh you know the hardcore grapevine haha.

John W:
haha it's definitely possible though. You would have to ask him.

Stuck In The Past:
Right around this time, you were playing in Wishes For World War III, right?

John W:
Right after the first time we came home from Europe with Morning Again

Stuck In The Past:
Who was in the band?

John W:
I think my friends Rob and Gabe sang. I don't remember. Man this shit was a long time ago haha.

Stuck In The Past:
Okay what about Night of Broken Glass?

John W:
That's much easier. Bundee, Edwin, Kevin, Peter and me. Actually not Peter and Eric sang.

Stuck In The Past:
You guys released a 2 song cassette but I heard more songs were recorded.

John W:
I don't remember if there were. I would have to ask Eric or Bundee. I'm not being difficult i really don't remember.

Stuck In The Past:
haha I know.

John W: There was so much going on at the time

Stuck In The Past:
Okay well let's go to the last European decided you didn't want to do the band anymore.

John W:
Ya. I decided this after about the 3rd show

Stuck In The Past:
Any particular reason?

John W:
I didn't like touring much anymore. I didn't like touring Europe. I did pretty much everything for the band so it wasn't really fun anymore. I think I just reached my breaking point.

Stuck In The Past:
How did the rest of the band react?

John W:
We talked about it. Some were bummed some were over it also. We all agreed to finish off the tour for financial reasons and also because we were in Europe and we wanted to enjoy it one more time. Everyone had different reasons for wanting to finish the tour

Stuck In The Past:
When you came back (from Europe), half the band kept it going for a little while. How did you feel about that since Morning Again was your band?

John W:
I think there was a break for a while? Then they started it again. I didn't really care. Maybe I should have cared more than I did? People didn't really respond very well to them from what i was told.

Stuck In The Past:
Yeah I heard the same thing.

John W:
Hardcore kids aren't stupid especially the kids that listened to Morning Again and these types of bands. They took this shit pretty serious.

Stuck In The Past:
How do you look back on the band now? 10 years later.

John W: It was an amazing time of my life. I don't have any negative feelings towards it at all. I got to experience more than most people do in their whole life. The best part was that I experienced it when hardcore was completely different than it is today. It was entirely different.

Stuck In The Past:
I 100% agree...that's why I still look back so fondly on those days.

John W:
It changed my life. It wasn't just something I did, it was who I was. Not just on the outside but on the inside. It wasn't for money or to see how big our band could get it was because that's what we did.

Stuck In The Past:
Okay just a few more friend Justin whom I do the blog with wanted me to ask a few.

John W:

Stuck In The Past:
He said he heard a rumor that there is a different recording (or possibly a different mix) of As Tradition Dies Slowly that was scrapped. Is there any truth to this and if so does it exist?

John W:
I don't remember this for sure but i can say that there most likely isn't. There was no reason for us to record it more than once. Everyone in the band was stable and we had the songs ready to go

Stuck In The Past: Do any studio or live recordings exist that haven't fully seen the light of day?

John W:
No. We were never a band to record extra music. We had a lot of releases in a small amount of time overall. We used everything we had

Stuck In The Past:
Lastly, he wanted me to tell you that he is still heartbroken that you guys canceled the one and only Oregon show when you guys broke up. He still clutches the flyer when he goes to sleep.

John W:
Haha amazing. That sucks because that was our first full US tour and I really wish we would have stayed together long enough to do it

Stuck In The Past:
That was after you guys signed to Rev?

John W:
Yes. It was scheduled for right after the Euro tour we broke up on, I think? might have been before and our van broke down in Georgia and we had no money to fix it. That sounds more like it haha.

Stuck In The Past:
Well at least is was close to Florida.

John W:

Stuck In The Past:
Anything you'd like to add?

John W:
I don't think so. Sorry I don't remember a lot of this stuff but it was a really long time ago and I have had to process so much information since those days

Stuck In The Past:
It's cool. I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. I know you're's nice to go and relive those days. The band meant a lot to me.

John W:
No problem. Thank you
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Redscare was a female fronted hardcore band that Dave Farrell (Both Hands Broken) played bass in in the mid '90s. Like the BHB post, this post includes a Redscare write-up by Dave, photos, fliers and download links to their songs. Enjoy. - Jake

There's not really much to tell about the Redscare years. It was around '96 to '99 off and on. We were just four friends who practiced in a bedroom with Star Wars wallpaper and huge amps. We were Gilman faves for a while and played a handful of other East Bay dumps. We had no ambition. We never sold merch. It was actually a fun side project for Greg and I as we were in other active bands at the time, me in Both Hands Broken and Greg in Uranium 9 Volt. Elizabeth (guitar/vocals) and Greg (guitar/vocals) are siblings and Cary (drums) is her close friend. I think they were both 16 at the time.

We were all vegan and shared an affinity for particularly evil music like Neurosis, At The Gates, Initial State. I was the only one in the band who wasn't straight edge, although no one ever claimed it or anything.

Because of our sound, we always got booked with crust-punk bands. We always thought it was funny, in would come these relatively clean cut kids with our huge amps and just blow the place out. Greg and Elizabeth played a few shows with Marshall full-stacks and I had 2 Ampeg SVT's with 2 8X10 cabs.

Sometimes at practice, one of us would play and the rest of us would run down the street and see how far away you could hear it. Haha. Right after cooking up 15 bean soup and falafel. Oh to be young again.

We recorded some songs over the years. Only one was ever released on a split 7" called Artificial Something. The last songs we recorded are up on our myspace page. It's

Thanks for caring!

- Dave

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After releasing their EP on Goodlife Recordings, Poison The Well went into the studio to record what would become the classic "The Opposite Of December: A Season of Separation". The record was slated to be released on Goodlife until Josh from Trustkill got wind of it and offered to release it. If memory serves, the record was originally to be called "Seasons of Separation" but was changed before its release. Goodlife would go on to release the vinyl version of the CD and Poison the Well became the biggest band in hardcore from late 99 to 01. This shirt was screened by Goodlife and the band sold them as well. I remember my friend Steph had the same design in navy blue with baby blue ink. I'd been searching for this for quite some time and won it on Ebay for $1.04...pretty simple design but definitely an awesome collectible.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Slavearc were from the UK and played vegan metal...honestly, thats the best way I can think of to describe it. Heavy and chugging in that Syracuse vein (think Green Rage or Soulstice) as well as fast Day of Suffering parts and loads vegan justice lyrics. I got a physical copy of this just recently (thanks Shane) and did a nice high quality VBR rip. There had been a few rips going around which seemed to be no higher than 192 kbps so now we have a high quality version. This was a split release by xCleansed Through Firex Records and Screams of Salvation Records, both based out of the UK. I also scanned the back tray card and the back cover. So let's make a check here...90s biblical imagery? Check. Big vegan banner on the back? Check. X'ed up band members? Check. I love the 90s...I have their second record as MP3s but I have been unable to find a good rip so when I get a physical copy, Ill rip it and have it posted. You can also download their demo from Henrik's blog, Bring Honor Or Walk Away, as well as loads of other 90s hardcore demos.

Slavearc - Vanquish

Thursday, February 4, 2010

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I recently put my interviewer hat back on to interview Forrest Locke, the vocalist for '90s grindcore mainstay Enewetak as well as the '00s sludgy metal band Tafkata. In addition to those, I am also a huge fan of The Accident, a more hard rock oriented band that Forrest played guitar in in the early part of the '00s. Enjoy the interview. - Jake

Discuss how your band Enewetak came together in the early '90s.

Toby Sterrett and I were in a really bad hardcore band (Upshot) and Jim Greco was also in a really bad hardcore band (Dead Wait). Our two bands played a couple of shows together. Both bands stopped playing about the same time and Jim, Toby and I discussed starting a band together that was not like all the other chugga chugga hardcore bands. We quickly went through a couple of drummers (the two that were in our other bands). Then Jim recruited this guy Graham Day to play guitar. So we had a line up of Jim, Toby, Me, Graham and Ben Fall on drums. None of us consider that the enewetak lineup though. Ben quit after two shows and this guy Pat Bonfrisco, who worked at my sisters work and played in a local band called Bobwolf wanted to play drums. He wasn't a hardcore kid or a metal kid but worked out perfectly. I think it worked out better that he wasn't a drummer in those kind of bands because he would look at riffs a different way and play drums a little out of the norm for music like that. A few months later, Graham got really flakey and Pat kicked him out. Our friend Jack Fitzgerald played guitar in a band called Jurgis and we called him that same night to show up at practice. That was the main, and most productive line up. Jim, Toby, Jack, Pat and Me. When I think of enewetak, this is the band I think of.

Enewetak recorded 7 records, including 3 full lengths, within a 3 year period in the mid '90s, making you one of the most prolific bands of that time. What was it like doing so many records at such a blistering pace like that?

We were all friends and liked playing a lot. None of us drank or had many other interests outside of music at the time. We were 19 and bored. We hung out together all the time. Our song titles usually involved an inside joke or some term we referred to things that no one else would understand. We would try to change titles for records but didn't always ("Human Wrecka", "D.O.L.", "Supercrust", etc.). We had a lockout in Orange which we spent a lot of time at. It just seemed like we came up with songs all the time. We would practice at least 2 or 3 times a week.

You can tell though by looking at release dates, the older we got (and more married we got), the records started to get further away and not such a blistering pace.

You and Enewetak bassist Toby Sterrett did a band in the early part of the '00s called The Accident. Discuss that band.

Well, enewetak was done and we were kinda tired of playing hardcore. It all started with a band called F100 that Toby, Myself and Mike Cheese (Gehenna) started. It was just trashy rock n roll punk shit with songs about beer, fishing, hot rods and motorcycles. This guy Eddie Bermudez I knew from work took up 2nd guitar duties. None of us were good at our instruments, but it was all trashy rock so it didn't matter.

Cheese stopped showin up to practice and Hugh Blake came to play bass. We shared a practice studio with this band Chancroid. Brock Elmore played guitar in that band. We started to make up songs that were not as punk as F100 and a little more rock, and needed a singer that could sing. I played guitar and screamed basically in F100. We heard a rumor that this guy Brock, covered in tattoos and long ass Kerry King/Dimebag beard, could actually sing really fuckin good. So, Hugh kinda knew him and hit him up. He came to practice and after the first song it was locked.

We went to record a demo CD, and no one was good enough to play solos. Toby said his little brother Myles (who was like 17 at the time) could shred on guitar. He came in and laid down some solos and basically he was in the band from that moment on. That kid is seriously the best guitarist I've ever known personally. It seems to come naturally to him.

That band was fun as hell, but playing shows to two people in some shitty bar more than playing good shows gets a little draining. We played a lot of shows. Like every weekend. Playing shows to no one is hard when you've got to basically devote your entire night to waiting around, loading equipment and unloading equipment. Never got any love, except when we'd play Los Vacitos in Orange. Mexican Cowboys loved us.

Your most recent band Tafkata had both Brock Elmore (vocalist for The Accident) and you on vocals. Why did you and/or the other members feel the need to have two vocalists in that band?

I don't know if it was a need. More of a matter of convenience. Myles quit The Accident. I think he was tired of spending all those nights playing to no one. The last few Accident songs Brock was basically screaming on them and they were more metal than rock. One day, I went to practice and Toby, Hugh and Eddie said they had new songs and wanted to play more metal/hardcore stuff and recommended that I sing instead of play guitar. I've never been a very good guitarist anyway. So, we tried the two singer thing to see how it worked. No real deep meaning behind it. We were all in a band together, we weren't gonna kick anyone out. It worked out real well though. There was a huge opportunity for more dynamics in the vocals.

What are some of your favorite songs by all of your bands and why?

With enewetak, I'd say my favorite is probably the entire Easyrider Vol. 3. I guess cuz its the newest one even though its like 5 or 6 years old. We recorded it when we were all older and more skilled at our instruments. Spent as much time recording a 3 song 7" that we used to spend recording a full length LP.

Tafkata - basically the entire Worker and Parasite record. Why? 'cuz it fuckin' rules.

The Accident - "Whoa", "Carry Me Home", "Tokyo In Flames", "My World" and "New Evil". And again, why? 'cuz it fuckin' rules.

As a writer, who or what are some of your influences and why?

I've never had a direct influence when it comes to writing lyrics. I just wrote down what I was thinking and try to write it in a way that would fit in a song. I guess you could say some of the music I listen to would influence me with lyrics. The Sundays, The Smiths, Morrissey, Oasis and even some black metal.

As far as guitar, I would just try to write shit that sounded like kick ass rock n' roll. I guess one reason I sucked at guitar was because I had no real influence in it. I would just try to make up rock shit but with horrible direction. Never practiced or got involved in playing by myself at home for fun. I would only play when we were all at practice. I hardly played for fun. Not a good idea to be a guitarist in a band when you don't enjoy playing guitar really.

What is the current status of the long talked about and eagerly awaited Enewetak discography?

I really don't know. Many offers and no follow up. The most recent offer, which I think will actually happen one day, is from Kevin Kline (formally Graf Orlock) and this guy Hector have a label. They hit me up about 6 months ago and I told em to go for it. Mike Cheese paid for the first two recordings and holds the DATs for those records. He's got songs that have never been released. Mike basically isn't going to hand over the tapes without being compensated for them. Kevin told me him and Mike were working out a deal though. So, we'll see if it happens this time. It's a ton of shit. Over 50 recorded songs. It's gotta be a double CD. It won't fit on one disc.

Easyrider Vol. 3 has to come out first though. That record has been pressed for at least 4 years and is not out just because of the covers. We were lazy as fuck with making a cover and actually never did. Andy at Crawlspace had this guy Scott make a cover design and just needs to print the covers to put it out. But, he isn't in a rush cuz, fuck, its been so long, who cares.

Feel free to shamelessly plug any of your current musical endeavors here.

I will never be in another band. I have absolutely no interest in it. This is the first time in my life since I was 14 that I have not been in a band and I don't miss it. I don't know why, I just have no desire.

Myles from The Accident recorded some pretty kick ass black metal shit he did at home on his computer. He sent me the files and asked me to do some vocals. I'm gonna do that. I don't see it happening a ton. But that's not a band. That's at home, on my computer. No practices. No shows. I don't know how often that will happen or if my lazy ass will ever do it.

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Disembodied Psalms collaboration t-shirt release by To Die For and Prime Directive
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2 weeks ago my friend Sean from the band Regret wrote me to tell me that his band had just recorded a new EP. Well I slacked and am finally getting this posted for them. Sorry it took so long Sean. Not sure of whom will be releasing the record so I was given the go ahead to post the songs as downloads for the time being. Not sure when they will be unavailable so get em while you can.

Regret - New EP

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In honor of Stretch playing their last show a few weeks back, I though it would be cool to go back and listen to possibly the best cover they recorded. In 1999, Stretch Arm Strong released arguably their best record, "Rituals of Life", and promptly blew up. After listening through, we came to track 12 which was unlisted and turned out to be a cover of "Melt With You" by Modern English. Stretch always had a knack for taking a pop song and turning it into a real raging cover (listen to their cover of N.W.A.'s song "Express Yourself" from the Too Legit For The Pit comp) and this was the first of many to follow. Later pressings of the Rituals had the cover song removed probably for copyright reasons. Is that the reason? Not sure but it would be my assumption that it is. Either way, its a great cover. When the record came out, they would play this live and when they did, the place literally exploded (especially during the handclaps...yes I said the handclaps). You can still pick up the record and its still a good one, 11 years later.

Stretch Arm Strong - I Melt With You
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After Chip posted the layout of Congress' first album 'Blackened Persistence' not too long ago here, it seemed only fitting to do another post on Congress, this time with their earliest material. Here are the Congress demo from 1993 and their 'Euridium' 7"/MCD from 1994. I don't own the demo myself unfortunately, the demo-tracks are taken from the 'The Other Cheek' CD which has them as a bonus. I do own the 'Euridium' 7", however I've ripped them from the 'The Legacy' CD as the 2 tracks which are on the MCD version but not on the 7" are also included on this CD. That's also why the scans are of the 7" version and not the MCD.

Hans Liar wrote a bit on the demo here and on the 7" here. Actually, if you're looking for more info on the whole H8000 scene and its bands, check out the other entries on his blog as well, it's chock-full of info, with Edward GoodLife and other H8000 alumni adding more info in the various comments. Crucial reading material. 'Acoustic Life' from the 7"/MCD also appeared on a really great compilation 7" called 'We Shall Fight In The Streets' which EMS posted here.

'R.I./I Lead Astray' (the intro is killer!) and 'Acoustic Life' from the 7"/MCD are still my 2 fave Congress tracks, but it should be noted that the entire Congress discography is worth checking out. Truly a great band. RIP.

Congress - 1993 demo (download removed due to complaints)
Congres - 'Euridium' 7"/MCD (download removed due to complaints)
Congress website
Congress myspace

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I finally got the ball rolling and got some great releases in to check out. I now have in stock releases from Japan, the Philippines, Argentina, Belgium, Russia, the Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, and England. Some incredible releases so don't sleep. Ive already received some orders and I am very grateful for your support. It seems like Im always adding new items so check back often.

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I scanned this interview and forgot to list which I got it from. Im assuming this is from 94 or somewhere around there. One of New Jersey's finest.