Monday, November 17, 2014

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The always awesome Path To Misery blog used to have a massive collection of 90s vegan metalcore downloads... The link eventually expired tho, as these sorts of things have a habit of doing. But AJ who runs PTM stepped up the plate and re-upped everything once again! So from Abnegation to Wrath Of Nature with a few vsxe comps thrown in as well, it's all there again. Make sure you check it out here!

And here's the kicker: he even recorded a sweet Abnegation cover in the process that you can download here. It's a cool cover, updating the sound and adding an 18 Visions like flavor to the vocals (yes, 18V were awesome at one point!). Don't neglect to check it out as well! You can dl it as a Name Your Price, with the proceeds going to an animal rights group from AJ's area. Show some support!