Saturday, December 26, 2015

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Nope, not the band that released a seven inch as the first release on Victory Records. This is where Northwest Hardcore bridges the gap between False Liberty and the mighty Brotherhood. Where False Liberty were running with a hardcore punk sound, Inner Strength sees Greg and Vic taking more melodic cues more from DC Revolution Summer bands like Dag Nasty and Ignition. Also of note for the melody department is that Inner Strength featured Wade Neal on guitar for a stretch about a year before the formation of Seaweed.

This is a full soundboard recording from 10/30/87 at the World Community Theater in Tacoma, WA. Seattle was in the throes of their Teen Dance Ordinance years, which resulted in a severe lack of all ages shows for the city, and send many shows south to Tacoma and Olympia.
Inner Strength
Tacoma, WA 10/30/87

Friday, December 25, 2015

Now that a scanner has entered my household again, more diverse content should start rolling back to the site, and what better way to kick off during the holidays than with the Excursion Wishbook from 1992? Well concealed cash, or money orders only!

As a bonus, here's a one page ad for Overkill, Incision and Excursion Records from 1994.