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Here's some more H8000 for ya, Legion's 'Embedded In Darkness' MCD, which was released on Days Of Fury Records out of the UK in 1998. Legion played brutal metalcore that was more deathmetal than hardcore, somewhat along the lines of Deformity. Wulf of Deformity does backup vocals on this MCD as well. The few times I saw em live they were pretty good, including a couple of shows my old band played with them. To be honest, the MCD doesn't do them justice based on their live-shows, but it's a piece of H8000 history nonetheless. Besides a demo and this MCD, Legion also appeared on a number of compilations including the 'One HELL Of A Compilation' on Blasphemour Records. Members went on to bands such as Crimson Falls, Blood Redemption, Flatcat and Morda. Guitarist Minx even did time in Nations On Fire before Legion if I'm correct. Anyways, enjoy some more H8000.

BTW, the final track is incredible... Not.

Legion - Embedded In Darkness MCD (download removed due to complaints)

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"Go Ahead, Keep Smoking. I Want You To Die". This statement adorned the logo tshirts and hoodies of Life Sentence Records apparel. Recently, while on the Bridge 9 messageboard, a poster started a Life Sentence Records appreciation thread which quickly took off into a 4 or 5 page discussion about how great the label really was. I started thinking about truly awesome the xLSRx roster was and what an amazing track record they had so I decided to take a look back and invite you to look back with me.
In my opinion, very few labels (80s, 90s, 2000s, etc) have an amazing track record of releasing quality records like the one that Life Sentence put out. Sure there are some (Revelation, New Age, etc.) but hey this is about Life Sentence. I think the success of the label stems from a few things:
1. Dan Gump took chances AKA releasing records from Christian bands, something that many labels especially of the era did not do. Generally if you saw a label release a Christian band, the label itself was a Christian label. While many frowned upon religion in hardcore, stating it had/has no place, xLSRx apparently didn't care and released killer records from both Overcome and Focal Point.
2. They were through and through a straight edge label. Let's face it, in the 90s straight edge was a very big deal. Kids ran straight edge labels, they had straight edge tshirt lines, Devils Head even had a comic book in which a good portion of was about straight edge. Dan Gump took the more militant side of straight edge and pushed it hard, releasing records from some of the most militant (Excessive Force, Unconquered) bands of the day and reaching a pretty wide audience.
3. Dan Gump wasn't afraid to take a chance on a non-US band. Many people probably got their first taste of Japanese hardcore legends Statecraft through their release on xLSRx. While this was one of the only foreign bands the label released, it showed that he wasn't afraid to take a chance on a band most people had never heard of in the US and release something that he enjoyed.
I'm not going to try and claim that I know the whole story of the label but what I do know is the labels releases speak for themselves. Sure, some of the releases haven't stood the test of time but if you were around at the time when the label was operational, you can still look back and say "damn that was a solid record". Its rare that a label puts a string of solid releases consecutively. The labels first release was also the band that Dan sang for, Excessive Force (or Xessive ForceX as they were called at the time). At the time, the band and label was based in Southern California which leads to the second release from Dead Wait. Again a solid release, though the layout isn't really anything to preach to your friends about. The third release is the Excessive Force full length, "In Your Blood". This is where things really started to take off. Beautiful full color layout and a decent (not great) recording. The first song, "Those Who Were", starts off with the now classic lines, "You said you'd always be true. But you're a weak motherfucker and you never had it in you". The record was co-released with Terminus Records from Colorado who also had their own straight edge scene (Painstake anyone?) going on at the time. To the best of my knowledge, E Force never recorded anything else after this record which is unfortunate (or fortunate for some) and is their final statement. It seems like this was the point where the label shifted from a hobby to something much more.
After this, the label released 7 inches from Torn Apart, Overcome, Focal Point, xClearx and Lifeless continuing to cement their place as a great label. The Lifeless 7 inch is often thought of as the best thing the label released and has become a much sought after record for record collectors. With the release of Aftershock "Letters", the label became an almost exclusively CD release label with xClearx being the only record released on both vinyl and CD. The label next went on to release the debut EP from Unconquered "You Say Moderation, I Scream Prohibition" again upping the ante on straight edge militance with lyrics such as "I'll show you suffering, Ill show you pain. Your poisons will never inherit my veins". This CD only release also is highly sought after in its original format as copies on Ebay tend to go for about $30-$40 on the average. Again, while the music may not hold up for some (it sure holds up for me), it is a great glimpse into the sound of the time.
xLSRx is also notable for launching the career of Eighteen Visions who released their first record, "Lifeless", through the label. The band had much more of a hardline, militant stand then they did later on and its great to see how the band evolved over time from this, their humble beginnings, to what they would become. Again, the recording a little rough but still worth going back and checking out. This is one of the few releases you can still pick up with much searching. Dan Gump would also start a new project called Decontaminate and release an EP as well as a split 7 inch with France's Absone before disbanding. The label would go on to release records for Grimlock (another fan favorite), Triphammer and others.
Right around here is where my knowledge of the label ends. The label would go on to release more records until about 2005 but I really don't know much about them to be quite honest. As I stated earlier, I'm not claiming to know everything about the label but I just hope that this brings back memories of a once great label that many people still hold onto. I've made attempts to reach out to Dan Gump to interview him and to see what he's been up to but I have yet to receive a reply. Perhaps he'll see this and get back to me. If that happens, Ill have a post for people to leave questions to ask him. Feel free to leave comments about your memories of Life Sentence Records.

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Over the past few years, we've seen a large resurgence in bands taking influence from the 90s as well the ideas that were often discussed. One of the bands I've been listening to heavily as of late is Axis, a newer band based out of central Florida featuring ex-members of Meantime. If you dig bands like Buried Alive and Turmoil, then you're going to like this. The singer reminds me a lot of Dave Walker from Harvest also...defintiely a band to watch for in the next year, I'm expecting big things from them. If you want to give them a listen, head on over to their bandcamp page and check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Axis, Central Florida Hardcore

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A feature I've been trying to push on here is asking people who were part of the hardcore scene in the 90s to take a look back at what their favorite record of the era is/was. This time, I caught up with Wes Keely, former drummer of Detroit's Earthmover and Walls of Jericho as well as Until The End. Here's what he had to say on the subject:

"My favorite 90's hardcore record is probably not your typical record. The "Samsara" record from Catharsis is by far my favorite record from the 90's. I think I have more of a personal connection to the band and to that record, Catharsis was the first band that I ever went on the road with when I was like 18 playing in Earthmover. The tour was supposed to be Earthmover, Catharsis, and Gehenna but Gehenna dropped off. The band and the line up they had for that record and on that tour was just the most amazing thing ever, the most angry dudes on stage taking out their rage on the world and on corporate America with dumpster diving DIY ethics you would think they were crazy. Nicest dudes, biggest hearts, I am still friends with all of them to this day.
But on to the record! Listening to it, its so thrashy and pissed and still sounds huge today. There are few records to me that I can listen to and it makes me want to sell all my material belongings and start living under a bridge and fighting against the man. This record does just that. Lost of double bass Alexei just killing it, Brian screaming all over the place, kind of in time but kind of not, Matt and Dan just wrecking their instruments with thrash and melody haha if that’s even possible! Ernie on the sidelines just waiting for his turn to rock! Over all it's easily my favorite hardcore record from the 90's. Catharsis "Samsara" get into it, this band was always under rated :/"

Wes is now based out in Seattle playing in a band called Again and Again. You can check out the band as well as some tunes by clicking here.

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According to Monster:
We're going to record a final cd, the title will be "A torch to pierce the night" , will be a mix of new songs and some "old-classics" re-visited, plus we'll have a couple of songs with lyrics in spanish and portoguese. The lay-out will be done by Dave Quiggle. More infos soon!

No official word on tour dates yet but as soon as we hear it, you will too.

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Syracuse, NY's Ghost Ship has posted a new song from their forthcoming album. Definitely looking forward to hearing the full album when its released...should be a good one. Until then, you can hear their new track by click here: Ghost Ship's New Song. The new album will available through Seventh Dagger Records in the near future.

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Here's a request made by Eric in the requests and reposts box on the right-hand side of this blog. The Apathemy / Counterfeit split 7" was released in 1998 on Sounds Of Revolution Records out of Ontario, Canada. I have zero info on Counterfeit unfortunately, other than that they were from Canada as well, but there's no insert with info or lyrics with my 7". Anyways, they play pretty cool and solid mid-tempo metallic hardcore, definitely don't pass up on them. If anybody has more info on them, please leave a comment! Apathemy were from Michigan and are 'famous' for being the former band of Walls Of Jericho vocalist Candace Kucsulain. And indeed, she sings on the 2 Apathemy songs on here, apart from possible demo's the only Apathemy recordings she sings on that I'm aware of. They had dual vocals, one male, one female. Overall a bit heavier and tougher than Counterfeit, even if there's some actual soft singing by Candace on here, but equally solid stuff, making this an awesome split 7". After Candace left the band, also in 1998, to join WOJ, they kept up the dual vocals by adding another vocalist, another guy this time. They followed up this split 7" with 2 albums, 'Our Decaying Remains' on No Substance Records in 1999 and 'Encased In Black This Is Forever' on Tribunal Records in 2000, as well as another split 7", with Break Of Dawn, on Dead Droid Records, also in 2000. All of them great as well. Enjoy!

Apathemy / Counterfeit - split 7"

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Foundation is one of the small amount of bands over the last 5 years that I not only enjoy but respect immensely. These know their 90s hardcore and have a great respect for the bands who came before them. I asked Hank Pratt, guitar player for Foundation, what his favorite 90's hardcore record is and here's what he had to say:
"It's very hard to pick my favorite record from the 90s because I just love so many. If I had to pick I guess it would be Buried Alive's "The Death of Your Perfect World". This record is perfect beginning to end. It starts off with a banger and ends with a banger. And lets not forget that sweet guest spot on "To Live and Die With" by who better than, Jamie Jasta. This record had been stuck in my brain since the first day I heard it. It's not just the recording that sounds awesome, tt's the intensity of the record that keeps me listening every time. The guitar tone, drums, lyrics, and vocals can not be fucked with. I had always loved Scott's other bands, but this record just stuck out for me. It's just so heavy! Every time I hear the end of "Empty Sky" I want to kick some one's head off of their body. Really, there are multiple parts on this record that make me want to do that. I listen to this record almost daily and it just never loses its flair."
Foundation will be releasing their new album in April on Bridge 9 Records.

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While comparisons to the legendary '80s hardcore powerhouse Verbal Assault are inevitable, Remission proves themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the real deal with this 3 song EP. Hooks galore and lyrics that give new meaning to the word sincere have become the staples of the Remission diet and this new record on the very fine React! Records label is certainly no exception. I was one of the very lucky 200 to get my copy on baby blue vinyl and literally as well as figuratively, it truly is a thing of beauty. Get it.

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Photo by Zac Wolf

I went through a period about 6 years ago where I tried to find any live recordings of Floorpunch I could. This show, from their European tour in the winter of 1999, sounds like it was a soundboard recording. To put it simply, it sounds great. This show was after the release of the full length "Fast Times At The Jersey Shore" and features a good mix of songs from the aforementioned LP as well the demo and 7 inch. The band just went to Japan and played Pump Up The Volume Fest and doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down. You can still pick up some merch from the band by clicking here: Floorpunch merch for sale. Otherwise, click the link below to download Floorpunch live in Belgium.

Floorpunch - Live in Lintfabriek, Belgium, 2-21-99 (Soundboard)

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As I was going through my CDs trying to find something to upload, I came across this which I hadn't heard in quite some time. This was released by Genet Records (who may or may not be defunct now) to commemorate the 1998 Ieper Festival in Belgium. All of the bands that played were recorded but according to the liner notes, Seein' Red & Reply were not happy with the sound quality so they were left off the release. This features a total of 27 songs from some of the best US and European bands of the time including Culture, Arkangel, Congress, Liar, Earthmover, Firestone and more. Some of the songs are unreleased to this day or were rewritten. Definitely a great glimpse into the time. I ripped the release at 256 kbps so its nice and loud. I also did a high quality scan of the cover. I looked and could not find this for sale anywhere so please if anyone finds a link to purchase this, let me know and I'll remove the link. Until then, enjoy this great release.

Vort'n Vis HC Festival CD (1998)

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After the release of their split 7" on Devildance Records, Jersey new-comers Communication Redlight and California veterans Your Favorite Trainwreck (featuring Farside frontman Popeye, and Gameface frontman Jeff Caudill) have teamed up again to present "The 2nd Annual Post Post Hardcore Weekend" with shows and bands consistent of the '90s post-hardcore era. The weekend will be four shows throughout Jersey and Philly. The '90s Revelation Record fans out there are gonna wanna catch at least one of these shows.

Thursday, February 17th starts the weekend off with a show in Philly at the Trocadero, with Rhode Island bred The Biltmores, Your Favorite Trainwreck, Communication Redlight and Stoked On Being Pumped. The party continues on Friday the 18th at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick with two reunions; one from the legendary 90's hardcore band Shades Apart, as well as beloved New Brunswick hardcore band The Fire Still Burns; with Your Favorite Trainwreck, Communication Redlight & Kill Wealthy Dowager opening. The weekend moves on to the Mill Hill Basement in Trenton where Your Favorite Trainwreck will be joined by Detournement (featuring members of Bigwig, Plan A Project & Ensign) and Let Me Run. Sunday closes the weekend at The Clash Bar in Clifton with (Damn) This Desert Air (ex-The Fire Still Burns, Errortype: 11 & Instruction), Communication Redlight, The Wait (ex-Endgame), Your Favorite Trainwreck and Detournement.

February 17th @ The Troc (Philly, PA) - The Biltmores, Your Favorite Trainwreck, Communication Redlight & Stoked On Being Pumped

February 18th @ The Court Tavern (New Brunswick, NJ) - Shades Apart, The Fire Still Burns, Communication Redlight, Your Favorite Trainwreck & Kill Wealthy Dowager

February 19th @ The Mill Hill Basement (Trenton, NJ) - Your Favorite Trainwreck, Detournement & Let Me Run

February 20th @ The Clash Bar (Clifton, NJ) - Detournement, Your Favorite Trainwreck, The Wait, Communication Redlight & (Damn) This Desert Air

Find out more and listen to songs from each band at

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Advance tickets for the 6/5/11 show available here.

Advance tickets for the 6/6/11 show available here this Friday, February 4th at 12:00 PM PST.

New Outspoken t-shirts available here.