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Collateral Damage - s/t [1994 - Indecision Records]

Chris Lohman - lead vocals
Evan Jacobs - guitar
Jeff Caudill - bass
Michael "Popeye" Vogelsang - drums

backing vocals provided by Jae Hansel, Matt Enright and The Damage
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Found this newsletter on the back of a flier for a show featuring Ignite, Stalag 13 and Eyelid. Pretty cool to see stuff being talked about before it came out, 13 years later. It's basically a heads up as to what bands broke up, and what bands rose from their ashes.

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My all-time favorite band from Belgium is Kindred. However, all good things come to an end eventually, and Kindred was no exception. Shortly after Kindred's demise in late 1997, a couple of Kindred members got together with some friends and formed the first line-up of a new band, called Enemy Of The Sun. Things didn't work out however, and quickly the band folded again. A few months afterwards all 4 Kindred members got together again, added a 2nd guitarist and started working on Enemy Of The Sun material again, and this time things did work out. The band went into a different direction compared to their Kindred past and incorporated more noisy influences, different song-structures and ditched the metalcore. They released 2 records, the self-titled CD I posted here and a 3-song EP called 'Eclipse' (available here, also the person who requested this post). While I was personally not into EOTS the same way as with Kindred, EOTS certainly was a good band. After EOTS folded, singer Eric and bassist Walter formed a new band called troubleLOVESus, which took the experimentation level even further. I don't know what the members are doing currently, but I'm sure whatever they're doing, it will be good.

Enemy Of The Sun self-titled CD
Enemy Of The Sun myspace
Chances are if you bought a zine in the mid 90s, you would have seen an ad for Lost & Found Records out of Germany. Looking back, the label seriously ripped off nuermous bands yet bands continued to release records with him. I remember reading an interview with Sick Of It All in Hardware where they said confronted him but didnt go too much in depth about it. While it was a pretty scummy thing, the label did make releases that were either out of print or had never been available on CD available. I mean I was 16 in could I get that first Turning Point 7 inch (which is still one of my favorite records) or even hear the "Chung King Can Suck It" record that was limited to 110 copies? So while he may have scumbagged people, he did make records available for us who weren't around to get em the first time. This particular ad is from a European zine so the print is in German and I cant read it but look at the releases he had out: Uniform Choice, Burn, Turning Point, Undertow, 108, Ignite. From what I understand, the label is more of a distro now focusing on other forms of music. If anyone can confirm that, let me know.

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Currently, there isnt much in the webstore but I have placed orders and am currently waiting for them to come in. Expect releases from:
Loyal to the Grave
Nueva Etica
Brand New Day
Pasqua/Uprising AD
FC Five
Crystal Lake/Risen/Unboy
The True Path
Extinguish the Fire
The Document "Compilation
Length of Time

Plus loads more. You can check out the bare-bones store I have right will be updated as new items come in. As always, if you there is something you want, let me know and Ill try and find it.

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Dipping out of the 90s a little, I recently got a copy of the 2 song Cast From Eden demo. This was recorded in 2002 and eventually was re-recorded for their full length on Catalyst Records. The backside cover gives the full explanation so I wont go too much into it but I ripped this as a VBR so its nice and loud. Enjoy

Cast From Eden - 2002 Demo

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This Belgian H8000 band is mostly known for their contribution to the Animal Truth compilation from 1998. Their song on there, 'Fight For Existence', is often ridiculed as one of the worst songs in vegan sXe hardcore history. And the band was not taken too seriously either during their short lifetime. However, I've always loved that song, and the band was decent to good the few times I saw them. I still have one of their 'straight edge militia' t-shirts with the camo Natural Order logo, see the pic above. Their singer was this vegan sXe kid with a hardline tattoo in his neck. He was a really nice & cool kid, unfortunately when I talked to him about 4-5 years ago he was smoking a cigarette, not sure if he's vegan still.

Anyways, here is xNatural Orderx's live tape. This was recorded in Poperinge, Belgium on November 15 1997, and it sorta served as a demo tape. Unfortunately I don't have a cover for this, not even sure there was one? Oh and yes, they were part of the H8000 scene.

I've ripped it as a single mp3 since it's a live show. The track-list is as follows:
Fight For Existence

xNatural Orderx live tape (download removed due to complaints)

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So I've made it official: Ive started my distro. The purpose of this is to sell my friends bands music in America, a place where people still are not as receptive to foreign bands. The main problem is foreign shipping. The cost that Americans have to spend to receive an order tends to equal or exceed the cost of whatever they order so by buying in bulk or making large orders through the labels, I can cut down on the cost and help expose great bands to new ears. Currently, I have an order coming in from the Retribution Network in Tokyo and I will placing an order with Caboose Recordings from Tokyo, Alliance Trax from Tokyo, Self True Records from Moscow, and Goodlife Recordings from Belgium. I plan on contacting individual bands about acquiring their music as well as smaller labels but I have to start small and plan on building this up. If there is anything you'd like to have me try and track down, by all means leave a comment or shoot me an email at I don't know if this idea of mine will work or if I will end up in debt but I know there are so many great bands out there that are not getting the exposure they deserve just because their records are not available in the US. I plan on changing that...details will be posted soon with the web address.

Chip XXX

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Teaser #1 from Matt Garland on Vimeo.


We are currently gathering images and footage of mosh pits, concerts, etc. for the film if you would like to submit any media contact us at

Also If your interested in being interviewed for the film send us an email telling us a little about yourself and why you think you would be a good subject for the topic of our documentary. For more information about the project contact the filmakers at:

Make Independent Happen!
Into the Pit stage dives right into the mosh pit and documents the history and controversy of this rapidly growing sub culture.
By MattGarland on:

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Someone requested this comp on the xStuck In The Pastx forum, so here it is. This is the second installment, out of three, of the East Coast Assault compilations. This is a 2 disc compilation with 17 bands each contributing 2 or more tracks. Stylistically it is quite diverse and the same can be said for the quality (unfortunately). I've never been into Commin' Correct for instance, old 25 Ta Life is where it's at if we're talking Rick Ta Life. And while Andrew over at Aversionline loved the Struggle Within and Rainmen tracks, they don't do a whole lot for me either. However, there are also plenty of quality bands on here, some that I feel are underrated like Enrage, Cease and Innerface besides some fairly well-known great bands such as Indecision, Stigmata and All Out War. Anyways, I'll keep this quite short. All in all it's a worthy successor to the first East Coast Assault compilation, even if it doesn't come close to the overall level of the original (but few compilations have been able to). One major complaint, and this goes for the 1st installment as well, is that the insert only lists contact information for the bands, and nothing else. This is a little scarce to put it mildly. But oh well... Let the music speak for itself I guess.

I decided to split the tracks into 2 separate downloads, one for each CD. Both include scans of the insert and tray. I posted the first East Coast Assault compilation here a while ago.

Re-upped cuz original files were deleted by Mediafire cuz of some bogus copyright infringement claim.
East Coast Assault II compilation - CD 1
East Coast Assault II compilation - CD 2

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One or two of you may be interested in these, so here they are. Enjoy. Or something.

ICE - Making Up For Lost Time EP [1992 - Ringside Records]

ICE - L'Chaim EP [1993 - Ringside Records]

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As I'm sort of doing 'Euro' posts on here now, I figured I'd put up a list of all the 'Euro' posts I've made on my other blog, One Path For Me Through Destiny.

187 (Belgium, H8000): demo (post)

Agni Hotra (Poland): demo / Govinda CD / Krsna CD (post)

A Way Of Life (France): everything but the demo (post) / demo (post)

Born From Pain (Netherlands): demo (post)

Kindred (Belgium): live-set (post)

Length Of Time (Belgium): demo (post)

Right Direction (Netherlands): split 7" with Warzone (post)

Slavearc (UK): demo (post)

Stalemate (Germany): demo / 7" (post)

Trapped In Life (France): demo (post)

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Strongarm is the one Christian hardcore band that, if you ask anyone who digs 90s hardcore, they seem to like regardless of lyrical content or beliefs (as well as Focal Point). Growing up in South Florida, Strongarm never seemed too preachy when they played. Sure they said a thing here and there but they never held prayer circles or anything (at least not that I can remember). They basically got on stage and said "We're Strongarm, this is what we believe, if you don't its cool". I had never seen this video before but the recording of the song I believe is from the 7 inch that Tooth and Nail released. The song was re-recorded and released on their debut full length "Atonement", my favorite record from them. Though the music and recording on "The Advent of a Miracle" is much better, Jason's vocals always appealed to me more than Chris's (sorry Chris). Either way, heres the video for "Trials" by Strongarm.

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Things have been exceptionally busy for me lately. Once the holiday combination of Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's is looming over us all, my work load doubles. In addition to that, I've been in a math class. Anyone that knows me, knows that math is my arch nemesis. I'm a whiz with literature and social sciences, but math goes over my head in every possible regard. It debilitates my life, and steals far too much time from me. However, I got a 92% today on my math final, so here's a hearty "fuck you" to math (even though I have to take one more math class next semester).
I still have about half of the Eighteen Visions shirts. Given what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, they've been going out in very small batches, and I hope to have them all taken care of pretty soon.
Every once in a while, something comes along to really lighten my mood and make me feel like the current shit storm isn't so bad. Today, it came in the form of this:

an Hourglass / New Day Rising test press on Moo Cow Records (1 of 5)
I came across it in a local record store, and scooped it up like my life damn near depended on it.
One last thing, everyone should ditch ebay, and start doing all of your buying and selling via Limited Pressing. It's an auction site (and much more) developed and run by two brothers from New York that have a deep love for both vinyl and hardcore. If anyone out there remembers the late, great Skylab Commerce, we're all hoping that Limited Pressing can grow into something even better than what Skylab was. Click on the link and check it out!

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Since Jav put up the Bloodlet live 7 inch, I thought it would be a good idea to continue the trend and put up an interview from Rumpshaker #3. Again, Ive expressed how great this zine is/was as Eric conducted his interviews with a sense of humor able to ask serious questions but still keep the read fun (quote: Eric "Theres no happiness in Bloodlet?") . There is nothing worse than a stuffy interviewer asking the same questions to each band about the same topics. Here's an interview with Bloodlet from Rumpshaker zine #3, 1995

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01. You Make My Life So Easy (Self-Titled 7", 1996 Roc Quarry)
02. Catching Up (Self-Titled 7", 1996 Roc Quarry)
03. Homesick (Self-Titled 7", 1996 Roc Quarry)
04. Backseat Driver (100 Words For Snow/I Wish I split 7", 1997 Roc Quarry)
05. Collide (100 Words For Snow/Impel split 7", 199x Redwood)
06. Closure at Terminal 14 (V/A - Songs for the Brokenhearted CD, 1998 Glue Factory)
07. The Last Word (Unknown)

Catching Up (2009 dance remix)

For more on this excellent '90s Orange County, California emo band, be sure to check out their, Facebook and Twitter pages. Additionally, singer/guitarist David Kurutz is currently playing guitar in Demander, another awesome band worth checking out.

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..then so am i

hi. im jav. im 32, im unemployed, have a 7 year old kid, and i dont remember the last time i was this stoked on hardcore.

i am currently filming a short movie, in which i interview people about what their favorite hardcore band is. here's a trailer

i also sing in a band called the Mistake. we have a full length record coming out on Hellfish Family in January. 2010 should be an awesome year.
im also stoked to be a part of this blog. i have a lot to contribute that i've just been too busy to do, but hopefully Justin and Chip won't be the only ones making you scratch your head this year. also, check one of my other blogs. im sure youll find something cool.


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Hey guys, Jake here.

I realize that there are still several days left in the year but after reading Chip's update below, I thought I'd write a little end of the year post as well.

This year has definitely been one of the worst years of my entire life mostly due to me losing my job and being owed about $5,200 from my former employer which I may never receive. That being said, my involvement with xStuck In The Pastx has definitely been one of the few bright spots of this year for me. Beginning with Chip and Justin posting the interview that I did with Blackspot drummer Sean Fader back in mid-April and then bringing me on board as a contributor a few months later, it has been an absolute blast for me to revisit '90s hardcore (definitely some of the best years of my entire life) with all of you. Needless to say, I look forward to MUCH more of it in 2010 and beyond.

Thank you for all of your great feedback and happy holidays to all of you and your families!

Respectfully Yours,

Andrew Jacobs a.k.a. Jake
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Hey everyone,
Hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season. I just wanted to give you a quick update on the next few days for of this morning, I have officially finished school. I graduate on Saturday morning and will officially be a college graduate (only took me 12 years). My parents are coming up so I will be entertaining this weekend so very little posting from me while they are here. Ill be in town until the 18th, then I head to Miami for just over a week. Ill be able to update while Im there so posting wont slow down then. Also, I will be heading back to Tokyo in April for 2 weeks so if there are any Japanese readers, let me know so we can hang out (Dobek, Hiro, Koba, Kentaro). It looks like my foreign bands distro is going to happen...its going to start small with a bunch of releases from Japan to start with and will be expanded shortly so please be patient.

Justin and I have a few things coming that, if you dig 90s hardcore, is seriously going to blow your mind. I mean really blow your mind. Im not going to tell you what they are but it will be worth the wait, I promise.

Thanks for making this past year incredible. Stuck In The Past has completely exceeded my expectations and its all because of you guys. Thanks and keep reading.


PS. The pic is from Gainesville Fest 2001...I wore that during our set...yes seriously

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Burst of Silence circa 1993 with Kyle from Grade singing along.

As a follow up to the Burst of Silence interview that Chip posted last week, here are some Burst of Silence recordings. They played some excellent, chunky hardcore similar to other bands of the era like Chokehold, Canon, etc. None of these are my original rips, so I spent some time trying to clean them up, re-master them and just make the best out of their relatively low bit rate quality.

First up is their demo tape. I've heard that they may have had another demo prior to this one, but this is the only demo recording I've ever actually acquired.

Burst of Silence - Demo
[1992 (?) - Structure Records]

In 1993, Burst of Silence released their first and only 7". Only slightly more polished than the demo, it offered more of the chunky hardcore featured on the demo, but comes off sounding a bit more pissed.

Burst of Silence - Thicker Than Blood
[1993 - Stability Records]

That brings us to the Unreleased LP. I'm not 100% sure of this, but I believe that at the time they wrote and recorded this LP, Chris Logan (Chokehold / Goodfellow Records) had joined the band on second guitar. It's a true crime against hardcore that the master tapes for this recording are probably just lying around somewhere, collecting dust, instead of being released in a proper format. This recording sounds heavy, and deserves to be heard as more than the mp3 transfer from a cassette of unknown generation/origin.
I threw together a cover for this, since there never was one.

Burst of Silence - Unreleased LP
[1994 (?)]

I'm not sure about the other members of the band, but guitar player Christian McMaster has gone on to play in such bands as Left For Dead, The Swarm, Haymaker and Cursed. Chris Logan followed up Chokehold by singing for Seventy Eight Days and running Goodfellow Records.

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Man, this record isn't even mid-nineties. It's fucking EARLY 90's.
Neck Deep is a relatively obscure Orange County band. They played some of the first shows i really remember going to, in 1992 and 1993. Mostly playing with bands like Function, Blackspot and Outspoken. In fact, I have a flier with that exact line up.
The 7" was recorded in 1992. Musically, it does remind me of early Outspoken... kind of stompy, kind of melodic, kind of mid-tempo, kind of boring in a way. Vocally, he sounds like a less pissed-off Infest and lyrically it touches on VERY 90's issues like the "burning planet" and colonial imperialism.
check this out if you want to hear some of the beginnings of that 90's Orange County sound, the transition between posi-hardcore (a la Uniform Choice) and the "signature OC metal sound" (like Adamantium and Throwdown)
maybe Jake could shed some more light on where these dudes came from and went.

Neck Deep - 7"
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Become a fan of the Facebook page for all of the up to the minute info as well as video journals, photos, etc. -

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One of the most prominent 'new school' hardcore bands in the Netherlands during the '90s was Reveal. Reveal started out under the name S5 with a different guitarist and drummer. Singer Geert and bassist Dave were around from the start right up until the end of Reveal. Based in a small town called Dongen in the south of the Netherlands, they quickly managed to start a local hardcore scene and crew of friends called the DongArmy. With S5 they used to do a cover of 'California Dreaming' (The Mama's And The Papa's) with the girls from the DongArmy on backup vocals, which was always a highlight of their live sets. After a while they felt the name S5 didn't fit the band anymore, and they were also having some line-up issues. For a short time they were called Strident, but after settling on a stable line-up with drummer Maarten and guitarist Mischa, they found a solid bandname in Reveal.

With the name Reveal they didn't record any demo, but merely based on their solid live-performances and the quality of their songs, Reveal managed to get signed by Good Life Recordings out of Belgium (and later by Genet Records, also out of Belgium), released 3 CD's and played many shows with bands such as Kindred, Driven, Facedown etc and toured Europe with Catharsis... Because of the Good Life connection, their musical style and the bands that were on this label at the time, some people thought Reveal were a straight edge band. However, apart from drummer Maarten who was sXe, the Reveal members were far from straight edge, they drank and really loved to smoke pot. Not that it mattered, they were really cool people, their live-shows were always great and their records amazing. They also used to set up shows in their hometown Dongen. They set up the first ever show of my old band Disdain there, but also set up shows for touring bands such as Indecision and Boy Sets Fire.

In 2000-2001 the members started to drift in different musical directions, and the band decided to call it a day. In 2001 they played their farewell show in their hometown Dongen, with the singer being brought to the stage while crucified on a cross. A memorable show, and for the first time in years, they played 'California Dreaming' again.

Included with this post are the S5 'Broken' demo (unfortunately no scans of the cover or a track-listing as mine's a mere copy) which shows a way more straight-forward hardcore band, it also has their infamous 'California Dreaming' cover on it, and a CD-r with a variety of live-recordings that was only sold in a limited run (I have #61 of 90) at Reveal's farewell show. Their regular albums can be downloaded here although they shouldn't be too hard to find. A few years ago a small but interesting documentary was made about Reveal. Even though it's in Dutch, maybe some readers will enjoy it. It can be watched here.

Geert now sings in a 3-man electronics band called Linked. Dave has played bass in a number of bands since Reveal including Transmission0 and his current band, Hooghwater. Guitarist Mischa played in Transmission0 as well as a more grungy/indie The Void. Maarten was part of the initial line-up of Transmission0 but he left before the band gained any traction and played in The Void as well, and then played in a glamrock band called H.O.T.T..

S5 - 'Broken' demo
Reveal - 'Unrevealed '96-'01 - The Complete Live Collection' CD

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Just spoke to my man Jon Dennison from Unholy and he passed on the info that they just shot a video for the song "These Wounds Will Never Heal". Pick up their new album, New Life Behind Closed Eyes, on Prosthetic Records if you haven't.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

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I realize that xStuck In The Pastx is not the appropriate forum for personal posts, so Chip or Justin, feel free to delete this if you'd like.

I'll try to keep this as brief as I possibly can - 3 weeks ago, all of my former co-workers and I were sent home early due to the fact that our employer was unable to make payroll. A week later, we were all officially laid off. Due to the company filing bankruptcy, we did not receive our final paychecks for all of the money that we were owed within 72 hours as California law clearly states and have, in fact, received no compensation whatsoever since the end of October. A class action lawsuit is currently in the works but due to the sheer uncertainty of the whole thing, the fact that only 1/3rd of the entire workforce are on board with the lawsuit (thus making it MUCH more costly for each of us to participate in it) and the inexperience of the lawyer being retained to handle the case, I regretfully had to decline participation shortly after first agreeing to participate. Needless to say, all of this has put me in a pretty foul mood for close to a month now.

However, all that changed this morning after I read my good friend Joe Nelson's Thanksgiving Jam with H.R. post on Double Cross. For the first time in weeks, I laughed out loud and had an ear to ear grin on my face for the rest of the day. I encourage each and every one of you to read it and I sincerely hope that it has a positive effect on you as well.

Photo taken by Dan Rawe
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Today I bring you an interview with Burst of Silence. This was originally printed in View Point Fanzine #1 in 1993. If you haven't heard Burst of Silence, check out their Myspace. Justin has an unreleased record from them so Ill ask him to post it in the near future.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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This was requested a few weeks back and I finally got around to upping it. Sorry for the wait. Earlier this year, I upped the demo that Santa Sangre cut for Eulogy...check that out here. Heres the demo that was released on Surprise Attack Records and quickly sold out. Featuring members of Another Victim, Unholy, All Hell Breaks Loose, Terror, Path of Resistance, and (sometimes member) Earth Crisis

Santa Sangre - Demo

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Monster, guitar player for Purification, sent me this message with an update on the semi-reformed Italian band.

"Hi There

Everyone interested in booking a show for the Purification "Reunion Tour" should send an email to Onward Booking

They will get back to you with the details, the tour will be scheduled for the end of July 2010.

Warm Regards

I got this demo in 2000 at a show my old band played with Hamartia and 7 Angels 7 Plagues in Philly. They were killer that day and we became friends with them. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only recording they did outside of the full length on Goodlife but man is it great. I actually downloaded this one a few years ago so this is not my rip (my demo is at my parents house). Ill scan the cover when I go visit them for the holidays. Here's Hamartia's 3 song 2000 demo

Hamartia - Demo

Monday, November 30, 2009

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Bloodlet is in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. This 7" makes me wish I was watching them again.
I don't remember when i first got this bootleg, but the copy that i recorded is not my original copy. That was a second press copy, with the cover colored in orange. I got this first press copy on ebay about 2 weeks after i sent my copy to Justin to be recorded. I was so stoked to find the first press copy on red that i told Justin to keep the one i sent him.
The only real difference between the pressings is the coloring on the cover and the color of the vinyl You can tell that coloring was done by hand, probably with a highlighter. Both pressings say there were 500 made, and the pressing is indicated on the back cover.
I don't know who pressed it, and frankly i don't want to know, but it DID come out around the same time as the bootleg Burn and Born Against live 7"s.
the layout is sparse, with a photo of a person falling out of a burning building with some bible quotes around it.
The matrix is etched
a: "i pray to heal your wounds"
b: but i bleed myself
I ripped this at 320kps, but I'm warning you, it still doesn't really sound good. It is NOT a soundboard recording, and what you hear on the mp3 is pretty much the way you hear it on a stereo, blown out. BUT, if you love Bloodlet and love live recordings (like I do), you will love this.

Bloodlet- live at CBGB 8.7.95

i also have some Bloodlet photos on my Flickr
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Ripped and uploaded by request. This compilation was released by Pin Drop Records in 1995. The label was run by one of the guys in Holdstrong, the 1st band on here, other bands on the label include Die My Will and Grimlock, you can't ask for much better references than that! The other bands on here are Brother's Keeper, Cross Current and Hatebreed. The Hatebreed track is one of their first proper recordings. Their track on here, 'Mark My Words', would later be re-recorded for their classic 'Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire' album. But this version is just as crushing. Hell, all tracks on here are pretty damn solid as far as I'm concerned. Holdstrong would do a bunch of releases on Pin Drop, the amazing Brother's Keeper would release stuff on various labels, Cross Current did a 7" on Pin Drop and Hatebreed, well, they sorta drifted into obscurity I guess. Great compilation. Enjoy.

Together As One... compilation 7"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

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There really isnt a lot of content on it yet because we just made it but add us so we can keep everyone even more up to date.

Stuck In The Past on Myspace

Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Lately, I've been noticing some confusion and debate on the internet over whether Indecision was a straight edge band or not. I always thought it was common knowledge that weren't a straight edge band, but that they simply contained a couple of members that didn't shy away from being vocal about being straight edge.
The confusion stretches back as far as Indecision's first 7", which contained a straight edge song called "Loyal". Not only that, but the confusion goes a layer deeper with a flyer ad that was floating around for the 7" in which the band was labeled as "vegan moshcore".

Indecision was not a vegan band. Only two of the four tracks from that first 7" made it onto the "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" cd that compiled Indecision's early releases, so I went ahead and ripped the entire 7".

Indecision - s/t
[Released Power Productions - 1994]

Later, some confusion also could have arisen from the A side center label, which was a picture of someone in a straight edge letterman's jacket.

The vinyl version of Unorthodox featured two live songs that never got released anywhere else, so I've also ripped and uploaded them. They were recorded at the cd release show for Unorthodox on January 12th, 1997 at The Joint in Staten Island where they played with Silent Majority, Milhouse, and CR.

Indecision - Unorthodox [bonus tracks]
[Exit Records - 1997]

I also went ahead and asked Indecision's singer, Tom Sheehan, a few questions about this whole matter.
SITP: Which members of Indecision were actually straight edge?
Tom: Me and Justin.
SITP: Did the other members ever object to the few songs that were about straight edge?
Tom: Not at all. They didn't really have anything to do with it.
SITP: Since a lot of people will take a band's lyrics to be representative of every member in the band, there was never a concern on their part that they would be considered straight edge even though they weren't?
Tom: Not really. We didn't have many overtly straight edge songs.
SITP: It almost seemed like the A/B side center labels of Unorthodox could be representative of both sides of the band (the straight edge letterman jacket/Sid & Nancy), but it seems like a lot of people simply took the A side label and ran with the idea of you guys as a straight edge band.
Tom: Yeah, I never realized that. I don't think it was done intentionally.
SITP: This just seems like one of those things where it wasn't a big deal to you guys at all, but as usual, hardcore kids have taken it and made it a question/concern.
Tom: Absolutely. We were just a bunch of friends from high school that started a band together. Some were edge, some weren't. It wasn't a big deal to us at all.
SITP: Do you think you guys added to the confusion at all by dedicating the first MPB record to the straight edge?
Tom: At that point we were 4/5ths edge. Just Rachel wasn't. Me, Justin, Matt, and Sean were all edge then.
SITP: Vegan moshcore?
Tom: I have no idea where that came from.

Hopefully this can end the confusion over Indecision being a straight edge band or not. On an endnote, Tom Sheehan - still straight edge. Good dude, backed hard.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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For fans of One Step Ahead, 411 and Verbal Assault. Damn good stuff.

Remission - Accept LP [2009 - Amendment Records]

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Recently, Ive noticed more and more foreign bands (foreign to the US) releases are becoming harder to acquire in the US. Unfortunately, most people don't want to pay the foreign postage to get these releases and most bands end up going unnoticed. To fill this void, Ive been toying with the idea of starting a distro to sell foreign bands releases in the US. If you are in a band outside of the US or run a label based outside of the US, shoot me an email and talk to me about wholesale pricing. Im sick of seeing so many great bands going unnoticed and have decided to do something about it. Also US bands I have left you out...get in touch and lets see what we can work out.

Email me at:

Also, Im in Miami until the Sunday so very little posting from me but I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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On August 26th, 1994, one of my favorite bands in the whole world played their last show. Little did i know that a few years later they would be playing again, but that's neither here nor there.
Outspoken's moniker was fitting. Their music and lyrics embodied an emotional side of hardcore that is rarely seen. I can't imagine where they would have done had they stayed together, but as they say "all good things must come to an end."
Good thing i wasn't asked to write an epitaph for a band at 7am.
Anyway, the members of the band and a few other scene heavyweights wrote up this little zine as a way to say goodbye, and i could only hope that someday, something i created would have such an impact on people to inspire words like these.