Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Someone requested this comp on the xStuck In The Pastx forum, so here it is. This is the second installment, out of three, of the East Coast Assault compilations. This is a 2 disc compilation with 17 bands each contributing 2 or more tracks. Stylistically it is quite diverse and the same can be said for the quality (unfortunately). I've never been into Commin' Correct for instance, old 25 Ta Life is where it's at if we're talking Rick Ta Life. And while Andrew over at Aversionline loved the Struggle Within and Rainmen tracks, they don't do a whole lot for me either. However, there are also plenty of quality bands on here, some that I feel are underrated like Enrage, Cease and Innerface besides some fairly well-known great bands such as Indecision, Stigmata and All Out War. Anyways, I'll keep this quite short. All in all it's a worthy successor to the first East Coast Assault compilation, even if it doesn't come close to the overall level of the original (but few compilations have been able to). One major complaint, and this goes for the 1st installment as well, is that the insert only lists contact information for the bands, and nothing else. This is a little scarce to put it mildly. But oh well... Let the music speak for itself I guess.

I decided to split the tracks into 2 separate downloads, one for each CD. Both include scans of the insert and tray. I posted the first East Coast Assault compilation here a while ago.

Re-upped cuz original files were deleted by Mediafire cuz of some bogus copyright infringement claim.
East Coast Assault II compilation - CD 1
East Coast Assault II compilation - CD 2


@joshuarathbun said...

It was me bugging for this and I really appreciate you putting this up. Thanks again.

erock352 said...

if anyone comes across any other CEASE material please let me know. i used to have their cd but it was stolen from my car a few years ago.

XhcnoirX said...

@erock352: I've been planning a Cease post for my other blog for a while now (been waiting to hear back from an old band-member but seems unlikely that'll ever happen). CD plus split 7"s plus some compilation stuff. Amazing band.

Unknown said...

Best track on here are by Train Of Thought!
I have to dig this cd up again.

Unknown said...

east coast assult 3 you need to post that one that was the best 1 in my opinion

erock352 said...

Hey, xemonerdx, is there any chance you can send me the CEASE CD again? I crashed my hard drive. Thanks.