Saturday, October 31, 2009

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From Monster:

For the ones interested, Purification will start rehearsing new material during the upcoming weeks.

The new material will be posted "exclusively" on the myspace's tribute page.

More news to follow

Purification on Myspace

Friday, October 30, 2009

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As one of the people that's been obsessed with all things Disembodied/Martyr AD for a number of years, I have always desired to know more about the 2002 Demo that has been floating around the internet for a number of years now. I emailed Tara to see what the scoop is, and if there were any other demos. Then when I woke up this morning before work, I had an email from Joel in my inbox containing ALL of the various Martyr AD demos. Suffice to say, I was pretty excited, and I'm really happy that they're letting us push them out to the world semi-officially. Joel had also made digital covers of the demos, which is great for all of us completists out there.

First up is a Human Condition pre-production demo. It has 9 songs, and was recorded live at their practice space to 4 track. There are some minor differences in some of the songs, but you'll notice that a decent amount of lyrics and vocal patterns are different.

Martyr AD - Human Condition demo [2000]

Next up is the demo from 2002. This was the last recording with Mike Fisketti on vocals. It contains two finished songs that were later re-recorded for On Earth As It Is In Hell, and two unfinished songs that never had vocals recorded, and have never seen the light of day until now. It was recorded in a legit studio, and featured Jared from 7 Angels 7 Plagues on drums, hence the title of "Jared Demo".

Martyr AD - Jared Demo [2002]

And finally there's the Summer '03 Demo, which was recorded in the early stages of the second Martyr AD lineup. It features 5 songs in total, and much like the Human Condition demo, it was recorded live at the practice space to a 4 track.

Martyr AD - Summer '03 Demo

There you have it. All of the Martyr AD demos. Enjoy!
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If you've followed us since we changed formats, one thing I've (Chip) made clear is my love for EMS and Brother's Keeper. Always a band that was out doing something different, they were definately a band that you either loved or hated. They were one I loved and were always extremely friendly and generous, taking my old band out on tour a few times. Through this relationship, EMS's label, Surprise Attack Records, asked to put out my next band All Hell Breaks Loose and for this I am grateful. Always hardworking and always out to make sure the bands are not getting ripped off, EMS runs one of the best DIY hardcore labels in the US.
Since the start of a zine called Surprise Attack, EMS has always kept a grass roots approach to the zine and label, making very little for himself and always putting 100% back into the label. He started off with a 7 inch from Outcome and then hooked up with Erie, PA legends xDisciplex. This really got the ball rolling and he eventually released the Erie Scene Report comp as well as the Transformers loving Shockwave 7 inch/cassette. Through constant touring with Brother's Keeper, the label was able to reach a wider fan base and EMS was able to release records from foreign bands such as Coming of the New Messiah and ShotPointBlank. Never afraid to take a chance, he has released records for Japan's Loyal to the Grave and Belgium's Rise And Fall (before they signed with Deathwish). A constant supporter of all things local, Eric released the demo for Erie's Problem Solver Revolver as well as a 7 inch for his own band, Brother's Keeper.
Over the last couple of years, SA Mob has released records for Prayer For Cleansing, Die Young, Where It Ends, Seven Generations, and When Tigers Fight. Also he will be releasing the Unrestrained (Justin's band) 7 inch soon. Eric also recently purchased Forward Hall in Erie, PA. and continues to have all ages shows there, continues to play music in Smoke and Mirrors, and co-owns Ink Assassin Tattoos and Piercings in Erie (busy guy). I'm glad to have worked with him and I hope he continues to release records he likes and support the bands that are out there, working hard.

For more information, check out the Surprise Attack Records website for more info as well as the store for huge distro as well as all the SA Mob releases.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Within the last year, Ive been going back and re-discovering a lot of 90s European hardcore bands that I had either never heard or hadnt heard in a long time. Honestly, Im so glad I did because there were so many good bands to come out of Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden and especially the Belgium H8000 scene. Many of the bands were disregarded by US hardcore kids are knockoffs of Morning Again, Culture or Earth Crisis but hey so were lots of the American bands. The first band I remember that kids over here went nuts over was Refused from Sweden. Of course there had been others but Refused really stuck out in my mind as doing something different and unique. They also were one of the first bands to really blow up the Umea scene along with Final Exit, Abhinanda, and Doughnuts...check my past write up for more in depth info. Another important band was Arkangel. Regardless of how you feel about their politics and life choices, "Dead Man Walking" still slays, even 10 years later. John Wylie got the record in his distro and he couldnt keep them in stock. Every show he would sell like 10 copies of it, a pretty amazing feat for a band at the time that wasnt on Victory or Revelation (just for example). Some more notables were Congress, Liar, Purification, Lifeforce, Regression, Shortsight, Length of Time, Kindred, Blindfold, Spawn and Shorebreak.
I also stumbled across 2 very informative blogs that cover the H8000 scene of the past and are well worth checking out so please do. I know my knowledge of the European scene is pretty limited so feel free to comment and add to this.

Flanders Fury (great info on different records from Europe as well the US)

H8000 Central (THE place for info on the H8000 scene of the 90s)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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As requested, heres the demo from Atlanta's Paid In Blood. 3 songs of fast heavy hardcore. Pretty sure this was released in 2003. Atlanta's Foundation actually covered a song from this demo on their split with Meantime. You can order the 7 inch here


Paid In Blood - Demo
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Someone requested this and I forgot to post it. Great band from New Jersey that played fast melodic, punk hardcore. This was originally released in 1997.

Heckle - The Complicated Futility of Ignorance

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Love them or hate them, LOST AND FOUND put out some crucial records in the 90's. I got this little tract in a copy of the Bloodlet live 7" (which justin is supposed to rip for us). It's nothing new, but i have never seen it in this form; a small pamphlet that looks like it would be telling us about the evils of sin, and not the evils of a German record label.

Monday, October 26, 2009

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Here's an interview with Louisville's Falling Forward from Rumpshaker #3, one of the best zines to ever grace the hardcore world. Eric, if you want me to take this down, just message me and I will do so.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Here's a xStuck In The Pastx exclusive for ya - a 4 song demo by Big Frank Harrison's post-Carry Nation band ear2ear. Frank sent me these songs last night and asked that I post 'em on here, so here they are. It's pretty heavy stuff to say the very least. According to Frank, these songs were recorded in 2 hours about 5 years ago and the band played live for about a year. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

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From Hartsfield's music Myspace blog:

Ok, just found this jem in the garage in a box.

In 1991 John Coyle moved to San Francisco and left Outspoken with a big decision to deal with. Were we going to deal with flying John down/to every show we were set to play or find a new vocalist? Well, the first idea that came up was to find a new guitar player and have myself move to vocals. At band practice it seemed to sound pretty good but the real test would be in the studio.

"Nothing Left" was recorded during the Solitude demo session in Riverside CA sometime in 1991. The song features Dennis Remsing on the drums and myself doing the guitar, bass and vocals. After hearing the final results I HATED the sound of my own voice so it was shelved for almost 20 years. Enjoy...

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Hey everyone
Hope everyone is enjoying the cool weather, I know I am. This weekend I will be heading up to Nashville, TN and won't be back til Sunday so no updating from me. Hope everyone has a good weekend and Ill see you all when I get back


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Just got wind of this, courtesy of Ry-bunal, Split Lip/Chamberlain will be playing the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on December 7, 2009. Doors will be at 7:00 and the cost is $19. Not sure who else will be on the bill but if you can make it I'm sure it will be amazing. Unfortunately, the site says it will be an 18 and over show. Check the Bowery website for more info

Monday, October 19, 2009

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The original and still the best. I picked this up recently from Andrea, the same guy who sold me the Contempt shirt. Straight Edge clothing companies sure don't make em like they used to. The first in a long line of great shirts produced by the Andrew Thomas Company...speaking of which does anyone know who ran ATC (was there an Andrew Thomas?)? Curiousity...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Something I have learned in my years of being active in the hardcore scene is that there are two types of bands: bands who establish themselves, break up, start a new band and ride the wave of popularity that an "ex members of..." band generates and then there are the bands who go out, play their hearts out and gain a following from that. Mourningside AD is the latter. If you guys read my review of their demo, you know I was nuts about it. A band that reminded me of Mean Season, had very personal and introspective lyrics, and did not try and use any type of "ex members of..." publicity. I messaged Damon (vocalist) and asked if the band would be interested in having us do a review of the record. He responded and a link was sent. He also explained that the band had to change its name by adding the AD because there was already a band with the same name, though broken up, and they asked them to change it (shades of American Up The Ghost). I put the tracks on my iPod and listened as I walked to class. The new 7 inch, Confessions of Disbelief" is a huge leap forward for the band in terms of musical progression, recording, and overall maturation. On the demo, I heard alot of influence from Mean Season (hey not that thats a bad thing, they do take their name from a MS song) but they have added influences from Unbroken, Snapcase, Groundwork, and 108. The vocals are very reminiscent of "Life Love Regret" era Unbroken and there is plenty of the 90s style clean vocals. Lyrics deal with personal issues while the song "Clear" (re-reorded from their demo) seems to attack religion with lyrics such as "Selling the world salvation, your lies are crystal clear for all to see who choose to see". To my understanding the band is not a straight edge band (they do contain members who are) and the song "Life Deceived" does seem to carry a very strong drug free message (unless Im misinterpreting it) by stating "Liberation must be gained. Until we're free. I will abstain". The recording overall is top with all instruments at the appropriate levels, nothing seems to be too high or too low. The guitar tone is warm and heavy but not too muddy, the drums sound full while the bass provides the right amount of low end. Hardpress Records did a great job by asking to release this for the band. The band has been steadily playing out in California since they started and are currently gearing up for a west coast tour in November with dates in California, Washington, and Nevada planned. Overall, the Mourningside AD record is well worth your money and will surely be on my top 10 list as the year comes to a close.

Mourningside AD on Myspace

Mourningside AD "Confessions of Disbelief" is available through Big Cartel

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Friday, October 16, 2009

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Here's an interview with In My Eyes from South Florida's Openzine. This was one of the most consistent zines in South Florida in late 90s, early 2000's.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Just came across this video of Walls of Jericho covering Earthmover's "A Commitment to Murder". Watch the kids lose their minds.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Here we are again with another installment of Current Bands Playing 90s Style Hardcore. Since the last time I posted an update, Ive been searching for new bands to bring you and I think Ive got some good stuff for you. As always, Im open to suggestions and I listen to all bands that are suggested, so please email me and let me know if you have a band that would fit in our next installment. Make sure to put either "Stuck In The Past" or "Current Bands Playing 90s Style Hardcore" in the heading.

xShiverx - Tokyo, Japan

If there is one thing Ive learned through my friendship with the Japanese hardcore kids as well as my trip earlier this year, the Japanese hardcore scene love the 90s. xShiverx released a demo 2 years ago and then...nothing. Did they break up? Were they on a hiatus? No clue...but then all of a sudden 2 months ago they released a 3 way split of new material. The new songs blow the old demo out of the water...great heavy chugging hardcore in the vein of Excessive Force. Check out their Myspace for more info: xShiverx on Myspace

Stormtrooper - Hommersåk/Sandnes, Rogaland Norway

I stumbled across Stormtrooper one day on Myspace and really liked their sound. Alternating male and female vocals with music that is reminiscent of Arkangel (Dead Man Walking era). I thought they had broken up but apparently they went on hiatus and are now back and booking a European tour. Check out their Myspace for more info: Stormtrooper on Myspace

Convicted - Chicago, IL.

Convicted has been around for about 2 years and has really started making waves in the hardcore scene playing both the Burning Fight show in Chicago this year as well as This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia. Their first 7 inch had some Integrity influence but their new 2009 demo really added some Arkangel/Slayer parts to the mix. Definitely a band to watch in the next year. They were looking for a new drummer so if you can help them out, message them on Myspace. Check out their Myspace for more info: Convicted on Myspace

Verdict - Moscow, Russia

I had been messaging back and forth with Vasya, vocalist for Verdict, and when I finally checked out his band, I was totally into it. Heavy Morning Again worship here folks. Great band who just released a 3 way split along with xShiverx. Not quite sure what they've been up to recently because their Myspace is mostly in Russian...but check it out and listen to the tracks they have up. Verdict on Myspace

Reason - Buffalo, NY
Reason is a new band based out of Buffalo featuring members of The Control, Dead Hearts, Halfmast, Plagued With Rage, Still Ill, They Live, No Reason and No Time Left. Fast, angry, pissed off straight edge hardcore that at times reminds me of Reach the Sky and maybe Turning Point. They just played their first show on Monday and have a demo which you can download for free off of their Myspace. Im expecting big things from them in the next year. Reason on Myspace
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Sorry for the double post but I felt that Andrew Kline's excellent recap of Burning Fight on the Tradition blog warranted a post of it's own. I should also mention that the art show will be on display at the Tradition store for the rest of October, so please stop by if you're in town or live nearby.

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Click here to see 'em all.

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Picked this up a few weeks ago...honestly, I don't know if I had ever seen a Contempt shirt up until that point. I may have but I dont recall...either way, I scooped this up and pretty excited. This was made for the release of their 7 inch I believe. The thing is in great condition, almost unworn. If anyone has anymore info on this, let me know.
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Farside's "Scrap" is a collection of their first 2 demos, the first of which featured Zach De La Rocha on guitar. The lineup is more or less the same as the later releases but with Zach on guitar. This CD is pretty hard to come by from what I understand so enjoy this. All this material was released before they signed with Crisis/Revelation.

EDIT: After posting this, K. Murphy passed on this info, correcting what I had written. Thanks for the update and the correct info.

"Nope. Zach is on the second demo and the line ups are pretty different. Josh Stanton (411) on bass and Rob Haworth (Hard Stance and State of the Nation on guitar. But certainly hard to find. Only 1000 pressed." - K. Murphy


Farside - Scrap

Saturday, October 10, 2009

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The Orange County, California hardcore scene (hell, the hardcore scene PERIOD) isn't known for spawning very many non-white frontmen but Against The Wall's Mike Madrid is a welcome and refreshing exception to that unfortunate rule. Madrid has returned to the scene with his new band Orphan Jams, a noisy punk/hardcore outfit that combines the best elements of the '80s and the '90s O.C. hardcore scenes to bring a fresh sound to the current scene. Crank it.
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To be honest, I was never a big Quicksand fan until the last few years. Mainly because of the fact of which bands the members were previously associated with, the sound that Quicksand produced was quite different than anything else coming out at the time. They went on to influence numerous bands and still do to this day. This folder of songs was something I downloaded off of Soulseek years ago and I don't know the origin of some of the songs or where they were originally released. But this does include their "How Soon is Now" Smiths cover as well as some World's Fastest Car demos. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it.

Quicksand - B Sides and Rarities

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Heres an interview that Clear Path fanzine did with Chokehold in April 1994.