Thursday, May 30, 2013

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It's pretty rare to come across an uncirculated video that is of good quality, but last night at the Bolt Thrower show in Seattle, Ron Guardipee gave me his 8mm master tape of Rage Against The Machine playing in Seattle on 4/12/93, and he had a great vantage point for filming.  If you dig RATM, I'm sure you'll love this.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Acme was a relatively short-lived metalcore band from Bremen, Germany, who formed in 1991 and disbanded in 1994 (or was it '95?). Information regarding the band is almost as hard to come by as their music, leaving a sense of mystery and obscurity to future listeners. Acme crafted "the Bremen sound" and were highly influential for not only bands of that scene, but metalcore bands in general. They had a very thin discography, but in 1996, Edison Recordings released all of their recorded material under the name " Reduce the Choir to One Soloist".

In this post, I'd like to share the tracks that Acme released on several long out-of-print compilations, all of which were released in 1994.

First up is "Cathode," a track that was featured on the "No Desire to Continue Living" 10" compilation, released on German-based label Farewell Records as a benefit for anti-military groups. This record also featured bands like Man is the Bastard, Rorschach, and Capitalist Casualties.

Next is "Bastardiser," originally featured on the German-based Plot Fanzine Compilation.

Lastly, "Repress" is a song taken from the "All the President's Men" 12" compilation on Old Glory Records, a label based out of Vermont.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Zao is a band known not only for their ideology, but their many line-up changes. In this post, I'd like to focus on the first "era" of the band. Founding members include Eric Reeder (vocals), Roy Goudy (guitar), Mic Cox (bass), and Jesse Smith (drums). Since their beginning in 1993, the band caught a lot of flak for their outspoken and straightforward attitudes regarding their faith, but that didn't hold them back from achieving what they wished to achieve. In my opinion, that is what they are most known for.

I was fortunate enough to come across an item that I hadn't seen prior to a couple of weeks ago: the first Zao shirt ever printed. The seller was founding guitarist Roy Goudy. After talking to him, I found out that they printed this shirt in 1995, the year that saw the release of both the "Sustained" demo and "The Tie That Binds". This gem is definitely a sign of the times; complete with weird logo placements and the fact that it's a work shirt...only in the 90's.

Early Zao recordings are vastly different than what they went on to become many years after their inception. Below are links to download the first three recorded outputs by the band. 

"Author" Demo (1994) 

Track List:
1) Mock
2) Increased
3) Your Plank
4) Hellfire
5) Nonconformist
6) Reversed
7) Childlike
8) It's Real
9) Untitled

"Sustained" Demo (1995)

Track List:
1) Conflict
2) Rest
3) Deep
4) Sickness
5) Untitled

"The Tie That Binds": Split with Outcast (1995 / Steadfast Records)

Track List:
1) Zao - Flight
2) Zao - Security* (Didn't Originally Appear on Split)
3) Outcast - What Have We Done?
4) Wasting Time
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Full set from Throwdown in Portland, OR at Reed College on 4/8/01.  Keith had to fly home before the end of the tour, so Brandan handled vocal duties.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Volume 4 in the All About Friends 7" series is now available for pre-order.


Includes 7" on colored vinyl, a digital download & a 16 page full color fanzine.
Limited to 150 pieces.

Order here

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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On August 2nd, The Dead Unknown and Brutal Fight will both be re-uniting to play a show as a benefit for A Sibling For Ambrose in Vancouver, WA.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

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 Underground Society was one of the many great bands from the infamous KDS Crew. KDS Crew was a group of friends and bands from Rennes, France and included bands such as Stormcore, A Way Of Life (A.W.O.L.) and Right 4 Life. Underground Society played a great mix of (thrashy) metallic hardcore with a darker edge, which will appeal to people who like other French bands such as Kickback, Stormcore and A Way Of Life. Underground Society started around 1993 but didn't find a permanent singer till 1994. They did 2 demo's before the release of their first 7", 'The Other Side', which was released on Hardside Records in 1997 (I don't have either demo, unfortunately). There were plans for a split CD with upstate New York hardcore band Withstand on Overcome Records in 1998 but that never worked out for unknown reasons. The next release was a split 7" with hiphop act Kabal from Paris, France on Diabolik Records in 1999. In 2001 they recorded and released their full-length album 'Dreadful Days' themselves, with the help of Heic Noenum Pax Productions. Around 2003 the band quit.

The band also contributed to a couple of compilations over the years as well as a 4-way split CD (with Beneath The Remains, Facedown NJ and Knockoutz), I've also included those songs here.

A big thanxxx goes to Fred from France, a long time reader and supporter of xStuck In The Pastx, for providing a rip of 'Dreadful Days'!

Underground Society - The Other Side 7"
Underground Society versus Kabal - split 7"
Underground Society - Dreadful Days CD
Underground Society - compilation tracks

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Coastlines is a band hellbent on resurrecting the 90s metalcore sound.  Their new record, "The Ripple Effect", is reminiscent of bands ranging everywhere from Turmoil to Poison the Well to Hopesfall. The band just released this new EP online, complete with a full stream and link to download. The 7" is also available to pre-order from Floodlight Records, which are said to ship in July.



Download "The Ripple Effect EP":


1. To Forge A Dying Thought
2. The Statement
3. Reflection's Void
4. Frailty of a Fallen Sun (ft. Dave Carter of Maker)
5. Disavow

Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Backside Disaster's second demo recording from November of 1997.  Forgive is the only track that was re-recorded from the first, unreleased demo a few months prior.  The new songs contained on this demo were much heavier and guitar harmonies were becoming much more prevalent.  

I'm not sure how many cassettes were made in total, but only the first 25 or 30 came with the handmade lyric booklet, which I fully scanned and included in the download.  This conversion also comes directly from the master DAT, and I gave it a slight remaster.

Backside Disaster - The Coming Of Iad Urorobos
[Demo 1997]

Although I can't remember for sure, I believe these tapes were first made available at the Final Destination fest at Stage 4, which they were added to after the flyer below had already made the rounds.

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Sentence was an Italian metalcore band that began in 1997 and lasted until 2007. "Dominion on Evil" came out in 2000, and was the first release on Dark Sun Records out of Spain. You can find the label's second release (From the Dying Sky's EP, Truth's Last Horizon) here on SITP. Ten tracks of the most fine-tuned metalcore Italy had to offer at the time. Included in the download with the record's original 8 songs are the tracks "Days of Oblivion" and "Remorse of Reaction" (tracks 9 and 10), which originally appeared on the band's first 7", "Perfection Through Dysfunction".

Below is a link to download "Dominion on Evil" by Sentence.

Track List:
1) Sword of Doom
2) Dominion on Evil
3) Dreamin' on Forever Lost
4) The Final Embrace
5) Enslaved Words
6) Desolation Sight
7) Spell of Death
8) The King of Zion
9) Days of Oblivion
10) Remorse of Reaction

Friday, May 3, 2013

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From Turmoil's reunion tour in 2005, here's video of Turmoil and The Dead Unknown at The Signal in Vancouver, WA from 9/9/05.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

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 Lost Lands are a new band out of Long Beach, CA, and feature Shay from Faded Grey / Tomorrow's Gone, Justin from Ghostlimb / Graf Orlock / Dangers and Eagle from Frontiers / Stay Gold / Hardesty.  Their sound treads along the lines of Rise & Fall, Integrity, From Ashes Rise, etc.

They currently have two 7"s set for release via Vitriol Records, and you can hear two of the tracks on their Bandcamp page.