Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Sentence was an Italian metalcore band that began in 1997 and lasted until 2007. "Dominion on Evil" came out in 2000, and was the first release on Dark Sun Records out of Spain. You can find the label's second release (From the Dying Sky's EP, Truth's Last Horizon) here on SITP. Ten tracks of the most fine-tuned metalcore Italy had to offer at the time. Included in the download with the record's original 8 songs are the tracks "Days of Oblivion" and "Remorse of Reaction" (tracks 9 and 10), which originally appeared on the band's first 7", "Perfection Through Dysfunction".

Below is a link to download "Dominion on Evil" by Sentence.

Track List:
1) Sword of Doom
2) Dominion on Evil
3) Dreamin' on Forever Lost
4) The Final Embrace
5) Enslaved Words
6) Desolation Sight
7) Spell of Death
8) The King of Zion
9) Days of Oblivion
10) Remorse of Reaction