Sunday, May 12, 2013

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 Underground Society was one of the many great bands from the infamous KDS Crew. KDS Crew was a group of friends and bands from Rennes, France and included bands such as Stormcore, A Way Of Life (A.W.O.L.) and Right 4 Life. Underground Society played a great mix of (thrashy) metallic hardcore with a darker edge, which will appeal to people who like other French bands such as Kickback, Stormcore and A Way Of Life. Underground Society started around 1993 but didn't find a permanent singer till 1994. They did 2 demo's before the release of their first 7", 'The Other Side', which was released on Hardside Records in 1997 (I don't have either demo, unfortunately). There were plans for a split CD with upstate New York hardcore band Withstand on Overcome Records in 1998 but that never worked out for unknown reasons. The next release was a split 7" with hiphop act Kabal from Paris, France on Diabolik Records in 1999. In 2001 they recorded and released their full-length album 'Dreadful Days' themselves, with the help of Heic Noenum Pax Productions. Around 2003 the band quit.

The band also contributed to a couple of compilations over the years as well as a 4-way split CD (with Beneath The Remains, Facedown NJ and Knockoutz), I've also included those songs here.

A big thanxxx goes to Fred from France, a long time reader and supporter of xStuck In The Pastx, for providing a rip of 'Dreadful Days'!

Underground Society - The Other Side 7"
Underground Society versus Kabal - split 7"
Underground Society - Dreadful Days CD
Underground Society - compilation tracks